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  1. Time and consistency. I think when I made the direct country bread I was baking at 2AM. I do think it would help if I had the book to explain some of these processes more in-depth and how they effect the end product so I can adjust expectations accordingly.
  2. Made this Banana Pecan Bread last weekend. Kind of hodge-podged a couple recipes together. I ended up using toasted sugar and a good bit of pure maple syrup to sweeten it and ended up making some butter and adding in the leftover buttermilk to the recipe in addition to balance it out. Came out super good. Not too sweet to eat for breakfast.
  3. Figured I'd post this here since the contest entry date is over. Neglected to take a picture of the crumb for some reason. Made the Direct French Lean Bread recipe posted here as I do not have the book yet. Came out okay. I prefer the texture of the country loaf I made, but this tastes great and that crunch right after I made it was incredible. Loved how quick this recipe was start to finish. Has anyone built themselves a proofing box using heat tape and a PID controller? Right now I'm using my oven to do a 80-85 degree proof but it isn't exactly a perfect science and my kitchen stays on the cooler side this time of the year. My desire to own the full book is slowly increasing. It seems so much more approachable than Modernist Cuisine was. Are there any other publicly posted recipes I can 'try-before-I-buy'?
  4. This is my first time ever making bread with yeast. I also had the issue of scale accuracy <1g so I went with volume using the scale as a sanity check for those ingredients. Proofed at ~75-80degrees for an hour and 10 minutes. I accidentally did the 30 minutes covered at 450f and finished uncovered at 470f but the bottom seems slightly burnt. Second loaf came out questionable as I only have one dutch oven and did it in my cast iron pan with a wok cover for a lid. I think it will taste fine it just didn't end up with as nice as an oven spring as this one in addition to botching the shape a bit. I like the taste, but I can't lie it feels like something is missing without natural yeast. The whole grains give it a nice flavour but I like a nice super sour bread. Dead nuts simple recipe though and I can't wait to get my hands on the full book. Fingers crossed! My bread journey is just starting.