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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kashk So if kashak is Persian in addition to joshpara and aushak then Persian cuisine is very underrated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kesme#Reshteh I would imagine kemse is derived from Middle Eastern rishta pasta,
  2. No problem with it. Just seems like a lean , flavorless meat. I could be wrong and it could be delicious.
  3. Can't imagine horse meat taste good though. There also seems to be a myth that churros are Chinese too. Fried dough is pretty universal. https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/travel-food/article/2119830/how-spanish-chefs-stole-chinas-dough-and-turned-churros
  4. Do you think those specific dairy products such as kayak, Kurt, and aryan are turkic in origin or are they the result Scythians and/or the sedentary Iranian population? What about things such as horse meat and the practice of eating raw meat? Sorry to bother you. Food history is just so interesting.
  5. Gotcha. I was wondering what steppe nomad food was like. I would imagine horse meat and bread and such.
  6. I don't think it was Persian for that long but rather it was home to a bunch of Iranian speaking peoples (Parthians, Khwarezmians, Sogdianans, Bactrians, Khotanese Sakas, Massgetae, Scythians). Wonder what the food of the latter two groups was like (or would have been if they still existed).
  7. Also it would make sense plot is Tajik and not "Uzbek" given Samarkand and Bukhara have mostly Tajik populations.
  8. My favorite polish dish is lazanki. I've heard good things bout Karczma in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Maybe will check it out once this pandemic is over.
  9. That makes sense. Even kaymak has an arabic version in ashta. Also regarding shishbarak/aushak almost every culture has dumplings so it seems silly that Persians or Afghans couldn't invent them on their own.
  10. Sorry if I spread some misinformation. Guess I read a really biased website. Some other laughable claims were steak tartare-kibbeh neyeh-Mongolian as opposed to universal sauerkraut-Mongolian as opposed to ancient Roman Chopped meat and thus hamburgers-Mongolian as opposed to German/american shaved ice- Chinese as opposed to Roman/universal pickling-CHinese as opposed to universal Bacon-chinese as opposed to many European cultures as well
  11. American- Pizza-Chinese Pasta-Chinese Hamburger-Mongol BBQ-African American mainly, wouldn't exist otherwise Fried chicken-African American Mac and Cheese -African American Pecan Pie-African American Tex-Mex/Mexican-Afro-Latino Middle Eastern- Kebab-Central Asian TUrkic Kaymak-Central Asian Turkic Baklava-Central Asian Turkic shishbarak-Central Asian turkic South Asian- Biryani/Plov-Central Asian TUrkic (even rice in Asia is due to Chinese migration to India) Samosa/Sambusa-Central Asian Turkic aushak-central asian turkic naan-central asian turkic Kerela Mutton/Pork Fry-Malaysian/SE Asian How do people get the origins so wrong?
  12. But Kaymak is central avian in origin. how could Phoenicians have introduced it?
  13. What's the origin of Kaymak/rabri? Is rabbi similar to malai or dilute ki chaat>
  14. There's very little Turkic influence in Mughalai cuisine other than the Mughal emperors being Turkish. The majority of cooks/soldiers/artists were Persian, Afghan or Indian.
  15. Biryani was invented during the Mughal period but who invented the dish?
  16. Who invented Shawarma? Anatolian Turks?
  17. Is baklava originally Assyrian? I love baklava in all varieties. Pistachio, walnut even chocolate.
  18. Anybody else have anything to add to this topic?
  19. I have no idea if it is a whole class. My Persian friends definitely insist that shish barak is Persian.
  20. My favorite cheese is Cracker Barrel. Just kidding. Anything from Jasper Hill is good.
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