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  1. Well we had a great time in CPH. Thanks to a blog (http://verygoodfood.dk/eatcph/) we had superb meals at Kødbyens Fiskebar ( in a very edgy area - look for the fire outside), and at Manfreds & Vin. We also found ourselves staying near an excellent place - Torvehallerne. For anyone who knows London it's like Borough Market only with lots more places to sit and eat. Wehad reasonabley priced, excllent breakfasts there at Laura's, and a confit de canard sandwich in a baguette from the savoury side was gorgeous. We also had brunches and some snacks at Café Norden. This is a lovely place, a
  2. I am fluffing this thread in hopes of an update from some kind people - we are going to be in Copenhagen/Malmo for 4 days shortly, staying in Vendersgade near Rosenborg Palace. Like the original poster we are after delicious authentic local food, in simple good value places. Our hotel seems to do good breakfasts, but we will be happy to pop out for brunch if there are any worthwhile places. We will have just a simple lunch (sandwich or salad), so I am looking for recommendations for that, and for good places for dinner. There seem to be some great high-end places, but what about the good
  3. Oli what time were you there on Saturday evening? We ate at 19.00 and it was buzzing downstairs then.
  4. We went on Saturday for dinner - it was fabulous again - stand-out dishes were the asparagus with hazelnuts, the salmon with grapes and the chocolate with basil moss. The only dish that I didn't think worked was the pastry cream tart which was like an upmarket banoffi pie without the coffee and was too rich and ceamy for my taste. The menu does move but slowly, and I do love it. Often delicate flavours pass me by (looking at you G. Ramsay) but these are delicate yet memorable.
  5. It could mean fine oat meal - but when I have had none I have put the rolled oats in the processor, and the recipe worked fine.
  6. I went to Dabbous yesterday, my birthday, and it was fabulous. The bread in a bag business came imto its own as we only ate a bit, so I took it away with me, saying I could give it to a colleague whose birthday is soon and had wanted to book at Dabbous for that but left it too late. I can vouch for the bread being delicious toasted. Anyway - yesterday - we all ate from the set lunch menu. I started with the mixed alliums in a chilled pine infusion mentioned by David above - it looks just as beautiful as in his photo, and I was amazed at how perfectly the onions were cooked - neither too cr
  7. I forgot to report back after our trip last year - it was very good, but I can't recall the details and I have booked again for this year's holiday.
  8. I have always avoided Morrison's since I grew up in Leeds, and in the 80s their shops sold lots of biscuits and not much else. Then they took over Safeway in our Surrey town about 8 years ago. I tried some of their fruit & vegetables, found them tasteless, so unless I really needed anything at short notice, always avoided shopping there. However, it is surprisingly good for garden plants (superb clematis £1.79!), so I do still pop in and recently noticed they have increased & improved their fresh ranges - last weekend, I got some fresh galangal, & lots of chillis of different st
  9. We ate at The Walnut Tree last night. It was a very good meal, beautifully executed, but all 3 of us were a little underwhelmed. We like simple, gutsy food, and in London like eating at places Iike Les Deux Salons, just like Shaun Hill. This was more refined cooking than there, and just didn't work as well for us. There were few stand-out dishes or flavours that made us go 'wow'. The only thing that really stood out for me was some dauphin potatoes - perfectly crisp and light. I had expected pommes dauphinoises, so when they produced fritters to go with my already-fried cromeskie, I wished t
  10. We have just eaten at The Hardwick, and all really enjoyed the experience. The food was really excellent, especially mini-PSB (age 12)'s pigeon chorizo and lentil starter, and his sucking pig main. My confit of duck hash with duck egg tasted very good but I would have preferred just plain confit, not the hash for a better texture. I had steak with bearnaise sauce and triple cut chips. The steak was fabulously tasty and tender and the chips were just divine: perfect. I am not normally someone who chooses steak and chips, but this was worth it. The portions are enormous, so we just had the peti
  11. Thanks for the help - I have booked at The Walnut Tree, as we're more 'gutsy' food and 'good dining' people rather than 'fine dining'.
  12. <Fluf> Has anyone been to the Crown recently? We're going to be in Raglan around Easter, and this looks like a good place to try. Or would The Walnut Tree be better? Or anywhere else?
  13. I like the sound of that place in Marylebone... I needed a lunch place a couple of days after I had posted this, so was inspired to give it another go. I had Cornish crab to start which was very good,very fresh, but all white meat, and I actually prefer brown. Then red mullet with dried tomatoes and romanesco broccoli. That was really sensational. If I were being picky I would say it was slightly too oily, but the flavours combined really well, and it was all perfectly cooked. Gorgeous. I'd forgotten how nicely, though simply, things are presented. And the service is charming and efficie
  14. I work just round the corner from Latium, and have been loads of times. I have never had a bad meal, and often some very good ones. But curiously, I forget about it when asked which are my favourite restaurants, and despite the quality of the food, and its good value prix fixe, I never choose to go there myself. I think it's because the rooms itself is a little lacking in character. I don't think it's hard to get a table, so perhaps others feel this way too...
  15. Some ideas from a really good London website: Londonist
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