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La Cucina Italiana Magazine

Jon Savage

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I picked up a copy of this while suffering a snow delay at SeaTac airport a couple weeks ago. I don't usually succumb to food magazines but the recipes in this one looked promising.

Having read through the 12/08 issue I feel that this one might be worth subscribing to. The articles are interesting, the recipes look to be fairly true

to Italian traditions (with some exceptions, but every cooking style evolves over time).

There's also a good amount of (free) content including recipes available online.

La Cucina Italiana


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I'm getting it for a bit less than a year and am not sure I'll sub again. (I have too many magazines on all kinds of topics). Some recipes ask for things that are hard to get, particular cuts of meat, fish I can't find, things like that. The appealing thing is that most of the content seems to be translated from the Italian version, which gives an interesting insight. I don't think I've made anything from it yet, though there are some good looking recipes.

That the recipe namess and some sections in the magazine are in Italian is also a minor drawback. Sadly I don't speak much Italian (even t hough I had the enormous pleasure of wasting many years of highschool learning latin, which might come in handy once I get a time machine....).

I'll probably keep getting it, subs are so cheap, but you might want to look at an other issue or two before you send away your order/

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