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Getting responses from periodicals re commentary

Peter B Wolf

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Don't know if this is the right forum category to post.

But I think it deserves attention.

eGulleteers might have experienced the same.

It is where periodicals such as Saveur Mag does not respond to readers' comments.

I had sent emails, followed up the (see below) hard copy letter to the editor, and again followed up by another email, and still no response. I am disappointed if not actually angry. My subscription to the mag has ceased, by me!.

What do you say ?

Here is my letter,

Peter B. Wolf, CEC 2 December 2009

Saveur Magazine, Customer Service, 15 East 32nd Street, New York NY 10016

Attn: Executive Editor Dana Bowen

Dear Madam,

Read your article “The Wonders of Ham”, page 83 ‘Know your Ham’

I do not agree with you on item ’11 Black Forest Ham’,

Quote: “ The Deli meat known as Black Forest Ham is a wet-cured Ham cooked and seasoned so that it resembles Germany’s Schwarzwaelder Schinken, whose ? (should it not be which?) thick rind is the result of smoking over fir needles “

1. What you so describe and show a picture of, does not ‘resemble’ Schwarzwaelder Schinken ! Not even close !

2. Smoking over fir needles (BTW: they are ‘Spruce or Pine’ needles) or any other smoking, does not result in any thicker rind ! Pigs’ rind/skin does not thicken from smoking, the underlying area of fat, affected by this type of smoking may or may not become undesirable for use, but is not rind.

3. Abrahams Ham US http://www.abraham-usa.com/

Calls it ‘German Prosciutto’

Please comment

Thank you

Peter B. Wolf

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i can't begin to imagine how many letters like this an editor of a major magazine gets every week. no, i don't think a reply is to be expected. hoped for, maybe. expected, no.

(i also believe your grammatical correction to be incorrect. might have been a factor in deciding whether to answer this letter or not....along with the repeated nature of the correspondance.)

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