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  1. Shiro's has long been considered the best sushi in Seattle. Kisaku and Sushi Kappo Tamura are also very good. Nishino is a nice place for a full Japanese meal, including sushi. My favorite place for dim sum in the International District (the ID we call it) is Tea Garden. Jade Garden is great but the lines are long.
  2. Are you looking for the New Mexico chiles also known as Anaheims? If so, they are available at most grocery stores.
  3. Are they local? I only see a listing for Mississippi.
  4. You might want to try Ballard Pizza Co. http://www.ballardpizzacompany.com/
  5. I don't get up early enough to make it there before he sells out - however a very thoughtful person brought me a couple pastries to try. As expected they were fantastic. Yes, you do need to come to Seattle! Lauren
  6. A correction to the above - Tamarind Tree is Vietnamese, not Thai.
  7. That brisket looks amazing! I'm looking forward to following along. I'm going to be in Richardson for a conference next month and I have one night on my own for dinner. Do you have any recommendations for me? Will you be blogging about it?
  8. Thank you very much for the update. I just sent my friend the app. Rob Roy any good? It was mentioned in the Saunders+Hess NYT article. Rob Roy is one of my favorite bars. It's dark and comfortable and serves fantastic cocktails. Wasn't that a cute article?!
  9. littlemsfoodie's app, mentioned above, has a filter for Hotel Bars. I checked it and there are some listed including Art Lounge at the Four Seasons and BOKA at Hotel 1000.
  10. This list still good? I'll need a cocktail in Seattle in August. Murray has left Zig Zag and will be at Michael Mina's new place, RN74, when it opens later in June. Vessel is now closed Liberty Bar is great, Keith Waldbauer (mentioned in the Union listing below) is now co-owner Union is now closed Jamie Boudreau is no longer at Tini Bigs littlemsfoodie wrote a great app on cocktails in Seattle called Seattle Cocktail Culture which will give you all the up-to-the-minute activity in the Seattle cocktail scene.
  11. I need to rewatch the reunion show as I thought Elia was saying that, despite what Collicchio says, she went to Craftsteak twice and both times was told they serve only corn fed beef. Collicchio had previously stated they serve both grass and corn fed beef. Did I misunderstand that?
  12. From The Weekly From Seattle Met Supposedly it's open now - have you looked in to see?
  13. The Cook Local blog did a great summary of the area's CSA's. Click here for the info.
  14. I went to the lunch at Tales that was put on by Piedmont Distillers and we tried both the Moonshine and the Cat Daddy - straight and then in cocktails. I wasn't in love with the Moonshine but I have to say - I loved Cat Daddy with it's cardamom undertones. I look forward to using it in cocktails.
  15. I thought that was a totally ridiculous review. The most befuddling paragraph was Seriously? You couldn't tell if it was by accident or by design? And it sounds like having the salads arrive composed as opposed to tossed was a bad thing. I feel bad for Canlis for having to go through this as they try and become the destination restaurant they could be.
  16. We've used and recommended Dave's Appliance: 1324 E Pike St Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 324-3270
  17. They make deliveries to the Seattle area a couple of Saturdays a month. You order on the web site by the Monday before they deliver - pick the delivery location closest to you (I go for the one on Phinney Ridge) and then pick it up sometime during the allocated time. It's awesome! I haven't purchased meat at a grocery store since I started doing this.
  18. I've been buying the jowl bacon from Thundering Hooves. It's fantastic and I highly recommend it.
  19. According to Bravo's web site, new episodes of Top Chef return January 7th From what I can see, the holiday special was produced in 2007, so it's not a new one.
  20. To get response, you'll probably need to post your request here.
  21. I'm pretty sure Gordo's is closed and the new location of Paseo took over that space.
  22. I had dinner at Andina a couple of weeks ago. It was a work function with a set menu served family style. Everything was good but my favorites were: PIMIENTO PIQUILLO RELLENO piquillo peppers stuffed with cheese, quinoa and Serrano ham QUINOTO DE HONGOS DE LA MONTAÑA grilled market fresh vegetables on a bed of golden beet and local mushroom “risotto” laced with truffle oil And desserts! I'm not usually a dessert fan but these were awesome! CANUTOS DE QUINOA Y MARACUYA crisp quinoa studded cannolis stuffed with passionfruit mousse, served with mango-lemongrass sorbet and caramel ALFAJORES the classic Peruvian cookie, scented with key lime and filled with manjar blanco
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