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Raw or Citrus Cured Beef or Other Red Meat?


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Does anyone have experience having raw or citrus cured beef or other red meat in Mexico, or Latin America. There are references to it. I've found recipes for Carne Apache, that are really lacking in authenticity (they start with ground beef for one, not from a whole piece - which is likely how one would have done it originally). I'm not doubting that Carne Apache is authentic, just that the online recipes all seem pretty uninteresting.

I would like recipes, or at least descriptions - and I can take it from there. I'm thinking of having at a Halloween Party as part of the 'Scary' food. I am also making Tripas de Res en Pipián or Panza de Res en Verde (Tripe in pumpkin seed and cilantro sauce), Chicken Feet (an Asian recipe - Schezwan), Guacamole with assorted goodies (an idea from Rick Bayless, but I'm expanding it), Chicken Wings in Jamaican Jerk Sauce (my own recipe with home grown Scotch Bonnet Peppers), and a Chocolate Sunday Cake (a wonderful recipe from childhood, that makes a cake, pudding, and sauce).

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