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  1. I use the same method as @RWood as well. I've seen some of the more well known chocolatiers use transfer sheets mainly for branding purposes. I find it helpful to cap with an acetate or guitar sheet if I ever slightly overfill my molds. It helps to keep the chocolate cap higher than the filling.
  2. @sbain Hello! I wanted to ask how was your experience with the Chocolate Intensive class? There is a class in March that I am thinking about registering for, but it'll be my first time doing anything like this so I'm a bit hesitant and intimidated. I make molded chocolates for my job, but haven't had much formal training and have been figuring things out through online videos and trial and error. My skill level is a concern. What was the general skill level of the others taking the class with you? Also, was there a lot of hands on experience? Solo or group? Any advice is greatly appre
  3. @teonzo Thank you for helping me with my caramels. I've used a hand blender and haven't had any separation problems sincethen. Also, the thread you've linked me to helped me to fine tune my caramel filling for bon bons.
  4. UPDATE: Thanks to everyones' helpful advice and tips, I've been able to increase my success rate for most of my molded bon bons. I still have a long way to go, but I'm grateful that I've been pointed in the right direction. For the most part, I was shelling most of my bon bons at too low a temperature as assumed.....I just didn't realize I could go warmer for my chocolate out of fear that I would take it out of temper. I really wish we could get an eztemper for my shop. I'd really like to give it a try and see what a difference it'll make, but it'll take a bit of convincing before I can g
  5. Thank you for sending me the link. Also, I greatly appreciate everyone taking the time to answer my questions. I definitely do like not having to wipe my probe every time. It also did remind me to think about investing in a higher quality thermometer.
  6. Hello everyone! I would like to ask a couple for questions when using thermometers when temping chocolate and cocoa butters. I have 2 instant read thermometers and 1 IR thermometer gun. I see a lot of chocolatiers seem to prefer IR thermometers through online videos from Savour or Instagram videos or stories. I am a bit new to using an IR thermometer. I've been finding that my finding that my IR thermometer seems to read around 0.5-0.7 degrees higher them my calibrated probe thermometers. 1. Is there a way to test and see if my IR thermometer is giving off an accurate readi
  7. I have looked over that thread and the main thing that I could gather from it was that I probably didn't whisk the caramels on the left enough? Is that correct? Is there anywhere else I could have gone wrong? Both caramels shown in the picture I posted are the exact same recipe made on the same day, just different batches. Still trying to track down why one came out but the other didn't.
  8. Hello! I just have a quick question. Usually, I've been using an airbrush to color my molds. I've had to increase my production recently so, I purchased a Grizzly mini HVLP spray gun with metal cup. I've read that people usually leave it a warmer so that the cocoa butter doesn't set too quickly while spraying. Still though, on the first couple of times I've tried to use my spray gun, I've been finding that this little filter gets (picture shown) clogged first. I just wanted to ask if everyone that uses a spray gun leaves this on or is it okay just to leave it off? Any advice is greatly
  9. Hello everyone! Could anyone please help me troubleshoot my soft butter caramels? I made two separate batches and let them sit over night. I cut and wrapped all of them, but the next day I found one of the batches looking like the caramel on the left, leaking butter. Any advice on what could have caused this? Any help is appreciated.
  10. Thank you both for your insight. I kind of get the feeling that everyone's situation solutions are different.......even more after exploring other chocolate threads on these forums. Supposedly, my work has two dehumidifiers for my chocolate room installed in my ceiling. No matter what my work does, they can't get the humidity below 65%. I think I can control my room temperature though......I'll have to look into it. I'll probably test making bon bons in my room at both temps. I feel like it's still a hit or miss for me and I can't get things to come out consistently way or the other. On
  11. Hmm......that's really helpful to know. Especially the milk chocolate maximum.......I've definitely been shelling that and white chocolate way too cold then. At 31C for milk and 29C for white. I've kinda been following the temperature guides on the Valrhona bag so far, but it's nice to know I have a little flex and can go warmer. That's kinda interesting. I can raise the temp in my chocolate room, but trying to get the humidity low might be difficult here in Hawaii. I'm curious though........I've always been under the assumption that a colder room is better for working with
  12. Hi Kerry! May I ask what you feel is the ideal temperature range and/or maximum temperature you work with for each dark, milk, and white chocolates? (Without the use of eztemper. Unfortunately, I'm don't have it available at my work for now)
  13. Hello everyone! I've been having a similar problem as @SweetandSnappyJen. I made 10 molds of these bon bons. Four of the molds came out (or well, didn't come out) like the first picture. The other six molds came out great like the second picture. 1) Molds were polished with alcohol and then once again with dry cotton rounds. 2) Cocoa butter colors were tempered and sprayed at 30C and allowed time to set properly. 3) Room temp was 17-18C. Humidity was 65% constantly. 4) My dark chocolate was tempered properly and tested. My shelling/working temp was 32-34C. I
  14. Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone could give me a link to a thread where I could put my bon bon questions and troubleshooting. I tried using the search engine, but only found forums with beautiful bon bon discussion. I have questions from the other side of the spectrum, like where things don't turn out right. If there isn't a place for it, should I just post my questions here? Thank you!
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