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  1. I've been Superdawgged this past week. I went with my cousin, and she said "Listen for the Hiya!" (Their typical greeting) I pressed the carhop button. "Welcome to Superdawg, do you know what you want?" I begrudgingly ordered one of their famous Super Dogs and a strawberry shake (NOT so thick that you could stand a straw up in it), and they brought it out pretty damn fast. My cousin rolled down her window, and greeted the carhop with a "Hiya". God Bless her. The dogs were actually quite good, with the green dye number five relish supreme and a juicy snap to the casings. It wouldn't surprise me if they did make them on site, those dogs, but somehow I doubt they do. Good joint though. Just kinda out of the way for pretty much anyone.
  2. I'm not sure I agree. Look at the French Laundry, Patricia Wells, etc. I'd cry foul to that. French Laundry cookbook is more classic technique based than a recipe book put out by other Celebrity Chefs, with little excerpts and anecdotes about the succulent grapes of a certain region of France. French Laundry is hands down No Nonsense. And yes, its own celebrity has attracted Tourists. Since Napa and Sonoma have become the new Nantucket, there are Full Service Spas and Hotels peppering the landscape in between the hills for the exclusive purpose of housing upscale customers who travel for the sole reason of eating in these restaurants. I'd damn the food network for turning malcontents onto their food for the sole purpose of saying they've eaten there. It's that elitist attitude that's been smattered through this entire thread. "I've eaten at Babbo 14 times in the last 3 days and Mario came out to my table and instantly became my best friend." "Oh, Poo-poo, you snob. His server, the cute one who is entranced by my good looks and New York Paycheck? She was the midwife for the birth of my son by way of my affair with my mistress." The ONE thing, the ONE THING that people have to do is dress right and carry themselves well. It's not your local Bob Evans. If you make a decent effort, based on the upscality of the restaurant, to dress to what you deem appropriate, there's no excuse for you being put upon by surly staff. Respect the food, respect the atmosphere, and you will 9 times out of 10, be handsomely rewarded. If you aren't, and are reciprocally accomodating to the specific needs of the restaurant, THEN, write a scathing review, tell all your friends, your relatives, and tell the local paper to broadswipe them. Don't Whine. Just be fair. Fireislanddish, I think on paper, your quarrels were merited, but there's still evidence to say that it was more than likely an isolated, exaggerated* account of what can happen when all the small things contribute to an all around poor experience. Give them one more chance, and more importantly, a chance to make amends for their folly. If they don't step up their service, trash them. It wasn't a fluke. They need us to hear this kind of stuff, so we can enact change on the part of the diner. Good for you for writing about this.
  3. T. Brooks

    Butchering a Tuna

    Eat as much of it as fast as you can, because Frozen tuna of any kind is almost as good as the canned. It's so tender and volatile that you can only take so much. Get people to buy potential shares of the fish before you go out, or at least have people lined up to take it off your hands fresh, because it'd be a waste to have to freeze it. Make em give you 20 bucks apiece. It'll pay for your experience if you have enough friends willing to go in on it.
  4. Ask the most well fed 28 year old you can find.
  5. Dude, they sprinkled stuff on the rim of the plate? I'll get past that for two reasons: 1) It's a steakhouse 2) You had a kid with you. As an addendum to number one, I'd think that being a steakhouse, they'd stay away from the frou-frou hype of parsley sprinkling. I'm glad the meal was good. And you've just given me an idea for a new thread. Thanks!
  6. Minnesota State Fair "On a Stick" items I have seen: Corn Dog Hot Dog Pizza Pretzel Mac and Cheese Fried Cheese Twinkie Chocolate Bar Wisconsin's state fair is known for their creampuffs.
  7. T. Brooks


    Are you forgetting that Bobby Flay doesn't cook? With all he's doing, how many hours a week is he in the kitchen? Come on, you all know better than to think this. Bobby, if you're out there... speak up and defend yourself. I might be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure I'm not.
  8. That's gross! He looks naked and gangrenous. Thanks alot, Justborn!
  9. Yes, yes, yes! I can chomp my way through an entire bag in no time flat . . . They're great. I sometimes mix them into cooked gohan. ????? Kristen, Gohan is the Japanese word for rice. ;P
  10. Hey, I'm young and naive about corkage, for the most part. I know what it is, but honestly, who brings their own wine, why do they do it, and how do restaurants get away with letting people serve themselves? Can I bring a bottle of Absinthe?
  11. That still doesn't look like enough meat for a large.
  12. just saw that last night. too funny. Awright, we're in pursuit of One Bruvva, One Honky...
  13. Malachi, if we're talking about Italian coffee here, and not to get Pedantic, aren't Cafe Lungo and Cafe Doppio two different things? If you want a tall, you ask for a doppio, a double. Ristretto is the stronger of the two, while Lungo is much weaker, perhaps watered down? (I haven't been for a few months, refresh my memory, Bill or Craig?) Illy actually has a great system. The guy in charge of Illy brewing goes down to Brazil or wherever it is that he gets his coffee from, and yearly hosts a contest, giving 100,000 dollars to the winner in the best bean category. With the 100,000 dollars, he binds an official contract to use the best beans, the ones of the winner, and then cuts it with about 10 to 20% lesser quality beans, roasts them, and puts them on the market. The result is still a far superior coffee than what most of us are used to. I like it. I don't ever want to pay 2,3,4 dollars for a double shot of shit. Most people who complain that espresso here is motor oil, they're right. They have a right to be pissed, but not if they keep sucking it down because it's the only option out there. Make a search, even if it means ordering beans online, getting that coffee machine, or driving 10 miles out of your way to get a great shot. Don't settle. Especially in settings not of large cities, no one knows how. The practice of making a cup is not regimented. The respect to the greatness of the product is not shown. Watch some high school joe jockey scrape the chaff off the top, and give a half assed pat to your coffee, or give a shake to the grinder to change the size of the grind itself. That really busts my hump. It busts it because I know exactly what it takes to make a good cup of coffee, and they should actually pay attention to me when I tell them what I want. Yes, sacrilege here to some, but many times I need a frothy milk infused coffee beverage. For God's sake, learn how to use the frother. Or at least care about your job.
  14. Hapi Hot Mix or Jalapeno pretzel Nuggets.
  15. Chutney. Can't eat it, don't like it. Keep trying it every time I have to make it, and know that it tastes good and is well prepared, but I just can't bring myself to find pleasure in eating it myself.
  16. I just had that, only over an oat apricot scone instead of ice cream.... so goood. Not to mention how well it accompanied the combination Jerk Chicken and Catfish that I just got from Jamerica. Now, I am officially full. Thank you Martin!
  17. You've got to know, though, that not all raw milk cheeses, and in fact quite a pretty number, are better than Cheeses made in the United states with Pasteurized product.
  18. Ass in the Tub Hot Sauce... or what is it... Blake's? for chili and large batches only, by the dropper.
  19. My last trip there, I had Danko for Lunch, Slanted Door for dinner. Danko is fantastic, and I got out for around 85 dollars, but that was only because he opened the restaurant exclusively for the group of 40 students that I was with. Nice guy, too. Slanted Door is quite popular, but they have fantastic teas, and a flash seared tuna on an 800 degree wood fired grill that absolutely kicks your ass with how awesome it is. Perfect food, one dish after the other, and a great meal for around 65 bucks a person. (I think. Katie, Sound right?)
  20. Suzanne, Steve has a half point. The heirarchy of most kitchens are male, and discrimination does exist, albeit on a circuit that top chefs more often unconsciously promote men over women. There aren't as many women sous chefs out there based on this, and it's sad. It's partially because of physical and mental limitations, being that most women in professional kitchens are smarter and more internally organized than men and know/respect when their bodies are telling them that manual labor is not a risk worth taking. You know chefs. Quick thinkers, not always willing to eat their words. I understand what Steve was trying to say, but perhaps it needed to have a bit of the edge taken off.
  21. Oh, and shameless plug here... My friend Sue is owner of http://www.chefknivestogo.com She can get you anything you want, has a great business demeanor, and she's a former culinary student, so she knows what works. Tell her Tim sent you.
  22. Chefwear was a total bitch to use for me. I ordered about 20 pairs of pants and 30 black show jackets for our dining room staff, first they sent us the wrong ones, and then they blew us off. I hope that a representative from Chefwear reads this, because they lost over $1000 on that order, and countless other dollars by their jackassery in handling my order. They just sat there and told me that they didn't have any, so they gave me the next closest model jacket. Even though it was an upgrade, it still didn't match what we needed, corded reversible black show. DOn't buy from Chefwear if you can help it.
  23. Is Americano's still in JC?
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