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  1. I agree about Noilly Prat. I refuse to use any other vermouth. I used to get grief about being particular about vermouth until we did taste tests & now all of my fellow martini drinking acquaintances also purchase Noilly Prat. I was not that fond of the Eider as it overwhelmed the gin. Too sweet for my taste to mix in martinis but quite nice as an aperitif.
  2. we discovered Cafe One Two Three last year & enjoyed it very much. It was not overly pricey (not as pricey as Wild Boar) & had an interesting menu. They are on 12th avenue just o/s of downtown. Web addy: & they own a couple of other places that might fit your bill better but we liked them. Good luck! http://www.faisons.com/newsite/cafe123.htm
  3. When ordering a Martini I always ask what type of vermouth they serve & it is amazing that only about 1% of waiters even have a clue. If they do not have a decent vermouth I ask for Dubonnet blanc or dry sherry. If they do not have that then I request scotch instead of vermouth--you should try it & it is better than most of the garbage vermouth they have available.
  4. I had forgotten about Plymouth & I have a bottle on the bar as I type. I truly enjoy that as well. It tastes like "gin". I have not quite figured out some of the rationale that you are supposed to cover the taste of the alcohol w/ fruit, cola, whatever flavoring. Why bother? & esp why bother buying a specific brand if you are going to cover the taste w/ something else?
  5. I wish I could help you more but I discovered that I liked (in this order) Bombay (& not Sapphire--I just prefer the taste of regular Bombay), Boodles, Seagram's and that is what I order and how I buy it. My only rational is "so & so is better b/c I say so" ":^) Gin, as you mentioned, & like so many other spirits, is such a personal taste that no one can argue that your taste is wrong. They can argue that this gin is better made or has better ingredients but can not say that you do not like it. There is a decent book on spirits that rates & evaluates not only gins but all distilled spirits & fortified wines called Kindred Spirits that I purchased several years ago. Paul Pacult wrote it and Hyperion published it. I found it on the close out rack so do not know if it has been updated or not. I do not necessarily agree w/ all of his ratings but it is nice to read the evaluations and that sounds like the information you seek. Good luck.
  6. Lan4Dawg

    Fantasy sandwich

    the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving take two slices of white bread, add leftover turkey and a very thin slice of dressing or stuffing (whatever you want to call it). Top w/ a heaping tablespoon of giblet gravy, some Duke's mayonnaise & the last of the tomatoes fr/ the garden. Throw some lettuce & maybe Swiss cheese onto the thing & then eat w/ abandon as the tomato juice & gravy drips down your chin.
  7. you made me go & count, 212. The Fuss gives grief to me for having as many as I do & wants to know "why?" whenever I buy another. I showed this thread to her to prove that my collection is "tame". Her response is that we are a sick bunch of people. ":^) She did, however, build all of the bookshelves on which they are perched. Yes, she built the bookshelves for my cookbooks w/ her table saw. We have an interesting relationship.
  8. new here so not certain of procedure but will dive right in..... The Beacon on N. Lamar St is just off the square and was meat & three type that was pretty good & prob just what you want. For some reason chicken tenders are considered haute cuisine in & around Oxford. One of the better places, & we laughed when they sent us there, is the "Chevron Food Mart", yes I said, Chevron Food Mart. The chicken was not bad at all & is made in a small kitchen in the back of the place. It is right off the square by a block. Another place that was recommended to us for catfish is Wall Doxey State Park. They have a dining room & half the community shows up for the catfish dinner buffet on Friday nights. It was, surprisingly, pretty good catfish & hushpuppies. The other side items were very average.
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