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Richard Corrigan to open in Dublin

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Richard Corrigan, who is no longer involved in The Mill and Cafe La Serre at Lyons Village Kildare, is to open a new restaurant in Dublin. After much talk about an on/off deal with Browne's Hotel on Stephen's Green and speculation about an alternative site close by, the word is that the Browne's deal is on.

Corrigan (43) has said that he intends to work in the kitchen of the Dublin restaurant on a regular basis, dividing his time between there and London, and that he intends it to serve the middle market rather than competing with its near neighbours, Thornton's and Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud.

The Dublin version of Bentley's is due to open in early June but Browne's will continue trading in the meantime.

Some more detail in the Irish Independent here (no subscription required) although some factual errors (Ramsay has 9 hotels total, 8 in the UK, it says... no mention of Prague, Tokyo, Dubai and Versailles... and Marco has 30... hmm, not exactly his in the same sense of the word so hardly a robust comparison).

The market in Dublin is becoming saturated but a Bentley's style restaurant is a niche that is crying out to be filled as the Saddle Room in the Shelbourne did such a woeful job in this area. This will probably be the most interesting opening of the year.

Apart from that, there's talk of Ramsay opening a Maze restaurant in Dublin and Nobu rumours are still doing the rounds. Marco/Dettori will be opening a trattoria at The Point, and Georgio/Stokes will be opening a more casual-style Italian restaurant near the Unicorn with promises of great pizza.

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anybody know how Atul Kochhar's Dublin plans are going?

It was due to open mid-April, but the word in the Irish Times this weekend is that it will open at the end of the month. Apparently Sunil Ghai has been busy honing his skills in the kitchen with Atul Kochhar over the past few months. The plan is that Ananda, the Dublin restaurant in the Dundrum Town Centre, will be a less expensive Benares.


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