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  1. I do a fair amount of food preservation from each years garden. I've made some ungelled grape syrup (fantastic in BBQ sauce) from my concords if I can fend off the robins long enough.

    Bumper tomato crops I usually peel and freeze whole in vacuum. Preserves great.

    I make charcuterie too but since I'm not a rancher it's not from preserving abundance but rather as a dalliance and pastime, and to save money.

    Home cured bacon eats way better than most commercial ones, and I get a kick out of making dried sausages generally. The bacon is cheap but of course if you amortize all my equipment costs into each sausage they're still more expensive than salami at the store. Getting cheaper every batch though.

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  2. Good advice shalmanese I wasn't reading carefully and missed the cut of meat. with shoulder chops you'd want to cook longer past medium rare to render out some fat for this application.

    The salad might work better with leg meat.

  3. Why not make a simple lettuce salad, grill the lamb simply with salt and white pepper to your desired doneness. Cool, slice, and dress with a balanced fish sauce lime juice sugar chili dressing.

    I'd add some cucumber and radish for texture. This will showcase the lamb flavor just like heidih's suggestion above would.

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  4. Fashioned this smoked beef and pork kielbasa last weekend and tonight whipped up a simple pasta dish reminiscent of my cooking in my late 20s when I met my wife. However I was not making sausages yet at that time.


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  5. Well if your grill fire is hot enough you can get searing between the marks too.

    But this is something that has to be done intentionally when you build the fire. Not on a stock gas grill usually.

    That's why the flat side of the grillgrates that cooks a la plancha is so useful. Continual crust!

    You can get frozen cooked chx breast with factory grill marks.

  6. From the same levain Forkish dough as usual. I swear there was another 1.5 baguettes around here earlier today...


    Either my toddler or my fat bumped the heat down to 350 from 450 right after I started the baguette so they're pale but just as delicious and crunchy as ever.

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