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  1. Another vote for overall canned tomatos, so many uses!
  2. Miracle Whip and green relish in moderation
  3. A T.E. Eaton Cast Iron Fry Pan, from my Grandmother
  4. I have a dream... I have a dream, that the Robson area is lined with ramen shops, blocks and blocks of them... I have a dream, that I go "ramen-hopping" on a winter evening, slurping down one bowl of steaming hot ramen after another... I have a dream, that from Sapporo to Tokyo, from Yokohama to Kyushu, from tonkutsu to shio, all styles and flavours of ramen are only steps away from each others... I have a dream, that the ラーメン横丁 ("ramen yokocho") is a Vancouver dining destination, to be visited by locals and tourists alike... I have a dream...! But, darn it, why isn't the Santouka (山頭火) shop opened yet?? If you dream it it will come
  5. My father always pronounced Parmesan, par-mea-sian all his life allong with a few othe malapropisms that were both endearing and annoying.
  6. Find story here ← ← Aww, just noticed this, it would be a shame if nobody carried on this iconic business.
  7. That would be a "Michelada", a popular Mexican concoction that I happen to like. me too ← Me too!!
  8. When I had Beiing koaya they carved up the whole bird at the table and even chopped up the bones (we took the left over meat and bones as take away and had it with our morning meal). The skin is the best part though . Does any place in YVR do this?
  9. Wuyutai Tea Shop Wangfujing store 吴裕泰茶庄王府井店 No. 186, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing Good service, lovely ambience, The jasmine and oolongs are superb, one of the finest tea shops in China without a doubt.
  10. A Canadian Icon. I remember watching him with my father on lazy afternoons, goodbye John.
  11. Thank! That cheap CI one you mentioned should do me fine and it's so cheap I don't mind paying the shipping
  12. I couldn't bring myself to pay that kind of $$$ for a little folder steak knife, I bought a little beech handle Opinel (French) folder for $10., looks great with a 4" razor sharp blade. Your can get them smaller and with carbon steel or stainless blades, fancy handles, etc. Mongin makes really fancy $$$ ones every one should own at least one of these.
  13. All wood body products will last longer maybe forever, plastic parts will break.
  14. The first meal I cooked for myself around six was scrambled eggs and toast which was my breakfast favorite. I remember around eight or nine trying to make my first cheese souffle with a friend over, no parents in the house. I remember spilling the hot souffle (no oven mitts) all over the kitchen floor, my friend running away and me trying to clean up the mess before mom got home.
  15. I grew up on Robin's Doughnut in Thunder Bay, Ontario but I have never turned down a Timmy's (my BIL called it Dead Mans Doughnuts ), especially when someone brings them 113 km from Williams Lake, BC to our office . The coffee is mediocre but acceptable as road trip brew.
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