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Rick Stein Seafood rest. Good but not great......

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Just returned from a week in Cornwall which was supremely restful...... Anyhow back to the topic at hand, Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant. To say that I was looking forward to this visit, would have been an understatement, I've always admired Rick Stein and have been an avid reader of his cookery books. However I found the dining experience somewhat lacking. Firstly, the prices rival that of any top London restaurant, think Gavroche, Locando Locatelli.....We're talking £16 for a starter and mains of between £25-£35. At these prices you'd expect faultless cooking.

I suppose my main gripe with the restaurant was that the dishes themselves whilst ok didn't go that extra mile in reaching perfection. My starter of lobster, with foie gras and green beans was pleasantly nice, however I felt that it was slightly underseasoned and considering it's price was a little mean with the amount of lobster in the dish.

My husband ordered the fish soup with the normal accompaniments - croutons, rouille, parmesan. The fish soup was meaty, rich and robust whilst the rouille lacked any oomph.

For main I went for the crab, which created quite an impression on reaching the table. My initial feelings were one of excitement, i was more than happy to get my fingers dirty and tuck in, however the crab shell was so hard, unlike any crab I've ever encountered before, that I would have needed more than the nutcracker (more like a sledge hammer) provided to make much headway. Much to the amusement of my fellow diners I frequently showered them and surrounding diners with crab shell. After over half an hour grappling with the blighted crustacean I conceded defeat and gave up. The crab meat that I did manage to extract however was delicious.

The fish and chips that my husband ordered failed to provide the epiphany that I think he had hoped for.

A fried red mullet dish consumed by a fellow diner looked great although I didn't taste it myself. He ate it too quickly, a good sign.

After the crab debacle I was a little deflated and tired by my endevours so dessert was not foremost on my mind. Instead I opted to scrounge my fellow diners offerings. This might have been where I came unstuck because what I did try - the sorbet, chocolate fondant, and orange cake, were all supremely delicious and the definate high points of the meal.

So the meal in a nutshell, I can't really think of much else to comment on, other than to say that the service was amiable without being exceptional, the room itself was inoffensive but lacking in atmosphere, despite being completely full.

On a positive note for anyone visiting Padstow, Margot's a restaurant much lauded on egullet and other sites delivered an exceptional meal. I highly recommend.

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Sorry to hear that you didnt have the best meal
On a positive note

Was your experience that negative?

No to be fair I can't say that it was wholly negative, rather there were good points and bad, however considering the weight of expectation and without sounding churlish, the price, I left feeling a little disappointed.

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Have you eaten at Stein's, if so i would be interested to hear your opinions

GastroChick, see this post.

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