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  1. Hi everybody, my name's Maryna and I'm a kitchen appliance addict. 😔 After a year of lusting after the Fuji system recommended by Kerry, and going back and forth between completely convincing myself I don't need it at all (not sure I'm into colored bonbons because of the unsafety of edible paint) - to I needed it yesterday, how can I produce quality chocolates (mind you, I'm a home enthusiast, doing around 6 molds per month, at best) without spraying cocoa butter. As a complete novice to sprayers and compressors, I would spend countless hours researching/reading forums every time the urge to purchase a system would strike, scribbling down systems/configurations to get on pieces of paper that are now found in random places all over house, only to forget most of the information learned during after convincing myself that I don't need it... Well, yesterday all of this culminated into a completely researchless purchase on ChefRubber's website - being in a state of upsetness at my SO, I justified purchasing the Ultimate Cocoa Butter Spraying Kit + the natural cocoa butter colors. Then the morning came...and with it, buyer's remorse))....Questions for you guys: Why is that compressor so expensive being of such a small capacity? Does anybody know the ingredients in the natural cocoa butter line? Are they truly natural and safe? Is that a "true" spray gun, or should I just call it an airbrush? Will it be able to spray 50/50 mixture for velveting easily? Jim, glad to hear your feedback on the spray box! Became interested in it a couple of pages back and am now convinced I'm in URGENT need of one))...definitely going on my Christmas wish list!) Sometimes I think my full-time job exists for the sole purpose of supporting my addiction(((...my poor, poor husband....😪
  2. Ummm...I'm not sure how low it goes to shock freeze, but the instruction manual says it freezes the product to 0F and "upon termination of the cycle, the preservation phase at -4F automatically begins"
  3. Can you expend a bit? What do you mean by "siphon"? Like an iSi type one?
  4. And I actually spoke with their San Francisco location/distribution center just now - they are out of the older models of Freddy (they are expecting approval to sell the new version in the U.S. beginning of 2021). For those interested in a chamber vacuum seal drawer - they still have some ZEROs left in two sizes.
  5. Not sure of the exact model number, they have pictures of it with different display styles on their website - mine is the one with a square display with three circles on each side. https://irinoxhomeusa.com/products
  6. Any feedback/opinions on https://polyscienceculinary.com/collections/nav-commercial-vacuum-sealer/products/the-mx2-chamber-vacuum-sealer MX2 vacuum sealer? I've also seen it under the brand name "minipack"
  7. I have an Irinox Freddy...have finally installed a plug to be able to use it four months ago. I enjoy it greatly, but the display is a pain - pictures of the display on the newer model seem to make much more sense. User resources available are very limited, still at a loss as to how to do maintenance cleaning on it... I lucked out when I bought mine - I contacted them to inquire about warranty work in my area, they forwarded my question to a higher up in their distribution center in CA who offered a promo code because they had a lot in stock at the time. Kinda wish I waited for the newer model, but at that price the older one worked out very well
  8. Yay, I received my new toy yesterday. I haven't unpacked it yet, but plant to start my first batch of silk tonight. The only cocoa butter I have at home, is a jar of Mycryo that has been sitting in the fridge for almost a year. Its about 4 months past its best by date. Is it still usable? If so, at what temp does the EzTemper need to be for Mycryo?
  9. My two favorite whites are Callebaut Velvet and Valrhona Waina.
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