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  1. i use a model similar to the one fat guy mentioned-- perfect beaker-- for liquids and the Williams Sonoma ones Mjx mentioned for dry ingredients. i've had the same set for at least 15 yrs-- they are really sturdy and indestructible. a glass salter scale, and a set of measuring spoons with long, narrow bowls (so that even the tablespoon will fit into a spice jar) complete my measuring batterie de cuisine.
  2. kneading dough also for me. (always wondered what the point of "no knead" bread was---the kneading is the theraputic point of the exercise!) also, watching for the moment when the caramel goes from amber to very-nearly burnt sugar--that perfect cognac color that results in perfect, taken to the edge caramel flavor.
  3. andiesenji, you never disappoint!
  4. you're correct, rickster. i should have been more clear. she's touring ireland, and is hoping to take a class or two at ballymaloe in southern ireland. she's looking to find a place to take classes in northern ireland, as well. sorry for the confusion! your suggestion looks great, and i'll pass it along. thanks!
  5. well, i'm not a betting man (or even a man at all, actually) but my money is on andiesenji knowing, loving and owning one, or perhaps an assortment. that woman's collection is awe-inspiring! i await her report. also, WANT!
  6. a french restaurant in america or in france? "oui, chef"
  7. marvelous--thanks! any other suggestions out there?
  8. (wasn't clear to me whether to post here or in the dining forum, so i did both. mods, please forgive my confusion, and remove dupe post if appropriate.) i have a dear friend/cooking student who is fulfilling a dream with a trip to ireland in june. she would love to take some cooking classes during her visit. ballymaloe's schedule is not yet available for that period, but she hopes to attend a class there. where else should i suggest to her? thanks in advance for your help.
  9. i have a dear friend/cooking student who is fulfilling a dream with a trip to ireland in june. she would love to take some cooking classes during her visit. ballymaloe's schedule is not yet available for that period, but she hopes to attend a class there. where else should i suggest to her? thanks in advance for your help.
  10. i really have enjoyed casey on her seasons. i have NOT enjoyed jamie. sorry to see casey go, especially while jamie is still standing. i started and stopped the tivo several times while watching this episode, to attend various tasks. doing so revealed several things i might not have noticed if i'd watched it straight through. at one point during the "quick fire demo" (which i agree was not a true demonstration of tom c's skills, as clearly he had all his equipment, ingredients, etc. gathered for him ahead of time, and the dish conceptualized ahead), there is a shot of most of the cheftestants gathered around watching, and jamie is off to the side, seemingly with her back turned to the demo. almost looks like she was in "time out"--what's up with that?? also, i believe i noticed bandages and fingercots on both angelo and dale...but no mention of any injuries...in light of jamie's two-stitch drama, i'd think they would either show the injuries, and the chefs waving off the medics, or something.i'm just sayin'. eta: one thing i did notice about casey's dish. i DID think it was a gutsy move, and could have paid off it it was successful. also, i think she should have been given a nod for stepping up and offering to take on FOH duties. BUT, when she went down to the kitchen to check on the progress of her dish, and antonia was deepfrying the feet, casey said they should be finished in a wok. in his commentary, susur lee mentioned the reasons why the feet should be finished by deepfrying. so that was on casey, not antonia (who was in the weeds on her own dish, and not apparently hustling that much, despite her mumblings about having any sense of urgency in the kitchen. )
  11. take the train to champagne. if i recall correctly, takes about 1 1/2 hours to epernay or reims. in epernay there is a boulevard of champagne houses. good tour at moet et chandon and others.
  12. of course, it's not as good as fresh...but you knew that. i find that freezing bigger swaths, rather than finely grated or microplaned zest works best. i think it's a surface area thing, but i'm not so good in the science department. i've had good luck (when i've had a glut of meyer lemons) with pulsing the frozen swaths of zest with sugar to make meyer lemon sugar.
  13. thanks, fuzzychef! gonna go pour a glass of red wine and dig into your blog posts! cheers! (btw, what is the toasting word in german? skoal?)
  14. cmling--thanks. darling daughter says there's snow now, but no worries if it's not white fir christmas. (in fact, for this life-long southern californian, probably better if it isn't....brrr! i have no clothes for that!) will still be merry and bright, and hopefully there will be wonderful food!
  15. thanks to our darling daughter, who is studying abroad this year, the family is going to salzburg for christmas. pretty excited, as i've never experienced a white christmas, and the christmas markets have been a dream of mune for years! but where to eat? would like recs for christmas dinner, and for other dining as well. there will be six of us, and we'll be there a week. thanks in advance!
  16. mashed. with chevre and chipotle puree. a tiny touch of honey, maybe. so, so good. also makes a great soup, thinned with chix or veg stock. yes.
  17. aha! i know it's a gimmick, but i still know several folks who would enjoy the gimmick! wine glass with "aeration crease"
  18. dont know if this is the proper place to post this, but i feel compelled to document my experience. while making the sunday morning coffee, i mindlessly snapped on the kitchen tv, only to see sandra lee, dressed in a nightmare-inducing elvira-ish get up, scooping the guts out of both a pre-made pumpkin pie and a cheesecake, slapped the innards around in a bowl with heavy cream, and filled tartlet shells with the goo. some lucky tartlets got a mishmash of both . sandra chirped that you could moosh up the eviserated pie crust and plop it on top of ice cream. i'm going back to bed.
  19. re: the aebelskivers (and the caramel). i was a little disappointed that the aebelskivers didn't have a filling. all the ones i've ever had have been filled with apples (aebels??) or jam or lemon curd. so, i decided to "fix that" for a trader joe's cooking class this week. we baked the aebelskivers so that they had a great crunch on the outside, but were still tender inside. then we split them 3/4 of the way through the center (so they looked like little pac-men!) and piped a lovely bloop of pumpkin cream cheese (also a new tj product, but one that's easily duplicated at home) in the middle. drizzled them with the aforementioned deadly fleur de sel caramel. not one bit terrible. at all.
  20. i have it on good authority that the fab puff pastry is only going to be stocked seasonally. i have cleared out my commercial freezer in order to ensure a year-long supply. for real. that stuff is good, and i question which season is "puff pastry season", as to me, that's a year-round staple! also, the new fleur de sel caramel sauce is scary-good. i've been wedging honeycrisp apples and dragging them through a puddle of the luscious stuff, nearly convincing myself that the apple makes the caramel a health food...
  21. i picked up a novel the other day called good enough to eat by stacy ballis. ok, it's chick lit. generally speaking, i am generally not a fan. but it was well-written for that genre, and full of delicious food descriptors, which i thoroughly enjoyed. i bought it for reading on an upcoming international flight, but ended up breezing through it in one day. so that's saying something. i went to the author's website, and found more lovely food musings, including a recipe for bacon jam. hello, lover. BACON JAM. http://thepolymathchronicles.blogspot.com/2010/10/feasting-friday-welcome-to-my-bacon.html just made a batch. smelled like heaven while it simmered. cant wait to serve it on a cheese plate.(or a sandwich. or a spoon.) my tweaks---used no olive oil (why would i need that when there is so much delicious BACON grease??) used red onions. used sherry vinegar. might consider some dried cherries or cranberries, or possibly chopped nuts next time. good stuff.
  22. thanks for this, dick! it's close, but not the one. this one was glass (the one you referenced is polymer), and the crease, rather than running horizontally, was vertical and at a slight slant. but that's the general idea. (i'm sure you are utterly correct about its doubtful efficacy. that being said, i have a few friends who would just love these silly, pretty baubles!) the quest continues...
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