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  1. How about Grubs, in Fayetteville, AR. They do make a damn fine chicken fried chicken, though.
  2. Oh. boy. Yes. I still haven't recovered from the bad-food-at-Christmas office potluck. The people who brought potato chips and ranch dressing were more pleased with people's reactions to their food than I was. Chicken liver cognac pate. Why cast pearls before swine? While I was standing in the buffet line, I heard people making "Ick" sounds, and "What's THAT?" noises. (Like the morons couldn't figure out that I would be in the line, too. No worry about hurting my feelings when I actually brought something good.) Somebody asked, "What's that?" and someone else, reading the little sign in front of the food, answered, "Chicken COG-NACK pate." Some guy corrected her pronunciation of 'cognac,' and then she said, "Well, what's that?" "I think it's some kind of alcohol," the guy answered. But those pigs-n-blankets sure went fast. To be fair, half the pate was eaten, so I got to take half home. More for me and my REAL friends. Next time, I'm not spending more than $5 on something for an office party. At least not in Arkansas. Edited to add: I would have loved the penne puttanesca and the shrimp salad on toast points. I bet you would have loved my chicken liver pate. Maybe we could figure out how to work in the same office.
  3. I don't think I can ever try head cheese, not since I met a farmer from Oklahoma who described to me exactly how he makes it... Edited: Typpos.
  4. The "Not again, Mom!" thread made me want to start this one. There were a number of people in that thread that said that they hated X until they had good X at a friend's house, restaurant, whatever. I'll start. I hated steak when I was growing up. HATED IT. But then, it wasn't red meat -- it was gray meat, "fried to a frazzle," as Mum would say. I didn't know that steak was 'red meat' till I moved away and had it at a restaurant. Now I love steak. Medium rare, please. Anybody else want to jump in?
  5. Heehee, just as Red Lobster was a sacrilege in New England. Happy to report that all the New England Red Lobsters have closed down.
  6. I don't 'get' Olive Garden. When one opened here (Fayetteville, AR), it immediately became the busiest restaurant in town. So I was curious about it, as I'd never been in one -- why is it that everyone *I* know hates it, but it's so popular? So I tried it one day. Overcooked pasta! Yecch! A sin against God and nature. But a couple of weeks later, I was thinking, "Well, maybe they were having an off day... it can't be that bad if so many people like it..." and, like an idiot, I went back. Overcooked pasta that hadn't even been drained, so there was a big puddle of water at the bottom of the plate! What's up with the popularity of OG? Haven't other people had real Italian food? BTW, Fayetteville does have good locally-owned Italian joints. So there's just no excuse.
  7. For all y'all that are Atkinsing (omg, did I just make the guy's name into a verb?), Backyard Burger is now doing a low-carb burger -- same ingredients, but the burger is wrapped in lettuce instead of being put in a bun. Like when you order an In-and-Out burger "protein style." But that's not what I got at Backyard today -- I got the lemon butter chicken sandwich. Pretty good. Still not as good as the chicken frisco from Steak N Shake, though.
  8. Oh, then you just have to get yourself to a Steak N Shake. Never tried the frisco burger, because I love the frisco chicken sandwich so much. (Buttered, grilled sourdough bread, grilled chicken breast, Swiss cheese, special sauce). And their cheese fries ROCK. http://www.steaknshake.com/default-home.asp
  9. FWIW, mine today was beer and the rest of the devilled eggs. Maybe not something you'd want on a work day.
  10. "She's got buck teeth so bad she could eat corn on the cob through a tennis racket."
  11. And one from Johnny Carson: "He's two tacos short of a combination plate." And, if you're interested in how fast molasses can travel in January, check out the story of Boston's Great Molasses Flood of 1919: http://www.mv.com/ipusers/arcade/molyank.htm (For those who haven't heard of the molasses flood, yes, it really happened. The wave of molasses that went through the city was estimated to be eight feet high and travelled at 35 miles per hour).
  12. Well, it must be close to That Time of the Month here because last night I had bacon and eggs and toast with Plugra, cinnamon and sugar. And I did fry the 3 (!) eggs in the bacon fat. For lunch today, it was a bacon sandwich on white bread with wasabi mayo. Yum! I have Ghirardelli chocolate chips in the cupboard, so dinner is bound to be something like a big handful of chocolate chips and walnuts. Wait... maybe hot caramel sauce, throw in some chocolate chips, walnuts, and top with coconut... the hell with the ice cream.
  13. Grubs, Fayetteville, AR. I once asked a friend out to lunch, and he asked where I wanted to go. I said, "I have a craving for Grubs." He thought that I wanted to eat grubs. He didn't go out to lunch with me that day.
  14. Re: to-go boxes: Down here in Arkansas, it's actually illegal for servers to put leftovers in to-go boxes because of people's fears of illnesses, contagion, what-have-you. Even so, in the good restaurants, the servers do take your plates back to the kitchen and box up the leftovers for you. (And no one has called the Health Department yet, as far as I know). My biggest pet peeve is servers who don't refill your water glass -- I guess that they figure that if I'm having wine, that's all the liquid I need. No, I want water too! I often ask the server to put a whole pitcher of water on the table so I don't have to keep chasing the server down.
  15. Best line in the whole thread, and nobody else responded to it? Well, I appreciated it, Elyse.
  16. Well, so far today I ate: one magic cookie bar four kosher pickles a bunch of pretzels with raspberry honey mustard dip a beer BTW: recipe for magic cookie bars melt a stick of butter in a glass baking dish spread the butter evenly -- and this is in layers, so everything needs to be spread evenly put in graham cracker crumbs, enough so that the crumbs soak up all of the butter next layer is one can of sweetened condensed milk next layer is chocolate chips -- I used Ghirardelli, pretty good next layer: the nuts of your choice (I used pecans) top layer: coconut. a lot of it bake at 350 for ?? I don't know, my oven wasn't working right, but I think it takes at least a half hour (assuming your oven is working right) Magic cookie bars kick PMSs ass. I'm gonna go get another one. Alternative: only for severe cases: take that can of sweetened condensed milk, dump in chocolate chips, coconut and nuts, eat straight out of the can with a spoon.
  17. Have to add to the rec's for Bordino's. The new chef, Chrissie, is CIA-trained. Had a fabulous mushroom-truffle risotto there earlier there this year, and the pastas I've tried were great too. Duck, huh? I love duck, but haven't tried hers yet. Maybe tomorrow night.
  18. Beer. Guacamole and chips. And I'm thinking of making a bacon-and mayo sandwich for dinner. (I'm unemployed, and the bacon-and-mayo thing is comfort food to me). Come to think of it, wouldn't a bacon and guac sandwich be good? Hmmmm..... Time to have another beer and think about it.
  19. It's hard to pick what's most embarrasing. Wolfgang Puck's canned soup; Schwan's frozen dinner; Campbell's tomato soup; frozen egg rolls. And, like Elyse, plenty of cat hair.
  20. Have you already tried NECI in Montpelier?
  21. Well, I think we need to start PMing. NO need to share this with the rest of the eGulls. The rest of you, back to thinking about food and boobs. Tommy? TOMMY?! I'm calling 911. After I talk to Elmo.
  22. So you're double-jointed? And you did this while driving?! I think I need to meet you, Elmo.
  23. Yeah, crumbs in the boobies tickle, don't they? You don't want crumbs in the cleavage at 75 mph. They definitely do. And what is it with food drops in cleavage that make everyone egg everyone else to offer to orally remove the offending object?! And it isn't just the men that bring it up either. I remember once at a teppanyaki dinner, when the chef was doing his thang with the crispy-fried prawn heads, that one was flipped underhand towards me. It bounced off the edge of the griddle, skipped in the sauce dish like a stone on a pond (spraying me with sesame goop) and plopped neatly in my cleavage. As it was searing hot and prickly, I instantly went into some very undignified gyrations while my dad and brother howled with laughter next to me. The chef was terribly apologetic and doubled my portion after that. Oh, and for the record, I would say that I am considered fairly busty at 42E. NOt bad for a Chinese lady!. Heehee, your sesame-prawns-in-the-boobies story beats my lox-in-the-boobies story. I think we have a winner! And Tommy must agree == he's been gone longer than three minutes. Tommy? ARE YOU OK?? Now back to the tits.
  24. may i be excused for 3 minutes? That's all the time you need? Man, you're fast! And that's not a good thing.
  25. actually unfortunatly i live in the area right now (don't ask. it sucks.) anyway the only starbucks here are in the barnes and nobles. no standalones whatsoever. not that i'm sad because south of bentonville in fayetteville (where the univ. of ar is) there is some awsome local coffee. Yeah, I heard Bentonville sucks, too. I've never heard anything good about that town! And I've never yet met anyone that liked working for Wal-Mart. Come on down here to Fayetteville, and we'll hang out at Arsaga's on Gregg -- two minutes from my house. Good coffee. Try Jammin Java on the square, too -- absolutely fabulous sandiwches on beautiful bread, fresh fruit salad, good coffee. Is Bentonville really a town, or is it a cult?!
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