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  1. I was serving Kolmino Patio as a special. Thanks to Monica's recipe. I had one of the guests (Christopher Plummer and company) for dinner this weekend at the restaurant ask me for a chutney / paste which they thought had it in London with Patio as an accompaniment. He said it had flavors of coconut and mint but looked pink. Is anybody aware of this accompaniment. Thanks
  2. What is the difference between Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter chicken / Chicken Makhni ? Besides using Chicken Tikka in CTM and Tandoori Chicken in Makhni.
  3. As far as I could think it is probably not Indian. This is definetely fusion / confusion. Indian + Malayasian. Penang in Manhattan serves Mango chicken and I would think in all of their locations. It is served in a mango shell and is Malay style chicken curry cooked with sliced mangoes which are sour to sweet. Personally it did not leave me a with lasting taste but I know it one of their popular entrees. It all depends how one likes their food seasoned, other than this entree I certainly enjoy the restaurant. P2
  4. Dear David Thanks for being on the egullet. I enjoyed cooking with you shoulder to shoulder and I hope I answered some of your several questions you posed to me. I enjoyed reading your report INDIAN COOKING 101 and was totally fascinated and being an Indian chef I thought everyone who loves good food should read you report. Here is my question to you Sir! Based on your quote "I am posittively convinced that Americans, if they know Indian food, would love Indian food". At what stage of of LIFE is Indian Cuisine, it's ambience and service and decor. You as a great writer, cook book author, critique, a travel writer and a great fan of food, Could you please give us your insight and thoughts on INDIAN CUISINE: 1) Ten Years Ago 2) Today 3) Forecast on Future. Thanks David, Chef Prasad Chirnomula
  5. Does these PR firms have a menu of what they offer with a price tag ??? No. Professional services firms rarely do. It's highly customized and negotiated. Ummm... I got it, just like my catering tariff !! BTW any good restaurant PRs in CT.
  6. Does these PR firms have a menu of what they offer with a price tag ???
  7. Well well well,......... Just like Suvir I like them in all of the above (Raitas, chutneys, drinks amd marinades) and in addition I like to use them in Rice and specially in Biriyanis.
  8. Click here for some of the information on herbs used in Indian cooking.
  9. prasad2

    TDG: Currying Favor

    Excellent ! Excellent article. I wish every one out side egullet reads as well.
  10. Definetely butter after baking. Naan's as we know traditionally are Tandoor baked. when you slap a naan on the walls of Tandoor, you usually use some oil on the face of the Naan, that keep's the naan being dry and gives you that shine of the bread. A regular oven? I am not sure. Yes, Egg is very commonly used in Naans.
  11. Joel, Thanks for your compliments on my restaurant and the looks of it. Yes, there are ways to present this flavorful, authentic Indian food in modern settings. Yes, it's hard but not impossible. I certainly enjoy what I do and take it as a challenge. no no no no we don't drop any flavors of the food, infact keeping the authenticity of the food being our priority, the presentations are equally treated. I am not sure what's in your neighborhood, I am a bit far away. You are more than welcome to visit us and it will be our pleasure to see you.
  12. Kris: Thank You, I am so glad you made Saag Paneer and enjoyed it. Did it look the same way the picture looked? I am just curious. What kind of bread you made and how was it? Please do not hesitate to ask for more info. Always happy to share.
  13. Yes Chapatis would be great with Saag Paneer. How ever if you have both chapati and rice pulao (pilaf) is even better. I am a south Indianso I would do 50/50. Now Tandoori Rotis or Nan's would be perfect. I understand Tandoori Nans are tough at home. What I believe you could order one from here for home. They cost approx $ 695.00 USD. Enjoy your dinner.
  14. Joel Welcome Aboard! If I understand your question right I will be brief in explaining some breads. First of all I would eliminate Dosa as bread. Indian bread topic is vast and may need some training and some technical expertise. Indian breads are a magnificient part of Indian meal. Chapati: Chapati is cooked on a griddle and is flat. The key ingredient is "atta" which is a whole wheat flour made out of low-gluten wheat. It's probably the most simple of all and plays a vital role in most of the Indian meals. Paratha: Paratha is more work than a chapati and more rich as well. A good paratha should have multi thin layers and sometimes can be stuffed as well. Parathas are made from the same dough like used for chapatis but added with ghee or butter in between the layers and also topped with ghee or butter. Ghee is clarified butter. Poori: Poori is again the similar dough of chapati and it is rolled flat and deep fried. Nan: It is similar to a pizza dough except there is usually no yeast. Nan is kind of puffy, chewy flat bread cooked in the Tandoor oven. (A charcoal fired clay oven). Nan is made out of white flour an all purpose does the job.
  15. Suvir, Thanks for correcting my post to get this recipe going. Thanks for the compliments on the picture saag paneer. BTW all these pictures are self generated at the restaurant. When I open my post it's looks blurred to me? Yes, the mysterious 2 table spoons is HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM . Also if you notice there is no coriander of any form in this recipe. This recipe was created for a special guest of the frequent guest of Thali who hates coriander. A pinch or two of roasted coriander powder along with the other spices would enhance the flavor a bit more. Most of my recipes are unedited, so you are going to find these mysterious things. Thanks to the egulleteers support and this is one of many reasons, I like to share things on this forum. Haggis please make it soon and enjoy it and please share your experience with the recipe. Please forgive....
  16. See if the below picture of Saag Paneer from Thali works. If not I will try again. Am taking some computer lessons!!
  17. May be we can send Monica Lewinsky to Zagats Prasad
  18. Dear Tom I couldn't agree more than what Robert Brown had to say. In essence"It's a single opinion". Is it possible to a have a panel of three or more reviewers for any major notable media? Also, don't you think readers have to take some responsibilty on judging restaurants?
  19. Thank you once again. For those who seem to do it well, sometimes it's a CATCH 22. Also in my opinion an average restaurant with a good to great review in a major media network can be a big success. (A maker) But sometimes a great restaurant getting an average or a bad review could be an economic disaster. (A breaker) If it's not too much, what's your opinion on my opinion?
  20. Thank you once again. For those who seem to do it well, sometimes it's a CATCH 22. Also in my opinion an average restaurant with a good to great review in a major media network can be a big success. But sometimes a great restaurant getting an average or a bad review could be a economic disaster. If it's not too much, what's your opinion on my opinion?
  21. Dear Tom Sorry about dozen questions but here is one big THANKYOU for bearing with me. My other question? Being a writer, travel writer and a critique what do you think about the resaturant business in general and would you ever plan or dream of opening your restaurant, and if so what kind and what rating would you want to achieve? Which city or town? Thank you so much for joining us at egullet, I really enjoy reading what you write.
  22. BettyK: First picture on the left on home page is Alu Tikki (Potato patties) and the crepe is Masala Dosa (Crepes with potato filling). BTW those Alu Tikkis (Potato Patties) were served at the graduation catering on Sunday. All these pictures are taken at the restaurant.
  23. Yes, it was fun. Two Dosa cooks. Nope, uthappam was not as popular as Masala Dosas. Rough count would be between 250 and 275 Dosas. I had one Tandoor cook and another cook making fresh alu parathas. Did you know the paratha dough was made on site while guests watch you. I know the host took pictures. Not me. I have a very similar graduation catering coming up soon, will do some pictures on that day.
  24. Sunday was probably the best day as far as the weather was concerned for this past holiday weekend. I had the opportunity of catering a Graduation party this past Sunday in NJ under a tent for about 100 guests. Oh! Once we had it going, we had it going. Dosa and uthappam station with four griddles going on at the same time. A kabab and Bread station with live Tandoor going on one side. Romaali Rotis, filled kulchas, Achari Tikkas and Seekh Kababs) A paratha / Alu tikki / Ragda station. (Nothing like fresh aloo parathas) Guests were grabbing them like they were going out of fashion, specially the aloo parathas. Main course: Dum Biryani (Goat) with mint and cucumber raita. The Host managed with dessert, a cake and some peanut chikki. (The best peanut chikki, I ever had)
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