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  1. Is there a table with recommended vacuum levels for various applications (bagging fresh meat, fish, liquids; vacuum compression etc.)? The MC chapter on chamber vacuum sealers has several suggestions sprinkled in the text itself, but AFAIK no single table combining the "best guesses".
  2. Still no answer from the MC team? That's disappointing.
  3. Max said: Are you sure about that? According to the manual(p. 61) the second ring of the Kuhn Rikon indicates the European standard pressure of 0.8 bar or around 12 psi. This would probably not alter the cooking time for the necessary Maillard reaction, but could be a problem regarding shelf-stability/botulism. Has anyone calculated sterilization times for 0.8 bar?
  4. I just had a look at the errata page and noticed that it was dated April 26, 2011.Are there plans for similar list for the second printing? I assume that while most of the errors on the list will have been corrected (I haven't checked yet), some new ones might have crept in?
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