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  1. This might have been posted here before, so pardon me if I am repeating -- have you ever seen the blog called, "Steve, Don't Eat It"? I peed laughing at the weird stuff here -- http://www.thesneeze.com/steve-dont-eat-it/
  2. I once ordered "broo-SKEH-tah" only to have the waiter kindly 'correct' me, saying, "Oh, you'd like the broo-SHE-tah?" Also, I once asked for corn "tor-TEE-yas" with my meal, and the young lady said, "Sure, I'll bring you tor-TILL-as." No lie. Never heard it pronounced that way before or since. I don't mind being corrected when I actually am wrong, though.
  3. Gazpacho, baby, gazpacho. That's all I want right now.
  4. How about Bugles? With clam dip, because Bugles make such nice, greasy little scoops.
  5. Yesterday I bought Godiva's milk chocolate penuche nut ice cream, and I didn't like it much. Then I sprinkled it with table salt. Oh, my god! Now I'm a salted chocolate ice cream whore.
  6. Tim, I'm on the South Shore and I would love to try your new place too, so do let us know. Good luck -- I expect your new job will be much more satisfying.
  7. Tracey, I think the dealbreaker for me would be when he ordered chicken fingers instead of lobster at a lobser restaurant in Maine!!
  8. No shit? I have to change my tactics. ← But then, I'm one of the few women who like the Three Stooges.... And of course, my favorite Three Stooges episode is the one where Curly does battle with the bowl of oyster soup. No farts in that one, but that wouldn't have been allowed back then.
  9. Heee, Fresser, my Cape Cod born-and-raised Auntie Mary is the original Mrs. Malaprop. My favorite of hers went something like this: "I only shop at the Co-Op now, because I read a book that said you should only buy orgasmic food."
  10. Ya gotta love a man with a good fart story!!
  11. I recounted this one at the "worst meal at someone's home" thread, but it bears repeating here. One dish I had at my cousin's house at Easter this year was "macaroni salad", and it was two ingredients. Macaroni and "Miracle Whip." Nuff said?
  12. According to this article, Michael's restaurant will open in Las Vegas in 2007... and Ralph now has a deli in Sag Harbor, NY called "Fat Ralph's." http://www.calgarysun.com/perl-bin/niveau2...=97913.html&a=1
  13. Normally, I don't like Dairy Queen at all, but I just discovered something great there for those of us PMSing -- it's called a Pecan Medslide sundae. Vanilla ice cream, hot caramel, hot fudge, and lotsa pecans. SALTY pecans, whipped cream too. I felt a lot better after eating that.
  14. I never liked barbecue (I know some of you are horrified at this!), but then I'm from New England. It wasn't until I was in grad school in Arkansas that I learned what barbecue really was. The city: West Memphis, AR (the other side of the Mississippi from Memphis, TN) The place: Willie Mae's Rib Haus The ribs: Pork, meat falling off the bone, ooooooh.... But now I'm back in New England, and I don't know when I'll get real barbecue again.
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