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  1. its really very, very simple- kerrys on the right track. work in layers, baselayer, drizzle 1 accent color, another baselayer, drizzle another accentcolor, another baselayer. then just run a spatula through the bowl - i normally just zig-zag through once and then ladle into the mould. make sure to empty the mould into a separate bowl - et voila, u have a marbled looking shell...
  2. I played around with colors and made these bonbons filled with a saffron/cardamomganache.
  3. u can also try using maskingtape.
  4. thx tikidoc - its very simple. just brush the inside of the mould with glitterpowder (making sure that u cover the complete mould, shake out excess powder) - splatter beforehand with accent colours if u wish. then just cast with chocolate as usual....
  5. Passionfruit & Lime Pistacchio Felchlin Dark Milk 49% Blackcurrant Salt Liquorice Smoked chocolate / Lagavulin
  6. thx - i will try uisng cellopahne tape:)
  7. hi - how would u go about masking part of say a round or domeshaped bonbon mould? i would like to mask a straight line running halfway into the mould or across the whole mould similar to gustaf mabrouk's bonobon used in the world chocolate masters.. http://www.worldchocolatemasters.com/en/3223 i thought about perhaps trying to place a sliver of acetate to in the mould, and to cover a part of it with cocoabutter so that it sticks, then apply colored cocoa butter, let that harden, remove the acetate, color in the blank line, cover the mould with white or glitterpowder and then cast with chocolate. do u reckon that would work? or is there ar food grade masking tape that I could use?
  8. i have done a few of the recpies in the book: - pitschio / macha ganache - really nice, but i will use less machapowder next time - orange / balsamic caramel - very nice, the balsamic cuts through right at the end - seasalt caramel - his recipe was ver easy to do, and I got a creamier and darker golden caramel then I am used to when using other recipes - rosemary / oliveoil - interesting but I wont be doing it again - muscovadocaramel (tried both light and dark muscovadosugar) - I didnt like this at all, the muscovado gives the caramel a slightly burnt flavour although less so when using light muscovado sugar - passionfruit/mango - this was really nice, fresh, summery and slightly tangy due to dark choclolate beeing used in the ganacahe however, I have always used the filling in moulded bonbons (they set just fine and could easily have been cut). the book has some really interesting flavour combos - i will try more recpies in the next few weeks:) using tempered or just heating the chocolate will have nothing to do with the ganache not setting, it does however give the ganache a smoother/creamier texture. after having read grewelings book, i always temper or heat the chocolate to no more then 48 (depending on if i use white, milk or dark chocolate) in my ganaches.
  9. hi has anybody tried making a peanut caramel? i thought of making a regular caramel, but substituting the butter for peanutbutter? any thoughts?
  10. hi i am always on the lookout for new books on the topic of chocolate. a few weeks and i bought chocolate couture by william curley. the book contains a some quite interesting and inventive flavourcombinations that i have not come across before. the writer is very influenced by japanese flavours, and takes the asian influences beyond ginger and lemongrass. i made the orange/balsamic caramel and a macha/pistachioganache yesterday and was very impressed:)!
  11. hi in the art of the chocolatier by ewald notter there is a section on decorating moulded shapes where he works mainly with large egg shapes. i tried to apply the same tecqhniques to a bonbon mould. basically i am trying to decorate a dome shaped bonbon mould with gold leaf, then coat the mould with red cocoabutter and then shell with white chocolate. the first challenge is to "press" the gold leaf into the mould so that it sticks - i did this using a small brush. then i tried to apply the red cocoabutter with my finger but ended up swirling the cocoabutter around in the mould - managing to cover it on both sides with a thin layer of the cocoabutter. i then tried to apply the butter with a small brush - with the same result. the milliondollar question is - how the heck do i get the gold leaf to stick to the mould so that i can coat it with the cocoabutter without moving the gold around? any thoughts, tips and tricks are more then welcome:)
  12. thx, i tried caramelizing the 2 at the same time and the caramel came out beautiful. there must be a mistake in the recipe that i'm following.
  13. i am trying to make a salted caramel filling for moulded chocolates. i caramelize glucose and then add sugar,and caramelize until golden brown, then i add hot cream, butter, vanilla and salt and cook to 105C. now, when using glucose i always end up with a stocky, hard mess but when using honey (which in my opinion gives to much flavour!) where do i go wrong? why does it work with honey and not glucose when the recipe states glucose? all and any help would be much apprecited...
  14. tarko

    Chocolate Tulips

    wow - they look amazing:)
  15. lemon and liquorice makes a very nice ganacheflavor, filled in a dark chocolate shell...
  16. thx darienne:) first i made a cinnamon flavored marshmallow and then mixed it with melted white chocolate, and piped into dark chocolate shells. the recipe is courtesey of jean paul hevin, taken from encyclopedie du chocolat by frederic bau. Lovely looking, but I can't quite follow it: is that dark chocolate around the white interior? Where is the while chocolate and where is the cinnamon marshmallow? Thanks.
  17. white chocolate and cinnamon marshmallow towers. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  18. i made a few "kinder santa bears" each containing a small toy, the kids loved them:) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  19. fondant with a few drops of peppermint oil does the trick:)
  20. some of my favourites - in no particular order: pierre marcolini - porcelana askinoise - rustique valrhona - manjari (i keep a 3kg bag just for nibbling:)) michel cluizel - maralumi/papouasie-nlle guinée amedei - porcelana
  21. wow - thats impressive, very impressive:)
  22. Lapsang ganache - nice and smokey:) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  23. kiss of passion - white chocolate/passionfruit ganache in a dark chocolate shell dusted with green & silver lusterdust. milkchocolate ganache infused with spicy rooibos tea, in a dark chocolate shell dusted with bronze lusterdust. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  24. heres a good guide... http://www.chefeddy.com/2009/11/invert-sugar/
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