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  1. Controversy was stirred up in Spanish gastronomic circles when Santi Santamaria, himself a 3 Michelin Star holder, criticized Ferran Adria of "unethical" cooking practices related to his extensive use of gelling and emulsification agents. Link to article.
  2. I have a trimmed out chuck-eye steak that I'd like to bond together into a solid roast in a few days. Does anyone know where I could get a little transglutaminase in NYC? Or perhaps some eGer in NYC would be willing to give me a touch of it?
  3. Hi, I want to start giving Sous Vide cooking a go and wondering where's best to get the equipment. It appears the only barrier to getting stuck in, is the exorbitant cost of the electrical bath, thermometer & needle. Does anybody know of a way to get this equipment cheaply? is there a store perhaps in london which i can visit? many thanks fergal
  4. Amazon is offering pre-orders for $53.55 with the book being released Oct '08. Rumor has it that there will be an option to buy a thermo water bath circulator along with the book for a package deal of around $500. Anyone know if this is true? Thanks.
  5. The Astor Center was the scene last Thursday night of the NY Public's first opportunity to taste Grant Achatz' cooking in their home city. Grant Achatz, Nick Kokonas and a crew from the restaurant, Alinea, in Chicago were in the Big Apple to promote the eponymous new book from the restaurant and to have a party. At $250pp, there was no evidence of a recession as the Astor Center event was extremely well attended. The NYC dining public was treated to Achatz classics like "hot potato, cold potato," a dish that combines potato, hot Yukon Gold sphere and cold potato soup with a bit of Parmesan ch
  6. Just wanted to bring this to the attention of those of us in the reception area! WNED are airing this show at 11:30 today.
  7. We've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Modernist Cuisine at Home since it was announced... copies started arriving today, so it's time to start cooking. My mom's in town for the weekend and wants to try the Apple Cream Pie: it's pretty straightforward, but I do have a question about the Granny Smith apple juice. Lacking a juicer, I have to make the juice the hard way; should I be doing this cold, or can I use one of the juicing techniques that heats the apples?
  8. I’m new to egullet. I find it to be a useful and novel source of cooking and food related information. I love the input from home cooks ( of which I am one) and from people who cook in a more professional capacity. I have been cooking about 40 years. I have traveled a great deal and have eaten wonderful food around the world. I am an accomplished cook. I don’t understand the trend to making cooking complicated, expensive and time consuming. I’m referring to sous vide technique and other so called technological advances. I am not a luddite. I embrace technological advances. However, for me
  9. I was at our local butchers today to buy a brisket which I plan to turn into corned beef. While there, I saw they had hanger steak which is a cut of meat I have heard lots about (and maybe even eaten in a restaurant). So, not having had one before, I had to buy it. It is now sitting sitting in my fridge waiting for me to do something with it. I was thinking of cooking it sous vide and I am wondering - will it take a long cook, say 48 hours? Or does it need a quick cook much like, say, a striploin, followed by a quick sear? Should I put a rub of some sort on it before cooking it? Any th
  10. I have a temperature-controlled water bath for my sous vide setup, and was wondering if it might be suitable for tempering or melting chocolate. Amongst other options, setting the water bath to 91F and letting the chocolate slowly melt should (in theory) prevent it from losing its' temper. I've had a lot of trouble keeping the chocolate I use (cheap Trader Joe's stuff) tempered during use, and was hoping this might be suitable for maintaining the required temperatures.
  11. Hello All, I recently purchased the VP215c and think that I am going to love it. I am having no trouble sealing solids, however I am having trouble sealing liquids. I am also having trouble learning what the correct settings for various uses. The manual does not give any help as to time to vacuum, etc. I have read the Modernist and tried to determine myself, but it has been spotty at best. My first question is regarding the sealing of liquids. Can someone be specific as to the settings to seal a bag for Creme Anglaise and other liquids? Is there a reference manual or book that can tell
  12. Hello culinarians, I was reading the David Kinch article on eater and he said some pretty interesting things. Beside from the Asian influence on western haute cuisine he seems to suggest things like foraging and sous vide are going out of style or at least being overused. I believe that as a professional culinarian the only way to improve is to study and understand your predecessors. From Escoffier to Point to Keller to Ferran to Redzepi we must know our past to create or future. I think Kinch is doing wonderful things at Manresa with Love Apple Farms, but is he being the pot and calling th
  13. I recently acquired a Branson B5510DTH ultrasonic cleaner, primarily to make the starch-infused, triple-cooked, vacuum chamber cooled, ultrasonic cavitation-assisted superlative French fries featured in Modernist Cuisine. The first attempt at using the device, although time-consuming, resulted in absolutely superlative fries -- the best by far we have ever eaten. But at a little over $1000, it's a rather expensive appliance -- I figure that the first batch of fires cost $75 a fry! So I'm looking for other applications to justify the cost. The SonicsOnline web site (where I bought the Branson
  14. There is a big Sriracha thread already, but I'd like to ask about a more specific application. For me, I think the best recommendation from that thread is sriracha on scrambled eggs. From that, I find that like to dot my eggs with sriracha, so it occurred to me that a spherified caviar form could be cool way to add a visual element to the introduction of novices to the practice. I read all the spherification threads with interest, but really have never had the desire to experiment with all the forms. But this application, I feel, is one I really want to do. So, for those so versed, what is th
  15. I noticed a post on Ideas in Food recently about a new device from Polyscience (seemingly not available for purchase yet) - the "Sonic Prep" homogeniser. Basically, it seems to be like a commercial quality stick blender with a vibrating tip rather than blades at the end. It should be able to homogenise different liquids, infuse liquids with tastes and make emulsions quicker. It didn't strike me initially as any sort of "mad have" for a mad-scientist-style cook, but I am intrigued by the applications. Any good ideas how one might use one in the kitchen?
  16. Hi everyone, I've just been watching the latest Modernist Cuisine video for potato puree (I think this recipe is in MC@H as well). They suggest using diastatic malt powder since it acts as an enzyme that can break down the potato starch into a smooth puree. Does anyone know of anywhere one can purchase diastatic malt powder in Australia (preferably Melbourne)? From the recipe (linked above) it suggests that it can be purchased at baking and brewing supply stores, but I've tried a few and none of them seem to sell it - they only sell varieties of non-diastatic malt powder. The closest I've foun
  17. [Moderator note: The original Cooking with "Modernist Cuisine" topic became too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so we've divided it up; the preceding part of this discussion is here: Cooking with "Modernist Cuisine" (Part 3)] Well, I was in the "didnt know" camp as I have sadly not cooked as many recipes as I would have liked from the book. After reading your post and seeing your pics I decided to give it a whirl and was definitely not disappointed, it was as good as any BBQ Ive ever had (and I live in central texas now, we have pretty good bbq here) Embarrassingly I think the
  18. Greetings, I am planning a christmas dinner and i want to incorporate a vanilla and cardamom infused red pepper foam that is suitable for vegans and is soy free. I plan to use Agar but i havent found much information concerning its detailed application with foams. I purchased 'The Cook's Book', Thinking Ferrens chapter would cover this, but it does not. Specifially i am wondering if i need to cook the Agar, or if i can just sprinkle it on top of my juice and go into hand immersion work as with lecithin. Generally in my area Agar comes in flakes, so would i powder it before use if a raw applica
  19. So, half a decade or so after everyone got sick of spherification I decided to start doing it. I needed to bring something to an erotic dessert party, and thought chocolate truffles that explode in the mouth would be the ticket. It worked pretty well. People loved them, and made incredible faces, wondering about what was going on in there. One friend said they were like "yolks of the ganache vulture" ... a name that has stuck. Unfortunately, making them was a gross process. My assumption that a mellon baller would work for scooping the cold ganache into the alginate was thwarted by their crumb
  20. Hi, Keeping with the recent SideKic Thread, I wanted to ask you for your thoughts about the Vac-Star circulator. To me it seems to have enough power etc. and might be a cheap alternative to the pretty expensive ones we know. Also the given value for temperature consistency seems to be quite ok... (but since till now I used a big pot on my stove, regulating myself with ice & hot water...) Has anyone tried the thing? Any thoughts based on the provided data? Is it a good alternative for the more expensive circulators or should I still go for those? Regards, Andreas
  21. I am trying to make a reverse spherification using a recipe (http://www.molecularmixology.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=26) that utilizes calcium lactate. I don't have calcium lactate but I do have Texturas Gluco (calcium gluconate and calcium lactate). Can I substitute the Gluco for the calcium lactate? What ratio should I use? Thank you! wayne314
  22. Chef bought some versawhip, agar, and xantham gum after the new years. I've found some pretty good information on agar agar and some other hydrocoloids like lecethin, but can't seem to find any good information or starting points on where to start experimenting on versawhip. From what I've collected, it works similar to lecethin and can do either hot or cold foams and alot of people seem to be using it in conjunction with xantham gum for thickening and getting different mouth feels from the foam. I have absolutely no idea where to start some baseline experiments or some tested recipes to get i
  23. Parts list: Sestos D1S-VR PID controller Panel-mount M8 3-pin female connector eBay Pt100 probe spliced into a M8 3-pin right-angle male plug /w cable Corcom AC input filter /w integrated switch and double fuseholder (currently using 10A fast blow fuses) Omron G3NA-240B DC5-24 solid state relay attached to an old CPU heat sink (with Thermalright Chill Factor III thermal paste) NEMA 5-15R receptacle NEMA 5-15R receptacle (GFCI-protected) Various terminal blocks Various crimp connectors Various screws and bolts Proctor-Silex 1000W electric burner Electra 1150W immersion heater What isn't shown i
  24. [Moderator note: The original Sous Vide: Recipes, Techniques & Equipment topic became too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so we've divided it up; the preceding part of this discussion is here: Sous Vide: Recipes, Techniques & Equipment (Part 2)] Iknow 63oC for two hours gets you a perfect cooked Hen's egg. Any idea how brief & what temperature for a quails egg?
  25. The post about Jose Andres appearing on Conan O'Brien's show sparked my rapidly fading memory button, and I remembered that I wanted to post this last weekend as a head's up ! PBS, at least in the Los Angeles market, is running a new cooking series with Jose Andres called "Made in Spain". The first show was run last Saturday, on two of the four stations in the market. It was quite excellent. I fell in love with Jose Andres when he was on Mark Bittman's show about Spain. He's a natural in front of a camera, and very charming. If the first episode is representative of the quality of the rest
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