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  1. Very entertaining, what was with all the mackerel?
  2. When there's a sign outside that says billions and billions served.
  3. My most recent fantasy sandwich I will make a reality is a grilled peanut butter sandwich with banana and pure dark chocolate waffers.
  4. Pasta with tomato sauce or anchovy capers garlic and olive oil , a grilled steak or chop. A stir fry often helps me get creative again.
  5. Hawaiian Pizza, Pizza doesn't need Pineapple.
  6. I like worchestershire sauce. That and horseradish is great with a nice rare steak. My favorite is in tomato juice or V8.
  7. If your cooking outsite on an devise called a barbeque wether it be gas or charcoal you are barbequeing. The only debate is should you use a BBQ cooking method as well (i.e. smoke and indirect heat).
  8. What about trying Miracle Whip Bernaise? . Nice to see you beat me here.
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