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    Wine Tasting Notes 2003

    Actually I tried them at a tasting so it didn't cost me much at all. What I do find expensive is when people open 1st growth Bordeaux as soon as they get them from their retailer. Drinking a $400.00-$500.00 of wine years before they are meant to be drunk is my definition of expensive bottles. Mind you, for the sake of charting a wine thoughout its life it is equal to the first chapter in a novel so I supose important. That said, I still find it a very expensive experiment. Just an opinion.
  2. "T"

    Wine Tasting Notes 2003

    Landeyran Saint Chinian Grains de Passion 2000: $35.95 cdn Medium deep red tones. Cherry and dark berry notes along with bright floral characteristics on the nose. Palate mimics the nose with a bit more fruit and a nice balance of acid and tannin. Gres Saint Paul Coteaux-du-Languedoc Antonin 1999: $29.95 cdn Rich red tones from the middle of the glass to the rim. Rich cherry fruit, garrique, deep earthy aromas but not dominating. Big mouthfull of cherry and raspberry. Fruit is well contained with a firm balance of acid and tannin. Puech-Haut Coteaux du Languedoc Saint-Drezery Tete de Cuvee $53.95 cdn Sweet red fruit on the nose along with the smell of damp dry grass in the field. Not funky corked but sweet wet straw. Black currants, blackberry compote(cooked berries), eucalyptus, anis on the palate. Medium acid with firm tannins. After one hour of the bottle being openned rendered more fruit on palate and more relaxed tannin. Marquise des Mures Saint Chinian Vielles Vignes (old vines) $27.99 cdn Cherries, strawberries and floral notes on the nose. Violets, rose petals. Palate mimics the nose with cherry flavours mingling with floral notes held in check with a medium dose of acid and tannin. Good long length with a smack of eucalpytus on the finish. Soft, smooth wine with a good concentration of fruit. That's it for now.
  3. "T"

    cellar questions

    My concrete bunker where I store my wines are a constant 18 degrees C all year round. Winter, summer, morning, afternoon, evening. Is this to high or is it still acceptable?
  4. "T"

    TDG: Contrarian Wine

    Chablis and other un-oaked chardonnays are doing it for me these days. I had an un-oaked chardonnay yesterday that I thought was a sauvignon blanc on the nose but on the palate un-oaked chardonnay. I love the way it makes me focus, eveluate then re-evaluate when I taste. How many tasty New World Marsanne's can you guy's name?
  5. "T"

    New Zealand Wines

    Sounds like 2002 will be a bad year for many. I read Antinori said no Tignanello 2002 and unsure as far as Solaia. Coupled with the problems in Barolo 2002 will have some slim pickins'. Perhaps Craig can update a bit also some insight into the Chianti Classico harvest of 2002. CC is my favorite style of wine so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. Barb: You post em' how you see em' A review is a review. Don't worry about hurting anyones feelings, if all we are allowed to give are positive reviews then why bother. "T"
  7. Growing up as a good Japanese-Canadian, mom would make us Steveston Style chow mein sandwiches. Also komabuko(sp) sandwiches. Basically fich cakes that you can now find everywhere in asian markets. Mom still makes them from fresh salmon. Yummmmm thanks mom, no boring PBJ for us.
  8. Interesting how he can't find customers for his wine. It's a crazzzzzzzzy world we live in. Mr. Calot can add my name to his mailing list, tomorrow, if funds allow, I shall purchase what was left in the store.
  9. Craig: I believe the importers in the states are North Berkeley Imports. I live in Canada I am not sure of the importer here. "T"
  10. Domaine Calot Cuvee Vielles Vignes 2000 Mediun cherry red appearance, medium intense aromas of dusty cherry and floral notes. Dry, medium acidity, smooth tannins. Dried cherries, strawberries on palate. Beautiful smooth fruity finish, good length. After 1 hour of decanting: Intense aroma of cherries, raspberries, strawberries. Fresh rosemary. Palate mimics the nose. Good concentration of fruit balanced with medium acid and smooth tannin. Dried herbs along with fruit in the finish. Perhaps the best Beaujolais I've had. From Morgon in Beaujolais, this is serious wine from a region known for light playfull easy drinking wine. Although this wine is easy to drink it does not fall into the catagory of "light" and "playfull". Much more complex and structured than most Beaujolais. Apparently the wine maker plays music to the wine while it is fermenting. Could this be the secret to great Beaujolais? Ciao, "T".
  11. "T"

    big wine bottles

    Craig, Florida Jim help me out here.
  12. "T"

    big wine bottles

    I just purchased a Magnum and a 750 ml of Fonterutoli CC 1999 so I guess I'll have a chance first hand to see what the difference is in bottle aging. Any recs as far as when would be the best time to open them? Could they stand another year or two?
  13. "T"

    Dehydration and alcohol

    Way back in the day they didn't live too long though did they. Death by dehydration?
  14. I have both an 8" and 10". The 8" I use at home but the 10" at work. Oh yeah, the 10" is a global. It's what I like but other people I know don't. It doesn't really matter. You need to work with what will work with you.
  15. "T"


    I just noticed Lumiere is now one of the sponsers for a road cycling team. I take back anything negative I have ever said about Lumiere. Anyone who backs cycling is OK by me.
  16. "T"


    I believe the 5th ave east location is still runnin'.
  17. Sorry, I'm Canadian eh. What's a peep?
  18. "T"

    Teabag Brewing

    A good green tea should never need more than 20- 30 seconds infusion time. Any more and it is either too old or of very poor quality.
  19. I'm Canadian as well pick me.
  20. "T"


    Well I hope they work on the wine list because Lumiere has, perhaps, the worst list and pricing I have seen in Vancouver. It's almost as though they are punishing you for wanting wine with your meal. The bastards. Good food though.
  21. "T"


    I have always enjoyed Villa del Lupo but it has been a few months since my last visit so things may have changed. As far as Provence I agree with Coop the w. 10th location seems to be better.
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