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  1. I'm ready to be shouted down on this - what is the obsession with ground beef? Is it really so interesting? Other than as a petri dish manqué for growing bugs?
  2. from somebody at the bottom of the slope - it would be great to get an overview of what its all about and what you could see from the summit but, importantly, what is relatively easy to incorporate into more "everyday" cooking. Hint at the great heights but concentrate on the practical, achievable stuff. Everyone might admire the convertible on the forecourt but most of us need the station wagon to move the family around.
  3. I'm very interested to know whether all the enthusiastic followers of MC on here are "modernist" in other things: architecture? furniture? design? music (a bit harder that one but i'm thinking more 20th century classical vs Mozart rather than current)? do they go together? or can you be v conservative in everything else but still be excited by the new in cooking? (so far i've only sous vided some steak, some duck, some aspargus and some lamb shoulder. nothing done properly from MC - though all good - but i'm still on vol 1)
  4. er...please sir...please sir...me sir..me you add the cream at the end to stop the cooking. don't you?
  5. KennethT - I have no advice or help to offer. but i am hugely sympathetic - it sounds exactly something i would do.
  6. I just want to say how much I love you guys (and gals). I've been a member since 2003 but rather dropped out of view. Read about Nathan's book somewhere, popped on to here to see what the fuss is about and i am back absolutely hooked by your knoweldge and enhusiasm. And Nathan lurking here answering the questions too - truly amazing. I've bought the book and the sous vide machine all i need now is some time...
  7. Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK - suburbia exemplified. Keen amateur but sadly delusional. I will have to retire to make the most of this but i can't - i have 6 children and i'm only 47...
  8. Don't overlook Elizabeth Street - v close to Sloane Square. it has poilane the bakers, baker and spice and the chocolate society and some nice hats for the girls (philip treacy) (good wine shop too and a deli i can't remember the name of - are they both called jeroboams?) i can recommend the fruit compote at the farmers market. you will of course be close to Gordon Ramsay - the best restaurant in London by a distance (imho) [damn just got chocolate society truffle over the keyboard!) waitrose in the Kings Road is the best supermarket
  9. you are coming very close to committing a criminal offence...
  10. while i think Verbena-NZ is perhaps a little too dogmatic - green beans, cooked, refreshed and when you'r ready reheated in a little water and butter seem the better for it to me - i agree with the sentiment about keeping your guests waiting. My first marriage really ended when my ex-wife came down to eat dinner from her study where she had been working, ate the first course and then asked if there was going to be a gap before the main course. i said about ten minutes, and she promptly got up and went back to work, saying call me when its ready...annoyingly i persevered for another six years!
  11. can't compete on the typically amazing knowledge already displayed here but may i add a couple of things: in Venice, try adjusting your clocks and getting up at dawn - you can wander round this most extraordinary place in relative peace and if, say, you want to look orund the Doge's palace you can arrive there just before it opens and get a chance to see it sans crowds. go to bed early, the place dies at 8-9pm if not earlier Siena is the most perfect place and utterly unmissable. don't know where you are on culture but you can get a bit sick of yet another madonna con bambino. in San Gimignano, slightly touristy but great place near Siena there are two must sees: the fresco on the left hand wall of the main cathedral depicting the last judgement - very refreshingly horrible, though not meant to put you off your food! and, at the extremity of the town, a most serene monastery which the tourists tend not to get to with some beautiful frescoes and a splendid cloister, St Agostino - perfect for a quick nap after a good lunch and before a serious dinner.
  12. if it can't take the heat, it don't deliver the sear
  13. enthusiast

    Wine List Mix-ups

    was that the Canteen in Chelsea harbour? very funny story about that place. a colleague of mine was asked by another colleague who worked in a different department if she wanted to have lunch to catch up on work things. she agreed and suggested the canteen. she duly crossed the road to the staff canteen and he got in a taxi to Chelsea harbour 45 minutes away!
  14. i hear she might be getting a deal here in the UK too, which would be amazing since nobody's heard of Julia let alone Julie. or is it the other way round?
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