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  1. Damn. I know how it feels to be lost in the bush. No matter how prepared you are, things can happen. Sounds as though they are prepared, smart and skilled enough to wait out the storm.
  2. "T"


    Sounds like you live a fine life Jim. Well done. Just curious though. Do you and Diane finish the bottles with friends or a glass from each, gas, recork then move on or (gasp) finish the bottles? Just wonderin' Cheers, T
  3. "T"

    Castello Banfi tasting

    Banfi is a producer I can't get too excited about. There isn't anything "typical" about their wines other than "hmmmm there is sangiovese in this wine". Not to say it is a bad product, which it isn't. It just isn't a great Tuscan producer. I tasted their line up from bottom to top a month or so ago and well, I have to say for me it didn't do the trick. Mind you, I have many friends who love the wine they make so as they say, let your own palate be your guide.
  4. "T"


    Argiano Rosso di Montalcino 2000 Garnet red core to a watery slightly brickish rim. Moderately intense on the nose. Cherry,oak, rose petals. Medium acidity, medium yet soft tannins. Not a lot of fruit showing. Perhaps in a dumb stage? Hints of cherry and dry earth. 1 hour later Cherry aromas are still present but some milk chocolate detected. Not much change on the palate though. 3 days later Smokey grilled meats. Dark ripe berry fruit. Red licorice whip and milk chocolate on the nose. Soft tannins. Holy shit Batman the fruit has showed up. Sweet blackberry liquor and grilled meats. Creamy mouthfeel. Now it's a good wine. Too bad it took so long to show it's face. I would of tried it again sooner but I never had the time. Man, three days for a Rosso to show it's fruit. Good thing I didn't hold my breath.
  5. "T"


    Cordero Di Montezemolo Barbara D'Alba Monfalletto 2001 Black Forest cake on the nose. Rich, cooked cherries. At times almost incense like with floral sweetness. Rich creamy mouthfeel. Dark cherry and chocolate on the palate. Quite full bodied for Barbara. Lots of fruit and then a big whack of acid kicks in. Very enjoyable wine. 1200 cases made. Can't remember what I paid.
  6. Are we talkin' Larose or Oculus?
  7. Hmmmmm.....$12 a pound. We spoke to a buyer as to what he was buying at and he was only willing to pay $1.00 per pound for #1 mushrooms. I think Fujiya sels at a better price. Hell, I was ready to sell 100 lbs at $5.00. Not a bad wage for 2 hours work.
  8. Our family has been going to the same spots for the last 40 years and my father feels this is the best year in his memory. NWYLES: Sorry I didn't read your post earlier. I gave away about 100 mushrooms tonight. I only have a few left for myself and my inlaws. If I go again this season I'll drop some off at the restaurant. Had dinner there for the Liberty Wine Merchants after Christmas Dinner in January. Who knows, we may be there again in a few months again. Cheers, T
  9. My inlaws have been picking chantreles and porcini in large bagfulls lately on Cyp***s Mt and I just came back from Bo***n B*r with my father with about 300 No. 1 grade pine mushrooms. Much better than the last few years. I guess it's a reward for hiking up one of the steepest hills I think I've encountered while in search of mushrooms. Cheers to my father who at 70 plus years old still managed to climb up, out pick me then climb down.
  10. "T"

    Your Favorite Teas

    atroci-teas. I like that. In fact I think I'll use the term tomorrow at work. Cheers, T
  11. "T"

    Ciao tutti

    Cheers Craig. All the best, T
  12. I took courses through the ISG mainly for my own pursuit of knowledge. What structutred courses teach is disipline. Disipline in tasting, note taking and evaluation. Reading books and going to the odd tasting is fine but it will not give you the same type of education. I worked in a wine shop part time while going to school as well. An education in itself. Taking structured courses also expands your wine circle. Although I no longer work in the industry I still go to industry only tastings at least 3 times a month and usually more simply through the people I met in the course and in the industry. I say it's worth the bucks and you will enjoy it. One fellas opinion. Cheers, T
  13. "T"

    Polar opposite WTN's

    TN on the Moncontour were bang on to what I remember from previous vintages. Lemon, big dose of acid( although, nowhere near as much as the sec) and lotsa mineral on the pallate. If you have a chance to try the moelleux give it a go. Quite sweet but goes well with smoked salmon and cheese. 60 F, sounds like summa' sippas' are done for the year. Good time for reds and single malts by the fire with a nice cigar. Since were being silly(my wife doesn't allow cigars inside regardless of fire or not, fascist I know but she must be obeyed), why not have Sandra Bullock as a dinner guest or after dinner guest. Sorry, my fantasy. Cheers, T
  14. "T"

    glass teapot

    Don't know the pot myself. Jenear Glas is a nice product but my Mono pots are the cats pajamas.
  15. "T"

    Polar opposite WTN's

    Haven't had the 2002 Moncontour yet. Which style was it , sec, demi-sec, moelleux? I have always liked the wines from Ch. Moncontour. No chardonnay and not close to Chablis but still a great summa' sippa'. Cheers, T
  16. "T"

    Recent Wines

    Glad you liked the 2000 Solengo. I have a few bottles of this somewhere and I was thinking of bringing it to a tasting soon. Some have said that the wine does not taste Tuscan or even from Italy. What did you think? Cheers, T
  17. Since I live a few blocks away my wife and myself end up there quite a bit. The food is good, well presented but, the wine list still bugs me out. Great sunday brunch.
  18. I had the burger last night and it was damn good. Not something I would order again soon but once in while, what the hell.
  19. "T"

    corking off

    Smokin' pot is illegal as well. :) Ask the restaurant if it is OK and most will say yes but with a corkage fee. No list of restaurants will be given but yes I've done it and will continue to do so as long as the owners are cool with it.
  20. "T"

    corking off

    Smart ass. I like it. :)
  21. "T"

    corking off

    Corking fees seem to hover in the $10-$20 range. Not all rooms will do this so it is best to call ahead and ask. Shouldn't be a problem but, it should be a bottle no longer or never available in this market or it will be the last time they allow you to do this. Wine only, no beer or spirits, as far as I know.
  22. "T"

    Checking in from Holland

    Brad- I was in Amsterdam a couple of months ago, and fell into a delightful, tiny wine shop that specialized in French wines. I don't remember the name of the shop, but it was on Kerkstraat between Amstel and Utrechtsestraat, just a stone's throw from the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge). The owner, who was the only one working in the store, was informative, talkative, and passionate about French wine (If I remember correctly, I think he was a British expat). You might be interested in checking it out. I've been in that wine shop and I agree with your assesment of the owner. Now I have to see if I can dig up his card.
  23. "T"

    Wine Ditties

    Pere Goriot by Honore de Balzac written in 1834 "Here sir," said Christophe, offering him the bottle. Vautrin filled a glass each for Eugene and Goriot, and slowly poured a few drops into his own glass, which he sipped while his two neighbours were drinking. Suddenly he pulled a face. "Damnation! Hell, it tastes of the cork! The wine being poured was Lafite and they ended up drinking eight more bottles. Even in the 1830's corked wines were a problem. I wonder if Vautrin got a refund on the bad bottle?
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