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  1. Want to try: A16: I just found out about this in the Italian thread of Ore's...someone he staged with (I think) opened A16, which is the name of an autostrada that runs through Napoli. Quince Jojo's Fringale (chef Marc Raisic is doing an Outstanding in the Field farm dinner at Knoll Farm in Brentwood next weekend...his chicken last year was the best I've ever put in my mouth) Manresa (yes, I've eaten there, but my next visit is going to be the Chef's Tasting, ooooo la oui!) RNM: Justine Miner impressed me so much when she cooked a farm dinner. Not only with her modesty and bearing, which didn't smack of ego in the least, but with her absolutely out-of-this-world food. Chez Papa, sometime, somehow. Tried and liked very much: Le Petit Robert (sat next to Alton Brown, who eats there all the time): perfect bistro food. Calamari salad? Quail? To die. Also, I like how they do their wine list: by the glass, carafe or bottle. Great idea. Again/also Manresa. First tried some tapas in May, and am looking forward to the full-on experience in the near future. (Also just found out that friends of mine are going there to celebrate her birthday in October. She doesn't know anyone who's ever eaten there, so of course I got to tell her about the Chef's Tasting.)
  2. Funny you should mention it. Someone yesterday sent me a link to A16 and another restaurant with a number in San Francisco (I live 75 miles away), and I had heard of neither. But I found their web site and it looks great. I'll ask my foodie friend who lives in the Marina.
  3. Yes. Though oddly, the credits say: "Produced by Linda O'Keeffe. Photographs by Jim Franco. Written by Stephanie Lyness." I've never seen production credit given in a magazine.
  4. I think they will be vastly more successful in the Ferry Plaza building. People vote with their feet.
  5. I think you should meet Suvir and Ellen...
  6. I looooove "Melt," but before I read it was contemplating some way to meld "Jersey Girl" with "Jersey Grill." Go with "Melt."
  7. Bet me he tries a new recipe for soft pretzels.
  8. Every single word I've read here about Firefly and about/from John W would make that my first choice, instantly and without hesitation. I am completely impressed. If it's not the real deal, I don't know what is. The only web site for Firefly that I could find: doesn't the Kimpton Group believe in having a full-fledged site for a full-fledged restaurant? It should stand on its own, shouldn't it? </"web site designer who wants better online representation for good entities" mode>
  9. When I waited tables, my trick for upselling was different than others' techniques. Instead of encouraging two appetizers, two entrées, and two desserts, I invariably recommended sharing an appetizer and dessert, leaving more room for a nice bottle of wine. I would tell people, "That's an enormous amount of food, and it won't taste good reheated. Why not split an appetizer, or order two appetizers and split an entrée, then splurge on a good bottle of wine?" A good percentage of people went for my suggestion, gratefully, and usually tipped more than the standard because they appreciated their experience more. They left comfortable, not groaning with excess, and the wine added the romance they sought. They'd spent the same amount of money, usually, but it didn't feel like it to them. Management was happy: I won a district-wide contest for selling wine one quarter. I was also the person most likely to be tapped to wait on people with little kids. Being nice to little kids with stressed out parents, just hoping they can get through a meal without the Hate Stare of Death by child-haters, goes a long way. Kids with crackers are usually not as messy as business men at the hors d'oeuvres table, trying to pile seven pounds of shrimp onto a 5" plate. (Not that I have any opinions about the pigs at happy hour.) The upselling I hate is trying to push fancy bottled water on me. Filtered water is fine. (Filtering is a must in many places in California...the first time I drank the water in San Diego, I cried.)
  10. I still want to try Jojo's. It looks wonderful. Is it as good as ever, Marie-Louise?
  11. tanabutler

    Cleavage Creek

    I'd rather make a donation directly to the foundation, and not throw money away on dreck. I wonder which is more tasteless: the wine or the label.
  12. Le Petit Robert (San Francisco) Manresa (Los Gatos) Sestri (Santa Cruz)
  13. I suggested to Rancho Gordo that his beans would make beautiful playing pieces in the ancient game of Mancala, and that he should set up a board with the beans in it. My grandmother had a "cala board," as we called it (not knowing the real name). We used smooth pebbles from her driveway, but beans would work.
  14. Are there any positions along the lines of "royal taster"?
  15. It was me. I just know it. And I don't care! Mmmmm, Bravo Farms sage cheddar on Rancho Gordo beans for dinner tonight.
  16. A class in good taste? Bourdain? <head waggle>
  17. As their Stepmother, I get to do both. That's because they're boys. If you were the stepmother to girls (at least, girls with a difficult mother), believe me, you wouldn't be able to remove that "KICK ME" sign from your butt until they were older. Lucky ducky. (The good thing is that both my stepgirls, ages 23 and 20, finally have come around. They drop in just to visit...and without being begged.)
  18. Ludja made a raspberry tart for the eGullet mixer in Golden Gate Park on Saturday, and it's getting big praise. She will likely PM you the recipe if you want. I've asked for it, too.
  19. I thought tailgating was national. Or maybe it's just where the weather's good. Tailgate parties in SF and Oakland are big. At Dead shows, too.
  20. Chef David Kinch, when I asked him about the best restaurants in L.A., recommended Melisse (Chef Josiah Citrin), Bastide ("Bastide is the best"), AOC, Spago, Maple Drive, and possibly Valentino.
  21. Hey, Varmint, I used to go to those places a lot, crisscrossing Tennessee when I was younger. Googling helped some. Check this out: Nicole and Bruce have some recommendations to make. And it looks like you can eat food here: Adams-Edgeworth Inn.
  22. tanabutler

    Wine with Sushi

    Welcome, RobInAustin. After reading this (and the link to Fat Guy's piece on Burgundy with sushi), I find myself wondering about Gruner Veltliner. We had a mighty-mighty taste of Nigl (rhymes with "eagle") Gruner Veltliner at Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants on Saturday. (I can't locate vintage info online, sorry.) I know it would be great with Indian food and intensely spicy foods, and wonder how it would pair with wasabi and/or the umami flavor. Has anyone made any forays into that territory? For the sake of science, of course. I'm having a hard time imagining it, and also having a hard time dismissing it. It might be too much.
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