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Finding Locally Raised Meat

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At some point during Sunday’s “Shop ‘n Eat” lunch in Providence, the conversation drifted from Minh Hai’s delicious eggplant and tofu to Michael Pollen’s book, the Omnivore’s Dilemma, and the difficulties of finding locally and conscientiously-raised meat.

I thought I would start this thread to pass on the name of a source in MA that I’m aware of, and give others on the New England forum a place to add the names of other local producers in the region, assuming they're out there.

Since I moved to MA, I’ve been a regular customer of Stillman’s Farm at my local farmers markets around Boston. Last year, Kate Stillman and her husband Aiden Davin purchased an adjacent property and began raising cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry. Although their banker was dubious about the enterprise, the Turkey Farm at Stillman’s already appears to be a success, with demand from local chefs as well as their farm stand clients. They’ve begun a meat CSA as well.

You can read more about their farm, philosophy, and products on their web site. I can personally vouch for the quality of their lamb, bacon, and extra thick pork chops. And they offer specialty products like uncured pork belly and leaf lard.

Earlier this year, the Boston Globe ran a story on them, and it looks like the link is still active: Staying down on the farm.

If you live in the Boston area, check them out. They’re cool people as well as good farmers.

Any other recommendations out there?

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Azaluna is a co-op of dairy farmers(might include lamb as well) in New England,and upstate NY, who produce organic, naturally raised veal. And I'm not sure if Wolfsneck Farms is New England, their beef is naturally raised though not organic.

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Wolfe's Neck Farm is indeed operating and distributing their meats under other labels as well as their own. Their products are available at the Hannaford supermarket chain. I buy it all the time.

Local brewer Gritty McDuff's almost inked a deal to have Wolfes Neck supply ground sirloin for their Portland and Freeport restaurant locations, but when they were told just how much ground sirloin they needed on a weekly basis it fell through.

Also in Maine is Nezinscot Farm in Turner, Maine. Around the corner (as it were) is Caldwell Farms who sell various meat cuts to the Portland Whole Foods store. Their dairy products are to die for.

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Thanks for the link to your friend's farm. I'd love to go check them out at one of the farmer's markets they do. Do you belong to their CSA  or do you just get what you need when you see them.

I don't belong to the CSA. my meat consumption is limited and I wouldn't know what to do with all that meat. I pick things up at the farmers market on an as needed basis. Because you never really know what they'll have with them on any given day (or if other customers will beat you to it), on those times when I've wanted something particular on a given day, I've ordered in advance.

Or, like last week, someone ahead of me was buying a lovely slab of bacon along with their bag of heirloom tomoatoes, and suddenly I had to have one too. Snagged the last one they had. BLTs!!

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