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  1. Genus. I'm gonna blame auto-correct on this one. Wikipedia is my source; beta vulgaris is a big family, but they are all tasty.
  2. They cater to the Buddhist customers! Beijing has quite a few vegetarian restaurants, especially around the lamaseries.
  3. I can't go back and quote the posted picture, but one of the "vegetable oddities" photographed in the market is rainbow chard/Swiss chard. Beta vulgaris, since you like to list things by genius and species name! Fantastic veggies. Stir fried or steamed with a bit of garlic and then topped with a pat of butter or vinegar? Heaven!
  4. DH and I agree that coffee snobbery has been achieved if your coffee maker costs a month's rent (lookin' at you Technivorm!), the day is begun with grinding the beans (kept in the fridge!) and you know which country your beans come from. Sufferin' succotash.
  5. I'm trying some vervain tea my small son insisted we buy. I quite like it.
  6. Hash browns also for me, and then I pretend I'm cutting the ingested oil with the acidic orange juice there!
  7. This reminds me of a rhyme my grandmother said was popular in Depression-era USA: "Shake and shake the ketchup bottle; first none will come and then a lot'll."
  8. We've had the rare good luck to land in a place that combines classic French cooking and a favorable exchange rate. A few nights ago we found a restaurant which is my ideal: Owned by spouses (they live above the business), run by family, (Dad is chef, Mom is seating hostess and older kids wait tables). Excellent food, walking distance to the house, locally grown or caught menu items. The chef announced he had smoked the trout himself. Wood-fired pizza was wonderful, as was the apple pastry dessert. Completely unstuffy.
  9. I've been "hangry" enough to contemplate bad deeds, but I used my "inside voice" within my own skull....no need for bullets, surely.
  10. I was taught to stoke the basal metabolic rate higher by exercising and eating a snack every two hours for weight loss. With fasting, the body will cling to its energy stores and then make sure to have excess, thus defeating the demonstration. I always felt like with fasting, you might live longer, but it will feel like a grumpy eternity.
  11. This is a really serious issue for the Chinese people: The epidemic has not yet crested, so the piggy purchases are ongoing. The central government strongly relies on full-bellied people, and with this inflation of pork prices? Not a happy thing.
  12. Last night I found on-line a menu item at local hotel cafe called the Tandoori Pizza. It has tandoori chicken and pineapple. It got me thinking about the Desi diaspora here: Contract laborers from India were hired and brought to Madagascar seven generations or so ago. There are Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. So for a Malagasy person, this would be normal pizza fusion (maybe not for the vegetarian Hindu). Ditto the popularity and ubiquity of Chinese restaurants: Contract laborers transported from one part of the Empire to another, and not returned at the end of service. Now with the expansion and economic investment of China into Madagascar, a new wave of first-generation restaurants have opened up. Pizza, hamburgers, and fried chicken seem to be the unholy trio of "Western fast food ". Available everywhere here in the Capitol. Not a single restaurant lacks the trinity. Dunno if it's because so many tourists are unadventurous about food or because they're easy to produce.....but locals like them too.
  13. I immediately thought of this thread when I found the menu of the local Hotel Louvre here in Madagascar. The lunch menu offers three types of pizza: Margarita, "Texane" - with ground beef and mushrooms- and a "Tandoori " one with tandoori chicken and pineapple.
  14. Well, now, that's a topic for a whole 'nother thread: Restaurants I've Been 86'ed From (And Why).
  15. To return to this topic, I think what makes a restaurant especially endearing to me is that I am remembered by the staff. The pizza joint, where when the owner sees my family, starts putting together an artichoke and garlic pie. The waitress in the Chinese restaurant asking me, ( in Mandarin) if I would again like hot and sour soup, and mapo tofu? We are easygoing, we are easily pleased: Q.E.D., We have returned many times. Servers and served will enjoy this hour.
  16. fondue

    Gas Station Food

    Hmmm, I beg to differ. When I resurrected this thread I was in mind of my gas-station food revelation: I was in Maryland in August, hot and thirsty and in the middle of nowhere. I pulled into a gas station for a drink, and found a full-service kitchen in the back. They had fried soft shell blue crabs on rolls as a lunch special. Never heard of it before. Ordered two. Delicious. Heavenly. Ate like a raccoon, and it forever took away my food snobbery. That was 30 years ago and I still salivate at the memory.
  17. What flavor is Irn-Bru trying to replicate? Is it marketed to children or adults?
  18. fondue

    Gas Station Food

    I used to live in New Mexico along the Old Route 66...lots of small restaurants remain along that route that had begun as gas station/diners. The pumps were taken out as more parking was needed.
  19. For a long time, I thought the Texas bubble gum-flavored Big Red was the all time nadir. Then I moved overseas and met "Bon Bon Anglais" a carbonated banana monstrosity. It looks innocuous enough, clear like Sprite and has a vague coconut aroma. One sip and I look like I'm drinking scotch. How about you? Is there a diet drink that distresses your taste buds? A flavor that makes you shudder?
  20. I'm going to bump up this thread because here in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is a cheese lover's paradise. How unexpected! I've always loved Roquefort and it's bluesy cousins, and aged Gruyere makes my eyes twinkle. Manchego, Chevre, Chedder: Yes, yes, yes. The cheese counter at the local supermarket goes yards long, and you can get your varietal fresh, aged moderately or aged into funkiness. Smoked? Usually also available.
  21. fondue

    Gas Station Food

    Yes!! Used to go out of my way all the time to eat here!! Called "Taste of India" out in the middle of nowhere. Many times observed Hindi-speaking semi truck drivers getting large chai to go. Fantastic food. Incongruous location. Here in Madagascar our local gas station sells everything from baguettes, to cake slices, to pork or poultry baozi, which are kept in a small steamer on the counter. My son loves them. At 30 cents apiece, I can almost keep up with his appetite for them!
  22. I dine with those whom I love; if I can't hear myself think, there's not much point in breaking bread together *at that particular restaurant *. DH has a Minnesotan expression for such disappointments, "Well, I've eaten there twice." (The first time/the last time.)
  23. I'll add some new things to the list a francophile country does not import: Bagels, cream cheese, Kosher salt (I want to make my own sauerkraut, because that's another item lacking); molasses, bay leaves, paprika, baking soda. Hard to find anything German. Go figure! 😏
  24. Welcome! What has been your most satisfying meal in the past? What kinds of recipes are stand-by favorites?
  25. Welcome Silvy! I'm new here myself! Hope you enjoy yourself!
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