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a restaurant to please everyone in central london?

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I've run out of inspiration so perhaps the kind folk at e-gullet can help me out.

I'm meeting a few girlfriends for my birthday meal. Because of various requirements and obstacles the restaurant we'll need to end up at has to be:

1. moderately priced (one of my friends is out of work)

2. fairly centrally located (west end or southbank would work)

3. have a good vegetarian selection (which shouldn't be too difficult)


* interesting or different

We're not a boozy crowd and would like to be able to hear each other over the din.

Any thoughts?

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The most picky eaters I ever have to deal with on a regular basis are visiting Spaniards. They don't like spicy food, they don't like coriander, they don't like cumin, but they don't like their food to be too bland either.

Easiest food to satisfy them is Japanese - not necessarily sushi, more Japanese every day dishes.

Unless they've been to this restaurant before it is unlikely your friends will have tried Okonomiyaki

There are a couple of branches now - http://www.abeno.co.uk/eating/index.html

An introduction to Okonomiyaki here: http://www.abeno.co.uk/about_okonomiyaki/index.html

It's made on the table in front of you, so should fulfill the 'interesting and different' part of your remit - probably best if those having vegetarian food sit together though.

There's also AKI (a much better bet in all honesty)


182 Gray's Inn Road

There's no need for me to describe it as another egullet member has beaten me to it (and done a wonderful job!)


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