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  1. Sounds great Ian. Had intended getting in there. Unfortunately Richard Gleeson, the ex-Ottelenghi chef who did the supper menu is not there any more. The supper menu was just running for a few months before Christmas. So they're back to doing daytime food only at the moment and haven't decided whether they'll do the evening food again yet.
  2. Yep, I absolutely agree with Simon. My favourite restaurant too. Also, Lorraine Harmon, the sommelier there is very good, and does wine pairings by the glass. Chapter One also excellent... but if I had just one night, it would be the Greenhouse. Lunch there is exceptional value.
  3. Yes, I know it's a bit soon for Mickael, but they know his food well from Gregan's Castle in Galway, and he's a partner in the Greenhouse with Eamonn O'Reilly, so not going to be gone any time soon. Would have been a nice bit of drama to award one so quickly, but then again, we're not short of great surprises this year. Faith restored somewhat.
  4. Aniar in Galway got a star as well... the first one in Galway. Again, a big change in Michelin approach to what merits a star in Ireland, Aniar is very casual. And shows that the foraging trend is not over yet.
  5. Great celebrations in Dublin, Locks Brasserie won a Michelin star, it’s been confirmed their end. So thrilled for them, a brilliant team, wonderful room, food, and service. Interesting move on Michelin’s part. Locks is more Wild Honey than stuffy formal dining, so great to see this type of restaurant get an award in Ireland. The Greenhouse must be disappointed. On my two visits there, I was hugely impressed with Mickael Viljanen’s cooking. Maybe it’s too soon… or maybe Michelin is getting a little bit less Michelin and looking for a more relaxed vibe at one star level.
  6. Hi all - I'm hoping you can help me. A friend of ours is moving to San Fransisco and we would like to give him a farewell present of a gift voucher for a cool restaurant there. So, would really appreciate your recommendations for restaurants that can issue gift vouchers online. Thanks so much.
  7. Hi Leo. Close to Trinity College is Cornucopia on Wicklow Street which is a vegetarian restaurant. Also, there are a lot of inexpensive Chinese restaurants in Dublin that fit the bill. The Parnell Street area is where you'll find most of them and there is also a very good one called M&L on Cathedral Street, which is just off O'Connell Street. These areas can be a little bit dodgy, so be sure to warn your daughter of this.
  8. Has anyone got an update on restaurants in Berlin? Suggestions for reasonably priced top end restaurants would be great, and cool casual places....
  9. Have you been to the Salty Dog yet? Derek Creagh, former head chef of Deanes is there, one on my list to get to. Will be interesting to see what happens on the Bibs in Ireland too...
  10. Yep... just in case you think the rest of us are not replying... Simon has pretty much summed up the culinary options. The road to Cork is much better than it used to be, so a break not really necessary. Hope you enjoy Taste of Dublin, if the weather is good, it is great fun. Iveagh Gardens is a lovely venue.
  11. Great review David thanks so much, and brilliant to have so many pics. Looks like it is every bit as exciting as it was teed up to be. That beetroot dessert with basil ash meringue looks a bit familiar. Think I had something along those lines in Maze two years ago.
  12. The creativity at elBulli really is mind boggling... there's not a single element that was on our menu in 2006. So many things I'd love to try, although I have very fond memories of our meal. It really is hard to believe that elBulli is closing, I had always hoped that I would get back some day. Enjoyed the comment about Adria channelling Santamaria on one of the dishes... and no one else agreeing . And on the wine tour in Can Rocca, I'm with you on that one, I wasn't mad about the music element either. BTW, do you know what lens Nathan uses... looks seriously impressive (no surprises there). Fantastic report FG, thank you so much.
  13. Great list Patrick, good to have an update on the forum. In case you haven’t twigged it JC, Patrick O is the co-owner of Alexis Bar and Grill and Simon’s recommendation is a very good one. I don’t know if you saw Bobby Flay’s Ireland, the St Patrick’s edition, but Alexis was one of the featured restaurants, and the voiceover went something like: “some say these guys are the future of Irish cooking”. It’s great food and great value. Excellent produce that is skilfully cooked. I cannot understand for the life of me why it doesn’t have a Michelin Bib Gourmand. It’s in Dun Laoghaire which is by the sea, a short train ride (on the Dart), well worth the journey… and you can go sleb spotting in Dalkey afterwards. It’s a while since I’ve been to the Pig’s Ear and The Winding Stair, but both are good for ‘Irish’ food, if I had to pick, I’d be more inclined towards The Winding Stair. The Camden Kitchen is also extremely good, great lunch menu (I think early bird too), and more centrally located is Pichet, which is very good. Coppinger Row is also very buzzy and some v nice food. And yes, good choice going to Thornton’s for lunch. Guilbaud is the two star option, but less exciting. As for the boxty... not something us locals are diving into all the time, very much on the tourist trail. If you want to go native, order a pint of Guinness with half a dozen oysters in Davy Byrne's pub. BTW, if you're in Dublin on a Saturday, it's well worth checking out the Farmer's Market in Temple Bar.
  14. Wow FG… you’re living the dream! Really enjoying the pics of Boqueria… even the stall with the fruit drinks, nice touch, the perfect hangover cure, if I remember correctly:) Looking forward to hearing your reports from Can Roca and elBulli, it’s been a while since I’ve been to them, but I’ve wonderful, wonderful memories. BTW, don’t know how you fare on eating overload, but would advise caution if you’re doing Rafas for lunch on the same day as elBulli… the fish is so good there, it will call for a lot of will power to resist trying everything, need to be in top form for dinner. Please say hello to Luis for me at elBulli, he is such a lovely man. I wonder did he ever make it over to Ireland to check out our whiskey, he’s a fan. Oh, and don’t forget to try some turron blando, it’s a traditional Christmas almond and honey confection which is on sale all year round. If you don’t get a chance in Barcelona, there’s a great place selling it in Girona. Can Roca used to do a very interesting turron dish using foie gras, don’t know if it will still be on the menu.
  15. Going here for lunch on Friday, lunch menu looks great value. Good to see Shane Osborn hasn't left yet. Anyone been recently?
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