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  1. Mussina

    Loose tea

    I am looking to buy some good quality loose tea that (ideally!) would be produced in the US. It will be made in a bodum tea pot. Is there good quality tea produced in the US or does the rest of the world the franchise on tea? Where would you recommend getting tea? Thanks!
  2. A while back, a co-worker offered to get me a cup of coffee and asked if I wanted milk or sugar. "A little milk," I replied. He brought me a cup that was pale tan in color and had to have been 40 percent half-and-half. To me, it was undrinkable -- lukewarm and unpleasantly mouth-coating; yet another co-worker who got a virtually identical cup proclaimed it "perfect." (I ended up pouring half the coffee out and refilling the cup with straight coffee, at which point it was almost okay.) Since then, I've been paying attention to milk in coffee, and I believe I'm in the minority. Most people who d
  3. Hello to all the Coffee Lovers out there, I have a question for you from someone(me) that doesn't know a lot about high quality coffee... What kind of quality do the larger coffee chains have? poor, ok, good, or great quality coffee products... I'm interested in the chain stores like starbucks, coffee bean and tea leaf, peets coffee, etc.... I would love to hear your opinions on who is the best out of those three or other big chains and why... Thank you for your help in advance,
  4. Coffee and chocolate is, of course, one of the great flavor pairings of all time, and one of my personal favorite treats. Lately I've begun drinking tea occassionally in place of coffee, and this afternoon decided to try a bit of chocolate with it. Neither was a very exotic variety, Earl Greys and Baronie Bittersweet, but they certainly didn't enhance each other. Is this just a peculiarity of mine, a general rule of thumb, or are there some tea-chocolate combinations that work well? SB
  5. I just received issue #2 of this beautifully prepared magazine- I purchased my copy at www.houdeasianart.com The magazine has articles on yixing teapots, puerh tea, gong fu style tea servic joanne r. aka jpr54_
  6. Just tried yerba mate for the first time yesterday. I liked it. The flavor is not my favorite among teas but it was still enjoyable. Maybe I wasn't sure what to expect. And it had a nice, pleasant caffeine kick that was different from a coffee or black tea. Other than being from South America, I don't really know anything about yerba mate.
  7. A coffee business discussion thread I'm involved in elsewhere on the 'net raised an issue that warrants discussion. Nearly anyone who's made good espresso at home or observed the process of grinding, packing, tamping, pulling and milk steaming in a well run cafe most likely realizes that it's much more labor intensive and time consuming than "pushing the buttton" on a Starbucks superauto and waiting for the counter person to pour off some milk from a giant pre-steamed pitcher that's been sitting on the counter for awhile. But at what point will a long wait time prompt you to go elsewhere o
  8. Has anyone else tried Snapple's flavored White Iced Tea? Our local Shaw's Supermarket had 17.5 ounce bottles on sale for $1 each so I picked up a few in necatarine, green apple, and raspberry flavors. Generally, I just think they are delicious! Very nice, soft but good flavors. Also, very refreshing. The stuff is basically tea, water, sugar and natural flavors. It packs 60 calories a serving, with about two servings per bottle. But you're gonna drink a whole bottle.
  9. I was in my local A&P supermarket today, passed through the tea aisle and lo and behold, I saw a familiar label. Adagio Tea! On the shelf was Wu Yi Oolong and Aristocrat Earl Grey. Not exactly the same tea names on their internet site so who knows if it's better or worse or the same but with a name change for some legal reason or what not. I'm assuming it's fairly fresh being that Clifton (their warehouse and home base) is relatively local. How long it's been on the shelf...er...wish they had a "packed" date. Anyhow, I think it was a 4 oz container and the unit price was $39.96/lb (I th
  10. i don't know why i think this stuff is so good. i pretty much have substituted water with this. and with 0 calories and at 99 cents for a big green bottle, it's hard to stop! anyone else tried it?
  11. Have you every deep-fried green coffee beans instead of roasting? If not, won't you try that? Me? No. I don't want to try that. According to the following site, deep-drying green coffee beans in oil at 180 degrees centigrade allows them to be heated uniformly, resulting in good-tasting coffee. The oil in coffee beans will not dissolve in water, so the coffee will not contain any oil. http://www.ntv.co.jp/megaten/library/date/01/02/0218.html (Japanese only. This is the website of a Japanese TV program.) EDIT: Sorry, not 'young' but 'green' coffee beans.
  12. This is a copy of a post I received on another list- Last year I went to the the tasting and had a great time- If anyone is interesting in carpooling please e-mail me- Dear All, due to popular demand we have decided to reschedule this years Spring Tasting for Thursday 10th June to give our out of town visitors a little more time to get here. A Tasting of Asia's Finest Spring Teas, Darjeeling's from Kevin Gascoyne of Kyela Teas Highland Oolongs of Taiwan from Hugo Americi and Chinese and Japanese Green and White teas from Jasmin Desharnais. All three buyers have just arrived from their regions
  13. Hello everyone I have been reading the forum over the last 2 weeks and really enjoy it, I am starting with my friends a new Gourmet retail website, we started winelibrary.com a few years ago and we are really getting into the gourmet life, so we were like "Why Not"........so the reason I am posting is We are curious what customers are looking for in the GOURMET TEA market, being into wine it seems that they have so many things in common. I really have been blown away with the level of knowledge in this forum.....the major questions is 1) Is selection more important then price ? 2) Will people
  14. My friends and acquaintances know that they'll always get to try one of my ever changing espresso blend when they visit and I typically have some roasted coffee varietals (at least three or four) in the freezer for regular coffee. How about tea? I drink it only on occasion and keep a tin of Earl Grey and one of Irish Breakfast in the freezer (loose tea - I use a tea ball). Will one of you kindly souls with tea expertise suggest five or six varities that I might invest in? I'd like to have a coupl stalwart old reliable type selections for the unadventurous but also want to have a few that mos
  15. Andrew Levinsky is entranced by a Cult. Read the ravings of the new High Priest of the Cult of Tea, here . . . --------------------------------------------------------------------- Be sure to check The Daily Gullet home page daily for new articles (most every weekday), hot topics, site announcements, and more.
  16. Hello tea lovers, I'm new to the tea forum, having recently stepped forward to learn more deeply the fine points of tea beverages. I just received a very nice tea samples from Anupa at Silver Tips Tea, as recommended in this forum by Gautam. I don't mind making a cup or two at a time while learning and studying a specific tea, appreciating it's unique color, aroma, and taste. After trying a few variations in steep time, tea to water ratios, and additional infusions, I can get an adequate idea of what works and if I like it and if I do, I just want to brew up a thermos full and draw out of it f
  17. Anyone know of a place to get real cuban coffee near Grand Central???? I'm from Miami, and I miss it so. Note: moved to the Coffee and Tea forum in hopes of getting a response for "cupojoe"
  18. what's that big thing called? i'm told it sounds like "semivar", but this isn't the correct spelling. thanks.
  19. jpr54_

    Taking Tea

    In today's NY Times Travel Section , there is an article on tea houses in San Francisco- Imperial Tea Court Samovar Celadon Tea
  20. Nestea Ice It's a very...interesting...web site on the new product. I thought about posting this in the Soda Pop section but figured it should go here. There's supposed to be an ingredient in it that creates a cooling sensation in your mouth. Anyone see this product in their area?
  21. Coffee, coffee everywhere but none you'd like to drink. On a recent trip across the USA which started in New York City, went on to Newport, RI then over to Chicago and fianlly on to the left coast to San Diego it became patently obvious that you just can't get a decent coffee in at least 4 States. That celestial chain would have to rank amongst the worst culprit serving a beverage closer to the water left over after washing a stack of very dirty dishes in a lot of water (not that I've ever drunk any but it smells the same). Little wonder it's common to add sickly sweet syrups - anything to hid
  22. Since I'm going through this ritual for the umpteenth time with two new varieties of Assam from Upton, I thought I'd inquire whether anyone else has noticed this pattern. Some teas seem to yield their full flavor from the very first pot, as soon as you open the tin, or hermetically sealed bag, as the case may be. Others taste dull & flat at the start. The dry leaves frequently have a good aroma, but that doesn't travel into the cup at the outset. Then, after a week or two of use and openings and closings of the storage container, the flavor of the new tea suddenly takes a quantum leap fo
  23. What's the difference btween Tea and Chai? Is Chai just a special preparation of tea? I couldn't find a definitive answer. What makes it even more confusing for me is that in Russian, the word "chai" means tea.
  24. do you have any new year's resolutions on new teas to try in the coming year? i am going to explore the world of oolongs-to expand the more fermented and oxidized. i enjoy the more green, lightly fermented, low oxidized taiwan oolongs. i order from a variety of websites-my favorites are www.teahomeusa.com, www.enjoyingtea.com and www.jingteashop.com joanne
  25. I love my son's baby sitter, really I do. She works really hard with him, stimulates him to no end and has him keeping up with kids twice his age. She does great things for us too; she does the laundry, she tidies up, and when she's run out of things to do during his nap, she creates new projects for herself. Yesterday, she scrubbed my tea pot. My beloved tea pot that I've been seasoning for 5 years. 5 years. I didn't know if I would notice a difference, or if the value of seasoning was all in my head, but suddenly my $2 an ounce Ceylon tastes like it cost $2 an ounce. All of the depth of
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