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  1. Oh I love it. The very first wine I ever found that I actually enjoyed rather than politely drank in order to not look like a heathen was a McGuigan Bros shiraz/malbec with maybe also grenache. It was at Trader Joe's and Cost Plus and about $6. Haven't seen it anywhere for at least five years and have yet to like anything else as much. (I know -- very unsophisticated palate.)
  2. Steve - will you be willing/allowed to post a photo of the sculpture?
  3. KNorthrup

    Dinner! 2003

    Leftover soba with napa cabbage, shitakes, scallions, ginger. Figured I'd turn it from a side to an entree by adding tofu but it was six months past the date so never mind. Tempted to have salami and boursin for dessert for the protein but too full right now. Two K hard ciders.
  4. You guys can end up with Vegas East.
  5. I brought back a grappa infused with fraises de bois. They were left in the bottle too. Nice way to make them last when the season's so short. Has anyone ever tried rhubarb?
  6. At Pizza Schmizza, they ring a bell and then everyone whoops. HATE that. According to the locator, there are a few CSC's nearby. Will have to be altruistic and check one out. In the interest of research.
  7. I went to college with a girl from Long Island and it was months before we could understand her. [4-3 if you're scoring at home, or even if you're alone.] A few years back, my company hired a manager from NYC. Everyone was aghast at how rude he was. Always. But then mgmt would also shrug and say 'what do you expect?' I always wondered whether he was a total wimp who'd always been picked on in his previous life and was now just taking advantage of the reputation. Along the same lines as NY's rep, I was amazed the one time I went to Paris (1991) and everyone was polite and friendly and willingly spoke English and it was all clean -- I meant to pass through quickly one day and ended up staying for 5.
  8. Really, I still dream about those lard fries. They were served alongside a pork tenderloin sandwich unlike any I've ever had; the meat, roughly the size of a Frisbee, dwarfed the bun!! It was really quite something.
  9. Used to probably eat out 3-4 nights a week. Got a mortgage about nine months ago so now it's once or twice.
  10. zilla, we're waiting . . . Hey, sometimes it translates into going forever and you eventually have to just agree to stop and get some sleep.
  11. That time of year again and I just had my first deep-fried Oreo. Also my second, third, and fourth. Hey, that's how many come in an order. The best part was they sell milk to go with. Also saw Twinkies (topped with your choice of chocolate or berry sauce) and Snickers, but nothing completely new. Very sad that the mac & cheese on a stick hasn't made it here yet.
  12. KNorthrup

    Dinner! 2003

    [My stepfather also dislikes sweets and loves cheese so he is very very happy that cheese plates have become trendy.] Leftover green beans (they were out of long) with lat suong man chinese sausages. With white rice instead of the first night's not-proper-but-healthier soba noodles because it really didn't quite work. K hard cider. Stewed rhubarb over plain whole milk yogurt.
  13. If a restaurant has a reputation for exceptional food and an unwillingness to customize, I'm still willing to eat there. Certainly the more expensive the place, the less willing I am to ask for anything unusual. But the one devil's advocate thing I want to point out about patrons like the fellow who scraped the wild mushrooms off his meatloaf and added catsup is that some of them really would prefer to be eating at home. They're only there as a favour/indulgence/gift/trade-off/whatever to someone else at the table. Which is not to say indulge their whims on the hope they'll see the light and convert, just that there is an answer to 'why are they even there?' and it's nothing against the chef.
  14. KNorthrup

    whole pigs

    EWWWWW Usually it's in slices/shreds/chunks on a plate with an optional sauce. And it's certainly easier to eat that between bread. Pretty much like what you'd get going to a bbq restaurant but unlimited servings. And then lots of leftovers. Like roasting the world's largest chicken.
  15. KNorthrup


    Then there's always port IN dessert, coincidentally in a recent paper. Warm Berries & Port Sauce Over Shortbread
  16. I also avoid the stove under such circumstances and don't have a microwave. In the sliced deli meat group. Smear slice with random condiment, eat, repeat until packet empty. If it's a sweet tooth instead, whole wheat bread (untoasted), butter, ginger jam/marmalade.
  17. Last night (not at home): 10-12" baguette (ie, crustier/narrower/chewier than a hoagie roll) Grilled, sliced chicken breast Chopped romaine Caesar dressing with quadruple (maybe more) garlic, raw type, not roasted Small amount of shredded thus melted cheddar French fries (fast food type thickness) All on the sandwich, not on the side. The chicken was dry. Also had a rum, lime, coconut milk concoction called a Ricky Ricardo. Now let me get this straight. They put those ingredients together and name it after any musician but Nilsson? Grrr.
  18. That daube sounded phenomenal. And I loved your portrayl of Chef Thivet. But how could they all willingly leave behind duck? Good luck.
  19. Thanks for resurrecting this. I hadn't seen it before. The visual aides are so appreciated. But a question. Why do you doubt whether spinach would work? I haven't tried it in a Thai curry, but my favourite Indian dish is lamb and potato and spinach curry. Is there something signficantly different in Thai type curries that would cause it to go slimy?
  20. Am I the only one who had to look up eructation? There's a taco cart here that has radishes as a garnish. No cheese, lettuce, or tomato. Just radishes, onions, cilantro, and lime wedges. I've always had my sandwiches with butter and salt but that goat cheese variation sounds even better.
  21. Something else that's makes a really nice tuna salad is a jar of the Stonewall Farms artichoke-caper relish. Or if it's not too hot to boil water, cook up some orichette and toss it with both the tuna and the relish. Also in the camp of tuna salad sandwiches with both wasabi and pickled ginger. Lemon doesn't really grab me here. Will have to look for the premium gold. Probably cheaper than oil-packed imports.
  22. That sounds wonderful. Glad to hear it wasn't another disappointment. The details are appreciated. I once had a Basque tuna stew that was pretty much just tuna (chunks) and potato (probably not yukon gold but they seemed like it) and some onion and it was a fish broth with saffron. Very tasty and very light/refreshing. Was this one anything like that?
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