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  1. Monica , congratulations on your cooking shows on Food network, could you please share with us on what you have cooked and some recipes... please. P2
  2. V When you switch off the heat with very little moisture left, instead of leaving it with close lid outside, send it to pre-heated oven at temp 325C for 8 - 10 minutes. Your rice should br grainy and seperate. P2
  3. v A little typo, I meant finishing in the oven and NOT !! throwing out excess water in the sink. P2
  4. The ratio of water for Basmati differs depending on the amount of oils and yogurt or any other vegetables used. I personally think finishing Basmati rice gives a better texture and good grain quality than seeping the excess water. P2
  5. Rarely at home is correct, given the time and space in your kitchens and stove tops. What I have seen and eaten best is at restaurants done on inverted hot woks over Tandoors. For savory snacks, literally any kabab with Cuchumber salad (Chopped onion, tomato and cucumbers with lemon juice and salt, chilly pwdr) and chutneys would be perfect. How about as a dessert (roomali Gone Bananas) Roomalis are found in Indian grocery stores in frozen section. Spread strawberry or mixed fruit jam, place a ripe banana in the center, fold tight, on the edges, use egg as binder or wet your finger tips. Fry them in hot oil. Serve with a scoop of Malai Kulfi. P2
  6. Thanks, indiachef ! Don't you think the burnt ghee will ruin the oil and eventually what ever you are cooking? Will try and burn some ghee and then see what happens. I am sure SUVIR perhaps finished his burnt ghee or did you Save it SUVIR? P2
  7. I have the photographs of Samosa making, I am not quite a computer whiz so I am going to get some one to help me to post it. It's on a sony digital with memory stick, if some one can walk me thru I could do it too. P2
  8. As far as I have checked Ajwain is Carum or carom seeds and I as Monica explains Ajwain has a taste and flavor like Thyme. P2
  9. prasad2

    Maya Kaimal

    Thanks Monica for sharing the Boston Globe article, I think it's so true about regional cuisines not being explored. It is very real and a nice article. Not only Kerala but Andhra and TamilNadu should be expolred as well. Bottling sauces is a good idea, provided quality is kept up to par and bottled well and by a known packer and should be marketed well. There was an article in New York Times, Business head lines a few months ago about MTR of Bangalore after being successful in India and UK is stepping into US in major markets and JP Morgan as a partner. MTR is probably a 70 year old company, they have eventually succeeded and are on top. So, exploring on bottling and enhancing the market for Indians and the locals is a good idea. P2
  10. Haggis I think suvir will make a great panelist or a cookery showman on TV. Suvir, why don't you? that is if you have not done any. Padma, who is this and what did she cook on TV any which channel? P2
  11. To me yes[quoteyes, she did. in a car accident or something sudden and violent like that. unfortunate. don't know very much about her besides media reviews and leafing through her cookbook at borders. it seemed like she was doing an excellent job of blending french-indian cuisine (!) ] Raji died from cancer. Madhur Jaffrey, Julie Sahani, Sanjeev Kapoor are the past celebs. At present, I can think about one, that is Suvir Saran and he is everywhere. Raji, yes the graet chef in her last days did work and train few good hands and I think they are around us and should be the next celebs and talented chefs around. 1. Hemanth Mathur 2. Peter Beck. Congratulations to Suvir, so far he is topping the list. P2
  12. Sorry Suvir Had lots to do in the morning! When I make it , I try and make it simple sugar 1 lb Besan (Chickpea) flour 1 lb Sifted Sooji (Semolina) 1/4 lb Ghee 6 Oz Elaichi (Cardamom) Pwdr 1 Tspn Optional, any chopped nuts, turmeric (a pinch) and or dessicated coconut. Heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan. Lower the heat and add flour and fry until golden brown. Once brown, take it off the fire add sugar, nuts, cardamom powder and mix well. After cooling, grease your clean palms with oil or ghee and form round balls. Good Luck P2
  13. I just reconfirmed from one of the chef's at Taj and he still thinks 170 to 180 to start samosas will give good Samosa Skin. Shall try this Thursday with photogarphs, P2 Now I need a good filling. Any suggestions?
  14. Poly You shall have it in my next reply P2
  15. prasad2


    India Girl, that sounds good, the best Chewda on the Planet, can I get it shipped. I love chewda and possible , please share the recipe for the best Chewda on the Planet P2
  16. prasad2


    Sorry, I got thrown out of email, reference "a fatal error'' I like the combo og 2 1/2 dal to 1 Rice. In winters, I usually leave it in the oven, under the stove I am cooking regular food for couple of hours and let it sit out side at least a day. Then add salt. Always salt after the fermentation. P2
  17. prasad2


    Anil I think what you had was Kallu Dosa. Kallu is typically used for fermenting and it also contains alcohol. Depending on the combination of dal and rice, in addition to that you can add a little Methi(Fenugreek), Chana Dal and some Sugar for you to get the color. P2 Suvir I usually can have one Dosa in a restaurant and probably 4 to 5 at home, with some coconut- lentil chutney, some sambhar and sometimes believe it or not, the left over chicken curry gravy from last night. P2
  18. Suvir I agree 110% with you on the sauce. For a nonsoutherner you can say, this dish is made simple, not much masalas and probably one of the most flavorful and colorful dishes. It is something you can make in 10 minutes notice. All you need is Rawas or Surmai or Shrimp and Chopped onion and ginger , green chillies , curry leaves , tomato, fresh coconut paste and or milk and some lemon juice. Some steamed rice. P2
  19. prasad2


    I look at Poha in two ways of preparing it. One is like rehydrating it with a quick shower with water and making a good Maharashtrian way or by frying it and making a good hotmix snack. It might sell well in Non-Indian stores on the later way of preperation. P2
  20. Suvir Make some Idly's and top them off with your brown butter, it will taste great. P2
  21. I like my cilantro in chutneys, some kababs and as perfect garnish as a whole sprig or fine chopped and throw it around the rim of the plate. In think their tender stem has more flavor and taste than the actual leaf. P2
  22. Well, if I had known Hemant was organizing this event, you bet ! I would have been there. Instead I ended up home not sleeping the night and was up watching the game with some local friends. Now my idea was to get some Subway cold S/W's, instead we ended up having "muruku'' and spicy "Boondi" (real home made) a spicy one and some Hyderabadi/Southern Indian raost chicken and fresh mini poori's. Cannot complain about my mom's, it's just graet. But, I do love Hemant's hand in cooking. I think anything he touched at Diwan was devine. I will go back there for the next event, first thing in the morning I am calling up Hemant @ Diwan to make my next reservation for the next major game in the Super Six competetion.. P2
  23. I think 350 is a problem, I have always started them at 200 and went up. They come perfect. Now Suvir, you asked for the photoes, I could do it with some technical help, I have a good digital Sony. I am a little bit busy for the weekend,early part of next week, YES SIR. P
  24. I have tried madhur jaffrey's recipe as well and I have one shared by a good friend and chef from Toronto. Here it is ! This Khastha (Flaky Crisp) All purpose - 2.2 lbs Hot Ghee or Dalda - 5 Oz salt Pinch of Ajwain Cold Water - To make a stiff dough Add salt and mix flour well. Add hot melted fat and work with clean fingertips till the mix resembles breadcrumbs. Add ajwain and water and prepare a stiff dough. Refrigerate and then do the rest. P
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