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  1. Awesome book, I highly recommend it for anybody interested in chocolate and desserts on a professional level...go grab it !
  2. Avachocolate

    How To Make Transfer Sheets

    Yeah, you want to do the cocoa butter quite thin...several layers with a brush will usually be way too thick...a nice thin layer with an airbrush works great. See if you can get a hold of some professionally printed transfer sheets and see how thin they are for reference. Also you mentioned acetate...if it is anything like the kind of stiff foils they also sell for overhead projectors at office supply stores then I would stay away from those (even if you got yours from a restaurant supply, sometimes they sell the wrong kind also)...you want to get the thin, soft, flexible plastique sheets...kind of opaque...often referred to as guitar sheets. Also there does not seem to be an industry standard for the sheet names...especially between european and american supply stores....one shops guitar sheet is another persons acetate 😁
  3. Avachocolate

    Tempering with mycryo

    I hear what you are saying...although I never have problems with air bubbles in my shells....which probably also has to do with the fact that I only use semisphere molds which generally dont have bubble issues anyway due to the shape 😊 For my ganache I use my bamix anyway, agreed...best way to get an emulsion
  4. Avachocolate

    Tempering (Tabling vs Seeding)

    I have a small room especially for chocolate work (about 12x15 feet) with a decent airconditioning unit...the dehumidifier is about the size of a small college dorm size fridge (not sure about the electricity / watt rating) and it really does not put out too much heat. I do have to take out about a gallon of water from it each day. Without the dehumidifier the AC unit will lower the humidity slightly on its own but not nearly enough to be useful...a dehumidifier is a must for me, cannot work with my chocolates above 50 % ( your workflow may vary of course)
  5. Avachocolate

    Tempering (Tabling vs Seeding)

    Well, I have never met anybody else that mentioned that number as a good temperature...and I have talked to many people whose chocolate expertise I consider much greater than mine and they all said 20-22...and that range also works great for me. When I go below 20 degrees things tend to go a bit funny sometimes... Of course if my workflow consisted of making pretty shells to post on instagram and then sell "masterclasses" then maybe I would try 18 C also ....just saying 😉
  6. Avachocolate

    Tempering (Tabling vs Seeding)

    Your humidity is definitely too high...I find that if I go over 50 % then things get wonky real quick....I live in the tropics and need to have a dehumidifier running in my chocolate room at all time...I keep it at between 35-40 %. Also your temperature is a bit low....generally you want your room right at 21-22 degrees celsius...about 70-72 F. With 62 F your chocolate will also set really quick and be quite a pain to work with.
  7. Avachocolate

    Tempering with mycryo

    I switched from seeding to mycryo and could not be happier...super fast and convenient, use it for making molded pralines, chocolate decorations and even setting ganache all the time. Never had an issue with it not disolving as some of the other posters mentioned, just blend it in with a handwhisk. The EZtemper is a great tool also, unfortunately very hard to bring to the country I work in (vietnam)...mycryo is a good alternative for me.
  8. Avachocolate

    Callebaut Chocolate

    Generally speaking Callebaut chocolate is nothing special....their Cacao Barry brand is awesome though....definitely worth the extra bit of money 😊
  9. Avachocolate

    Callebaut Chocolate

    +1 for Zephyr W2 from Callebaut I would definitely not recommend also ..
  10. Avachocolate

    Callebaut Chocolate

    The Alto el Sol chocolate is one of my favorites for taste from the Cacao Barry line...if you are looking for something a bit more fluid I would recommend the Haiti (for using with molds, I get nice results with it). As far as storage goes you would be better off to store it in a fridge...maybe if you have one with a dedicated vegetable drawer that is not super cold....just make sure your chocolate bag is sealed airtight as it will pick up flavor from other strong ingredients nearby. A refridgerater is certainly not the best storage solution but it is much better than leaving it in the florida heat & humidity. Best way to store chocolate for a homebaker or small shop would be a dedicated wine fridge at about 16 -18 degrees celsius...something you might want to look into if you want to play with chocolate more seriously. ....I think a small one is maybe a couple hundred dollars. As far as the tempering goes ....@keychris above explained it well...there are many different roads to take, as long as you do them well and practice they will all get you to the same result with varying degrees of time/equipment involved...you just need to figure out what works best for you.
  11. Avachocolate

    Coloured fat soluble powders

    You can also try Pavoni Liposoluble powders.....they are not bad.......homechocolatefactory.com in the UK sells them in various colors ( not too much variety though)
  12. Philippe Conticini, Yann Couvreur, Yann Menguy, Des gateaux et du pain, Cedric Grolet, Sadaharu Aoki, Stohrer, Cyril Lignac, Cafe Pouchkine, Christophe Michalak, Christophe Adam.....all in Paris, just the first ones that come to mind, there are many more of course
  13. Avachocolate

    Cookbooks 2019

    Great book...I highly recommend it if you are interested in advanced patisserie....but probably not for the normal home baker
  14. All of the above techniques help.... Making 40-50 shells and then picking the perfect 2-3 ones on Instagram also helps.....
  15. 90 % of the fancy bonbon designs you see on instagram are just for publicity and advertising classes/ schools.... they have nothing to do with making money...