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Hello from Yorkshire (England)


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Just thought I would say a quick hello - I found this site a couple of months ago when searching for chocolate advice but its taken me this long to get round to having a proper root around.


I used to make cakes and be a member of a very lively forum but have since moved on to chocolate and haven't really found the same sort of home for sharing ideas and advice so I'm hoping this might be it.


Anyway, my background is cakes and I did a course at Slattery's chocoatiers a year or so back to learn how to better use chocolate to decorate cakes and, after a session on chocolate lollies I became a bit obsessed and have been playing about ever since.  Have started a little fledgling business selling them from my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bagstockandbumble) now my kids have started school and will see where it takes me...


So nice to meet you all and thanks for the advice already and hope to find myself in the position of being able to give advice at some point in the future



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Welcome, egypt803! I can't help with the chocolates or confectionaries, but you've already seen that there are a lot of experienced members in this group.

Which riding of Yorkshire do you call home? I spent a summer and fall working in York, years ago, and had the opportunity to see much of the surrounding area. It was lovely then. I expect it still is.

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Thanks Smithy and hello!

I am of the West Riding of Yorkshire, near Huddersfield, it is very lovely indeed, in a wind-swept/moor-y/rainy kind of way

I like your location - rambling in the southern USA - my husband is about to go and do some of that as he's doing the first part of the Appalachian trail from Georgia in a few weeks

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