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  1. The ISG courses are old world heavy and with good reason. Not saying that new world wines are not as good but, as in most things, history counts and France, Italy, Spain, Germany et al have been making wine for much longer than Australia, US, Chile and so on. From what I understand after speaking to different instructors is if the courses are taught in let's say, California, then there is more time spent on Californian wines. Let's face it a sommelier not only serves and presents wine properly but also has to sell the wine to the customer. Most Americans drink US wines most of the time. (oh shit I'm in trouble now) Now let me qualify this. When I worked in wine retail I would deal with many US tourists who are visiting friends for dinner and want to bring some wine along. Trying to sell them anything other than CA wines is hard work. Even WA or OR wines were a tough sell and if it was French, well, unless they were real wine lovers they were not going there. Blah, blah, blah. I know people who have taken both ISG and WSET and they seem to have enjoyed them both and said they learned different things in both programs.
  2. I've done both level 1&2. Level 1 is very basic and only in place to prepare you for level 2 which is harder and more in depth than level 1. That said, I thought level 2 would be hmm...........I don't know, harder perhaps. I learned a lot and met some great people that I'm still in touch with and taste wines with on a regular basis. Also, bonus round, more women than guys in both courses. Go figure. Very nice.
  3. "T"

    Roquefort and Wine

    Off dry Mosel Riesling works for me most of the times.
  4. Pastis has a distinct anis flavour and is best drunk mixed 1 part pastis to 4-5 parts cold but not iced water. Don't be alarmed by it's cloudy appearance once mixed. After a few glasses you will feel the same. Hazzzzzzzzzzzzy. Cheers
  5. "T"

    Reims vs. Tours

    Balzac was born in Tours. Hands down winner to me. :)
  6. Pan: What is it with that area? I remember seeing so many Japanese restaurants around there and Rue Richelieu. Not a complaint, just a comment.
  7. J Maw: No beer. Wine. Fabel Barbou Touraine AC 2002. Liberty Wines product Rabbit Ridge Montepiano 1999 Would post notes but having a hard enough time concentrating on spelling. All the same, dig Pastis. The restaurant and the drink, I wish the BCLCB carried a better selection os pastis. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  8. Hope it's still around. Right across the street from Grand Velfour(sp) on Rue Beaujolais. Reflets de Scene(sp). Had a few meals there last year. Nice owner, good food not too expensive. If possible at least check it out and let me know if it is still there. Thanks. PS I love your city. I read Balzac and Zola just to get my Paris fix.
  9. I like Pastis. I like the room, I like the food, I like the service. Guess what ......I dig it. Hopefully you will like it as well. Great for a weekend brunch/lunch too. Good folks serving good food........................whats not to like. Cheers Sorry for the odd post. Been drinkin'.
  10. A new culinary school has just openned up in Vancouver. www.nwcav.com It is owned and run by the chefs who teach there. Both of them ex Dubrulle chef instructors. I payed them a visit today by chance since it is down the street from where I live. The school seems committed to a high standard and I know the chef instructors as being passionate, good natured and very dedicated to teaching the art of cooking. I studied under one of them and cooked under the other. Most of the students looked to be in their 30's even high 30's. The kitchen is clean and brand new and from what I heard both th ISG(International Sommelier Guild) and WSET wine programs will now be taught from there. Dubrulle, from the feedback I get from current students is in a transition stage at the moment. Do your homework, check out all the local schools and good luck. BTW, I was in my late 30's really close to 40 when I went. No regrets. Cheers
  11. "T"

    BC Wine

    I think the Larose was going to sell at around $35.00 per bottle. Cheap enough to buy a few, drink one now to see it's aging potential, one in a few years time and one to sell at stup prices to those willing to pay. Better than buying Nortel shares. Well at least until Nortel goes down to below $3.00 again.
  12. "T"

    BC Wine

    Liberty Wines in Park Royal has had it in stock now for around two weeks. Bought three bottles so far, may pick up a few more this week. Curious about the Osoyoos Larose I've been reading about. Should be released next week. A friend of mine tried barrel samples and said it was quite good.
  13. "T"

    Dinner with Mark

    Jim: I'm waiting for the the day when I see the heading Dinner with "T" Nice notes as always. I like the fact that you often champion Cru Beaujolais. Most think of gamay as an afterthought. Cru Beaujolais is damn fine juice. Cheers
  14. Great explanation on Darjeelings and Assam except one point, Assam teas are a different species of Camellia Sinesis. Assam teas are from Camellia Assamica. Cheers
  15. If he would like to stay in Canada then try the ISG( International Sommelier Guild). Courses are taught throughout North America. Cost isn't cheap but you do taste many wines and learn how to evaluate on a academic rather than a hedonistic level. I think the website is www.isg.com Cheers OK I was wrong. It's www.internationalsommelierguild.com
  16. "T"


    I agree. When I went they were busy, busy. The food was well presented and sufficiently proportioned. The wine list is a good mix of old world/new world lower, middle, upper pricing. Can't find anything negative to say about the experience and wish them lots of luck. Still dig Pastis a bit more.
  17. "T"


    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this was a tad silly. :)
  18. "T"


    Comparisons to wines made in the 1500s? Wow, now that is what I call hype. Unless what they mean is all the wines in the 1500s sucked, then that would be thought of as anti-hype. Regardless, points, reviews, magazine articles don't influence me much. I like what I like and nobody can make me enjoy a wine unless I truely do.
  19. "T"

    White or Red?

    Red but I also dig whites, just not as much. Hell, I like fences.
  20. I'm with Sam. Wait until the farmers markets are up and running for the season, other than that there is very little local organic produce out there.
  21. "T"

    A cautionary tale

    jpr54_: Had a great time. It was my first time in Vegas. Crazy city. Great place to visit for a few days but wouldn't want to live there. Didn't take in any workshops. I was there mainly to see what was new, say hello to some people and hang out with likeminded folks. Sorry no photos. Lots of samples and some incredible Chinese teas. Will try and make it next year as well, maybe even RI in the fall.
  22. "T"

    A cautionary tale

    A nice blend is pu'erh with a pinch of jasmine green tea. Was anyone else in Vegas last week for the tea exhibition?
  23. Last night, Domaine Calot Cuvee Jeanne Morgon cru Beaujolais 2000 Baron de Ona Res Rioja 1997 Contado Aglianico Di Majo Norante 2001 Bowmore 12 Aberlour Abunadh Woodford Reserve Macallen 12 Tonight, 1 beer. Hoegaarden
  24. "T"

    Wine merchants in Vegas

    I will be in Las Vegas at the end of the month and was wondering if e-gulleters have wine shop recs in Vegas. Wine bars? Thanks, "T"
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