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Upscale, Innovative Contemporary Cuisine in Montreal

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I'll be visiting Montreal in the near future, and would love to hear about any restaurants serving innovative contemporary cuisine.

On past trips, I've enjoyed visits to Toque, APDC and Le Montee. I also have tried Europea and Rosalie, but found the food mediocre, so I haven't returned. I haven't had a chance to try Le Club Chasse et Peche or Joe Beef yet, but they've both been on my wishlist for a while.

My dinner at Bronte in October was one of my favourite meals in 2009, and I was disappointed to hear that the restaurant had closed. What is Joe Mercuri doing these days?

And how is the new Accords? http://accords.ca/

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Phoenikia, the sad truth is that very few places in Montreal serve innovative food...

There are many places I love - Garde Manger, Barroco, Joe Beef - but they specialize in upscale comfort food, big hearty portions - innovation is not their thing.

The city's top pastry chef (known for innovative desserts) is now at Newtown, which is surprising - the place has a clubby lounge on the ground floor and is on a very touristy street, but I've read good reviews of patrice demers' work there.

There is a lengthy review posted on this forum, here's the link.

Also worth checking out is Club Chasse et Peche, my all-time fave MTL restaurant. Contemporary presentations, hip vibe, more upscale than all the others I mention but... not innovative either.

As for Accords, never heard of it... :o

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