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  1. In answer to the "One place you would take people form out of town" for me, right now, I would say Zaytinya in the Penn Quarter, which has been much discussed in various threads on here. More for dinner although you can make a light weekend lunch out of the small plates there (easier to get a table, also). ANd the atmosphere definitiely makes it an "occasion" type of place. Like Steve, I really like Majestic as well, although I have never had brunch there, only dinners. Although I have never been there, I have had friends say good things about the brunch at Gabriel off Dupont Circle.
  2. I have lost 120 pounds on Weight Watchers over the last year and a half (not easy when you love good food as we all do). Eating as little as an apple (along with a small vat of water) in the car on the way to work contributed to that. Of course, I have hit a bit of a lull in my weight loss in the last few months, coinciding (?) with my discovery of e-Gullet. Its all your fault.
  3. bilrus

    Museum Dining

    Oh, I'm sorry I wasn't clear. I meant that although I had only had bad food at the National Gallery in DC, their gelato is pretty good. Never been to the Tate or Guggenheim although I'd be happy to sample the art and cuisine given the chance.
  4. bilrus

    Museum Dining

    I have only had bad cafeteria food there, but the gelato at the National Gallery of Art in DC is very good. Especially the pistachio.
  5. I can't believe that no one has mentioned the old classic of Chocolate and Peanut Butter.
  6. I think I know what I am having for lunch today - if I can find one near me that looks like that.
  7. Isn't there something to be said for restaurants that bridge the gap between the Olive Garden's / Chi Chis / Friday's of the world and 'fine dining'? Being from DC I am thinking about the types of places that Steve Klc mentioned - Rio Grande, the Clydes restaurants, etc which I assume are similiar to the LEYE places. Places with better ingredients, preparation, etc (and at slightly higher prices). It is more realisitc for a Friday's customer to go to one of these places and learn to like that and appreciate the difference and then maybe branch out to the fine dining level, rather than jumping straight into the fine dining establishments. It bears pointing out that alot of people find fine dining a little intimidating.
  8. I use my bench/dough scraper so much I have three in regular rotation. I also seem to use my instant read thermometer a lot and it is so common I don't know if it is a gadget, but my can opener gets a workout. I have also been using the new Saran Wrap cutting mats for meats quite a bit. As for never uses - I bought a silpat for dealing with doughs but it doesn't work nearly as well as an old fashioned slab of marble.
  9. I'm assuming horse doens't taste like chicken.
  10. I agree about Good Eats - Thanks to Tivo I can watch it at my leisure. I do the same with America's Test Kitchen on PBS. They both go into enough detail that you can actually learn something. And no BAM's or ten best places to get Salt Water Taffy.
  11. I'll follow Ron's format (and steal some of his choices - It looked easier that way. Bought - Cholula (sp?) Hot Sauce, Fish Sauce Homemade - Carolina and or Memphis BBQ Sauce, Cimichurri (I make mine with some ginger in it), salad dressings And when I think of Condiments the first two that come to mind are Heinz Ketchup and Hellman's Mayonnaise - two items that I always have in the 'fridge and replenish as soon as they get low.
  12. I haven't ever purchased game there, but used to shop at Springfield Butcher when I lived in those parts. The meat was good. Not the best I have had, but better than what you could get at the local Giant, Safeway, etc. I liked the fact that it was a rarity in the area - a "real" butcher that seemed to know a little about the meat they were selling.
  13. Wilfrid, I grew up in St. Louis and am not sure what that concoction is. St. Louis does have it's own stye of pizza though - very thin, crisp crust - provel cheese (a relative of provelone, but creamier) - cut into squares. My favorites are at a small bar in the Brentwood area called OB Clarks (not much on the atmosphere, although bar/restaurants are another St. Louis tradition) or the ubiquitous chain Imo's.
  14. Although I am not familiar with Wegmans, this is exciting for someone in Loudon County who is tired of the lack of selection and quality at our local Giant (and Safeway, etc.) I am curious about a few things. Do they maintain a fairly good selection of 'ethnic' foods (i.e. Asian, Latin)? And how are they on price (in line with other supermarkets or more in the Sutton Place range)?
  15. I recently was in SF from DC and had a sunday dim sum lunch at Yank Sing and thought almost every dish I had was good. Ate too much though.
  16. My personal favorite is Sala Thai on P St. off Dupont Circle.
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