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  1. Nice article, shame its not in a major paper so more people could read it. Thanks
  2. I don't see any franchise restaurants in Padstow, but I digress. I have noticed the change from the very high brow type food they opened with till now, and I think it is for the best. Hopefully this will ensure their longevity, giving all visitors as wide a choice of food as possible when they make the effort to come here.
  3. CaptainJack

    Help! Whelks!

    The whelks we get here in Britain are very tough and hard to get on with. We make whelk spring rolls out of them and they seem to work pretty well. The whelk is very thinly sliced and stir fried with garlic ginger and finally sesame/soy. Then some juliene of carrots, onions etc and wrapped. In general they can substitute squid where it is utilised thinly sliced and fried.
  4. Im really glad you enjoyed La reglade so much, i did a stage there in January and Bruno the head chef was a joy to watch work, I have eaten there twice and will always return. The atmosphere is perfectly Parisian.
  5. Very good points there, it is interesting to think about these behind the scenes media manipulations. However, I think that most chefs will roll their eyes at this type of statement, crusades against our childrens school meals are one thing, asking for penalties against fellow chefs is another.
  6. Thanks for the advice, also when using a low temp steam rational do you put the vac packs into a tray with water then into the oven?
  7. I have a question: If you do this for service how can you minimize wastage? if you SV 15 lamb cutlets and then only sell 2 for service what do you do with the rest? What about having sous vide lamb on the menu and then running out? Sorry this is more of a logistical thing, but I am interested to see how restaurants get around the very long cooking times and inflexibility of the technique?
  8. In Totnes there is a place called Rumour, its a really nice place to eat, not too expensive and a good atmosphere. The head chef used to work for us in Padstow and then ran John Burton race's cookery school. I had a lovely meal there the other day.
  9. Sorry to hear that you didnt have the best meal Was your experience that negative?
  10. CaptainJack

    broiling steak.

    Sear with oil then baste all the way with foaming butter, its the only way if you ask me.
  11. This is stupid journalism, this person gets paid for this tripe? I wear short sleeved shirts, some others don't, its a pointless piece of drivel.
  12. I love eating apple cores, i think its the marzipan taste in the seeds that does it for me, I also eat the tops of strawberries.
  13. They were plain old vine tomatoes.
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