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Decorating molds with gold leaf

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in the art of the chocolatier by ewald notter there is a section on decorating moulded shapes where he works mainly with large egg shapes. i tried to apply the same tecqhniques to a bonbon mould. basically i am trying to decorate a dome shaped bonbon mould with gold leaf, then coat the mould with red cocoabutter and then shell with white chocolate. the first challenge is to "press" the gold leaf into the mould so that it sticks - i did this using a small brush. then i tried to apply the red cocoabutter with my finger but ended up swirling the cocoabutter around in the mould - managing to cover it on both sides with a thin layer of the cocoabutter. i then tried to apply the butter with a small brush - with the same result. the milliondollar question is - how the heck do i get the gold leaf to stick to the mould so that i can coat it with the cocoabutter without moving the gold around?

any thoughts, tips and tricks are more then welcome:)

/Magnus - happy amateur chocolatier

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Make your eggs as per normal, forget all about the gold leaf.


Gently apply the gold leaf to the finished piece with the finest brush you can find.

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I imagine there may be thin coating of coca butter in the mould prior to applying the leaf, to gove it something to stick to (but it is just a guess)

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