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  1. I think most green tea desserts are made with matcha green tea powder: http://japanesefood.about.com/cs/drinksteas/a/greentea.htm
  2. The houses at Cape Disappointment and Fort Columbia, the two state parks on the peninsula are 50% off on weekdays during the winter: http://www.parks.wa.gov/specialoffers.asp I've never stayed in any of them but the views from the lighthouse at Cape Disappointment are amazing. It would definitely qualify as "hear the ocean". Cape Disappointment also has cabins and yurts (heated :)) if you want to be really affordable.
  3. So I've heard of things served in eggshells, but I've never experienced such a thing. When eating it, do you have to be really careful not to have shards of shell in your custard? (I ask this after having a shard-laced oyster last weekend...)
  4. If you're referring to the pork item that was cut in a half-circle with a skin, I think it was pig feet.
  5. If you like bean curd sheet, Teapot on Capitol Hill uses them a lot. There's a fried seaweed/beancurd sheet thing that sounds similar to what you describe. It's called Treasure of the Sea or something like that...
  6. Joe and I will both be there. I haven't picked up the magazine yet, but from the list of recipes, the Mackerel Escabeche stands out, so you can put me down for that. I might also make the Smoky Chard, if they both end up to be pretty quick.
  7. I can do any date except for the 15th. February is also pretty free for me right now..
  8. I would be interested too, depending on the date.
  9. I walked past today, and there are still signs on the windows saying "Opening Dec 2004" and "Opening Fall 2004". But I saw someone cleaning the tables inside, which is probably a good sign...
  10. Joe likes to go to the Ocean City noodle shop (ie. not the main restaurant), which he calls "Duck Chop", because that's where they chop the BBQ duck. We always get some form of the noodle soup with roast duck.
  11. I don't know how far you're going to be from Sequim, but I like the crab/shrimp cakes at Petals Garden Cafe: http://www.petalscafe.com/
  12. is B&O sufficently coffee-shop-y to qualify?
  13. I was just at El Diablo Coffee in Queen Anne, and they have beer...
  14. Have you been to Uwajimaya? They should have some...
  15. I have a CSA, which is a little different, but easily confused with a delivery service. Instead of getting organic produce from all over the world, I just get what's grown on one farm: http://www.whistlingtrainfarm.com/. In the summer I get the Pike Place Market CSA, which has stuff from several farms that sell at the market: http://www.pikeplacemarket.org/shop/market_basket/
  16. New Year's Eve Bash! coming December 31, 2004 with paired wines coming soon Kumomoto Oysters on the Half Shell with Cucumber-Vodka Ice or Oysters Rockefeller with a Champagne Beurre Blanc Chilled Dungeness Crab Salad with Avocado, Osetra Caviar, and a Curried Aioli Terrine of Foie Gras with Black Pepper Caramel and Quince Confit Intermezzo: Meyer Lemon and Creme Fraiche Gelato Wild Mushroom Buckwheat Crepes with Pinot Noir Reduction Braised Ninety Farms Beef Shortribs with Collards, Hominy, and Shittakes and a Foie Gras Foam Salade aux Noix Fruits of the Vine 3 Ways: Local Raisin Studded Bread Pudding with Frozen Concords and Grappa Sauce New Year's Eve Bash: Beginning around 9 PM on December 31, at an undisclosed location. We will have live bossa nova music from Javier Anderson, party favors, and of course, a toast at midnight. We will also be providing an optional cab to take you home so you can have as much fun as you want! Check out the tentative menu at left and be ready for a few surprises!
  17. I might be able to do Monday, too. Lunch or dinner?
  18. You can also call ahead and put you rname on the list, even if it's on the weekend. They won't exactly have a table waiting for you but it can cut 30 minutes off the wait...
  19. There's a seattle vegetarian group that has a list of restaurants: http://www.vegseattle.com/r-veg.shtml
  20. I've been to Tarragona a few times, since it's about 3 blocks away from my place, and on the way home from both Crave and the Cap Hill Saturday farmer's market. I don't know much about wine, so the cheat sheets they have up in each section are helpful. They had two interesting Basque sheep cheeses last weekend, which I might need to get more of...
  21. Speaking of dives, has anyone ever been to the Turf restaurant (on 2nd and Pike downtown)? I walk past it fairly often but I'm too scared to go in :)
  22. http://www.uwajimaya.com/calendar.html#dragon 8,000 strands of sugar!
  23. I have a link in my bookmarks toolbar that looks for an isbn number in the url of the page you are on, then searches the Seattle libraries for it. That means that if I'm browsing Amazon, I can just click on it and it'll tell me if the library has it, then request a hold in a couple more clicks. LibraryLookup has links for the Seattle library and many others.
  24. Yeah, I second the reserve thing. My neighborhood library is rather small, but I can reserve anything and I'll get it immediately. Of course sometimes this means I get 10 books one week and none the next...
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