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  1. Heston has a method of poaching eggs in his "How to cook like Heston" series where he places the eggs in water that has boiled but the heat has turned off and the temperature is monitored and the egg is added at ~72C (I think its been a while). It works a treat but the really interesting bit in his process is the same as @Qwerty says. Its a while since I viewed the Heston video, but I am pretty sure he says that the amount water (which is the runny stuff) is determined by how old the egg is. I think he says that the water is a result of the "aging" process of the protein (white), where
  2. Interested to see what you think of the spices. I do a a lamb shanks with Moroccan spices and found the spices didn't combine well in the SV so I precooked them on the stove top, let them cool and then did the SV. Will be also interested if the spices penetrated into the potatoes and other veges. Love those spuds you cook in a stew for hours, firm but slightly mushy on the outside and full of stew flavor..... We need more experimentation like this!
  3. One thing you could do with the slab of salmon. Cut it in quarters. One cut longways, one cut crosswise. Every piece then has skin on. Then cook it skin side down. I think that is what a lot of restaurants do, probably because they cannot get a suitable size steak and the full width fillet is too big.
  4. A fish is long. (well da...). My take on it all is: If you take a piece from the side or bottom or top its a fillet. The piece usually does not include the back bone. Generally a fillet is the whole side of the fish, but you can divide it further longitudinally or cut it into pieces. Generally a fish steak is a portion of fish cut crosswise right through and includes part of the backbone. You can cut a fillet crosswise and produce a steak but it is not going to very big unless the fish was pretty big to start with. You could cut the fillet at an angle but that is ge
  5. What does steak taste like Well...steak... Well actually what most people think a steak tastes like is DIRECTLY the result of the way its cooked. If you boil steak it will probably taste horrible, just like boiled meat. When we sear steak we are converting the amino acids and sugars on the surface to lovely tasty "steak" flavors (maillard reaction). Add burnt butter (or olive oil or any other fat) and you add even more "steak" flavor. Add salt before searing and the reaction changes a bit and we get more salty "steak" flavor. Add pepper and we get burned pepper tastes as well wh
  6. Consider how you cook. If you cook for yourself or 1 or 2 friends then you can plan a kitchen accordingly (bench top oven microwave, smaller cook top etc). But if you are likely to cook for 6 or more think Christmas, Easter, other holidays then think bigger oven and bigger cook top. Go gas for cook top depending on availability of gas, either bottled or reticulated. Electric for the oven. If your house has an outdoor entertaining area then a covered BBQ /grill can double as for a bigger oven. Take the weather into account though! You don't have to eat outside but its hard work gettin
  7. Lay down freezers generally have their cooling coils around the sides, usually in the top half (heat rises so there is no need to have them in the bottom). The defrosting usually occurs the same way an air conditioner is able to heat. Basically refrigeration works by compressing a gas to a liquid (the resulting liquid is hot), cooling the liquid and then releasing it into the low pressure cooling coils where it turns back into a gas. Instead of cooling the liquid, if you reroute it to the "cooling coils" you effectively heat them up. You only have to do this for a few minutes to melt any
  8. To me "Freezer taste" is a sort of stale water, plastic flavor. I think its just a combination of all the gases produced by food slowly degrading. If ALL the food in the freezer is just wrapped (in cling film or anything else), or stored in plastic containers it will take on this taste. A freezer bag isn't generally sufficient because there will be air the bag. The air in the bag will allow ice crystals to form and the only place the water for the ice comes from is the food you are trying to preserve. The volatile taste chemicals will slowly leech out and in through the plastic and flavor ever
  9. Bernie

    Dinner 2018

    I think its a frittata...and I have exactly the same problem with left over ham...... Ham steaks, ham & eggs, toasted ham & cheese & tomato, ham& egg sandwiches (both hot & cold), ham sandwiches with pickles...still to come ham & mushroom quiche and ham & jalapeno Frittata.
  10. They could Sous Vide (say at 60C) in single serves and hold them at that temp till needed then sear them. At the end of the day just rapidly cool and refrigerate for next time. The refrigerated ones then just need a quick microwave to get them internally to temperature then a quick sear to serve.
  11. Just a comment on adapter idea. If you consider how conventional cooking works, the "normal" electric hob works using both conduction (the element is hot and in contact with the pot/pan) and radiation (those parts of the hot element not in contact with the pot/pan). Gas works by a combination of convection/conduction (the hot air & gases contacting the pot/pan) and radiation (the hot parts of the gas element that are heated by the burning gases radiate to the pot pan). The induction heating works a lot like a microwave in that the molecules of the pot/pan are directly hea
  12. Bernie

    Cheese Fondue

    I waited & waited.......still nobody asked..... Frying bacon naked....????????
  13. Beef short ribs. 1.5 cup of store bought beef stock, dash of fish sauce, dash of apera (sherry-but we can't call it sherry anymore..sigh) 10 whole black peppercorns. Heated in top of stove, reduced slightly to about 1 cup. Let cool (would have used red wine but I couldn't justify opening a bottle just for a dash, prefer to open closer to consuming) (and no, whilst appealing, I am already struggling with weight so sitting and drinking a good red wouldn't help because I would not get anything else done.) placed in bag with 2 boneless beef short ribs. 62C for ~52 hrs (was going to
  14. With all the food the larger companies make, they have to listen and cater to the majority of their customers, old and young alike. They also have to produce continuously and to a price. Quite often that results in condiments/food that is tending towards bland. Unfortunately a lot of people remember their childhood foods when their taste buds tended towards sweet and non threatening tastes (like chilli, pepper, and subtle flavors). As adults, if you never try new tastes you never actually realize that the sauce or food is actually bland, all you ever remember is how good it all was in chi
  15. Here in Australia (with the kangaroos not the alps) "schnitzel" is one of the pretty standard menu items in most hotels (bars). Generally, when referring to a schnitzel, it is chicken. Here is a list from a menu of a typical club or hotel. Under the general heading of chicken parmigiana: CHICKEN PARMIGIANA (all our parmas are homemade & served with chips) schnitzel crumbed chicken breast served with gravy and lemon wedge traditional homemade napoli sauce, ham and cheese pepperoni salami, roast capsicum, red onion, jalapeños, chilli, tabasco a
  16. We used to make it fairly regularly. This is what we did. Basically its a fillet of beef (we used a whole fillet) coated in mushroom/onion/pate/butter paste wrapped in puff pastry. Heat your oven to 250C (hot) The beef is first tied with butchers twine to keep its shape. Brown on all sides in a hot pan. don't forget to do the ends. Set the fillet aside to rest. In the same pan in the juices, lightly fry off a finally chopped onion till translucent (add some butter if needed). Add double the quantity of onion, chopped mushrooms (you can used canned chopped champignons
  17. I have a nice recipe for Lamb shanks Rogan Josh. The recipe uses Greek style yogurt and stock along with the various spices and a long slow braise (3 hrs plus) 7 out of 10 times the result is that the sauce has the appearance of having split the yogurt from the stock. It does not seem to affect the flavor at all, its just the appearance. Is this the result of cooking at too high a temperature at some stage during the cook?
  18. Did Lamb shanks to this recipe https://recipes.anovaculinary.com/recipe/sous-vide-moroccan-spice-lamb-shank but with a few modifications. I simmered the marinade for about 15 minutes and then allowed it to cool. I think this is a better way to incorporate the spices. I have found that spices remain a little course and don't combine and develop their flavors as much when used for long low temperature cooking I used 62C for 48 hours then 68C for 12 hours. I also wrapped the shanks in foil and placed in a warm (60C) oven after the long cooking while I did the next step, because th
  19. I did beef short ribs at 62C for about 16 hours. But i put them in a marinade with equal parts red wine & beef stock, 1/2 teaspoon each of cardamon, paprika, cumin (all ground), a teaspoon of black peppercorns. The marinade I put in a saucepan simmered for a few minutes then cooled. Vacuum bagged 3 largish short ribs with marinade. When done I opened the bag emptied everything in a casserole and heated for 20 minutes in a 180c oven. This gave the meat a nicer finish. This also rendered out a lot of the fat. I was going to reduce the marinade to make a sauce, but that would mean skimmi
  20. Love the temperature but if the meat is good quality i would drop the time to 1.5 hrs then seer in really really smoking hot pan (use beef fat instead of oil). Its going to burn so do it outside on a preheated grill. 5 hours seems long to me and the meat may become 2 tender. I prefer a little work for my teeth so I can savor the fat throughout the meat. Don't trim the fat either, just do a extra run around the block next week to make up😉 If you cook a thick fillet steak and when tasting first cut off the outside "char" and just taste the pink meat itself, it has a very subtle flavor that
  21. Here is a question out of left field. Does anyone do 2 stage Sous Vide? By that I mean cooking for say 40hrs at 62C and then cooling in cold water and put in the fridge for a day or so and then repeating the cooking again for another 8 hours at 62C then proceeding as normal. A couple of times I have had a longish cook and had plans changed and had to store in the fridge and to serve I just heated up to the original cooking temperate I thought the taste and texture improved. I normally did this just for a half hour to get some temperature into the meat prior to browning. Co
  22. Co incidentally, in a previous life (well it seems that way) I was a Tuna fisherman. I poled Bluefin Tuna, Striped Tuna (skipjack) and long lined for Yellowfin Tuna for the Japanese sashimi markets. The Bluefin Tuna fishery was almost destroyed in this country by over fishing. A strict quota ensured there is still a fishery. Its interesting to note the American fishery towards the end relied heavily on purse seine fishing. It was certainly the most efficient method. There is still a Bluefin Tuna fishery in South Australia both wild and now farmed and long line fishery all round Austr
  23. Unfortunately, fish names and species differ from staste to state and country to country. Bendigo, I guess, benefited from being on a major inland route so transport passing through and to the area meant that there was generally efficient fresh produce to and from Melbourne. In New South Wales for instance the long haul inland routes from Melbourne & Adelaide and the time from these cities to some of the major towns mean the cost of fresh produce is prohibitive for small volumes. Any fresh fish (unless local freshwater) comes from Sydney and the transport is not as regular. It is really in
  24. Just came across this topic. I am new and I realize the last post is several years old. I just came back from Victoria. Fish and chip capital of Australia. Read through the posts and am amazed at some of the posts. Flake: is the generic universal name for shark. There are many different species, only a very few are protected. Gummy sharks are protected because of over exploitation. But its not as one would think, it was not line fishing it was scuba divers of the 1960 & 1970. This was a new and exciting sport along with the invention of the power head. This was a tip
  25. First post so please be gentle. I have been using Sous Vide for several years, mainly to cook steak, pork sirloin and lamb rump. Thought I would share experiences. I purchased pork belly from Costco. I divided into 3 so I could try 3 different methods. Each of these pieces would be further divided in 2 after cooking to produce 2 single servings. 1 Brine Made up a brine of 1/2 cup salt 1/2 cup of light brown sugar 2 tablespoons of whole black peppercorns couple sprigs of Thyme Boiled for a minute or so allowed to cool, a
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