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Pegboard and grid systems

Fat Guy

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Ikea has magnetic strips that are mounted in stainless strips designed to be wall-mounted. I use one to keep my 22" rocker pizza knife safe.

I don't love magnetic strips for holding knives: if the knives are not placed on the strip quite carefully, you can really mess up the edge (this tends to be a particular problem if a guest is using a knife, and isn't familiar with the extent of the pull... next thing you know, you have quite a bash in the edge).

. . . .

I'm just impressed that you have a hacksaw as a kitchen tool.

Doesn't everyone? :biggrin: I certainly do.

Just what I was thinking!

Michaela, aka "Mjx"
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The walls are tiled. When we were choosing a paint color for the kitchen we realized, wait a second, there's no exposed wall to paint -- everything is either tile or cabinetry. That one panel in the entryway, 24" wide x 9' tall, which is actually the side of a cabinet, is the only serious candidate for mounting anything. But I'll share lots of photos in about a week. I'm just not in place to take them, and the space isn't yet photo-ready.

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Ikea has magnetic strips that are mounted in stainless strips designed to be wall-mounted. I use one to keep my 22" rocker pizza knife safe.

I've got edge guards on mine and it hangs from two hooks on the end of a wire shelving unit.

I tried it on two parallel magnetic knife bars but after bumping it once, while reaching for another blade, I put it in a more secure mount. It fell onto the butcher block counter and made a deep cut into it.

The mag bars are fairly strong but this blade does not seem to cling to the magnets as others do.


Is this one similar to yours?

Yes! I call it my Bat'leth; it's the largest blade in the house.

I have a cloth napkin over my blade because I couldn't figure out how to get a guard on it.

I like your hook solution! At my current house I have more room for metro racks out in the former breakfast nook, now known as the test kitchen, and, a very small kitchen proper so less wall space. My old place had a lot of cabinets and lots of unused under-cabinet space above the counters so I liked using the magnets there.

Anyway, as much as I love this tool and would never part with it except to replace it if it broke, it's a pain to store safely.

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I have a bunch of those blade guards from when I was catering and had to carry my blades with me.

They are the Messermeister

The other two-handled blade that lives on hooks is this Wusthof cheese knife

with the 12 1/4 inch Messermeister blade guard

cheese knife Wust.JPG

This one absolutely will not adhere to parallel magnetic bars - the handles are too heavy for the blade to stick firmly.

It might work with a third mag bar but I don't want to take the chance and I don't want to stick it in a drawer.

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