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  1. Great numbers Rks The last numbers I had seen in print for UK was pretty close to Masala magazine. In print it shows as yearly revenue being 2 Billion Pounds with over 8500 restaurants in UK. Amazing....
  2. Ooops Suvir, I had to tell my mom that you asked this question "curry Powder" that is when she had a laugh. Dont worry, she only knows you as "Computer Cook" not as Suvir Saran. Because whenever I ask her a recipe to post she will ask me who is it for, then I say it's the guy online. Now I explained it all. She has all full respect restored for you. You are so right about no self-respecting chef / person / cook will use curry powder. Now for some reason, me just like you, I have used Ayyam curry poder from Thaliland trying to make Singapore Noodles. That is what the recipe called for! It was OK! My mom demanded that we go to Indian Market to buy a blender, first I was not too happy to take my Mom to Indian market. There I go and she buys a blender for $ 200 or so, called Sumeet which actually comes with different attachments. One as wet blender, an other is a dry blender, an other is spice blender and some misc. ones. Then last year she goes to India and ends up coming back with a National blender and an other one a stone grinder (Big but very quiet). Now we too have quite a few blenders at home and I know and see all these whole chilis and spices getting blended at home. Still there is No curry powder though.............
  3. What kinds of food do you like. What's your itenery> P2
  4. Absolutely no curry powder in our kitchen at the restaurant. Funny, I asked my mom about it and she laughed! P2
  5. I will take a ver very very WILD guess how the name Mysore Pak came. Pakam: (A South Indian Word) This word is typically used in making sweets. A hot boiling sugar syrup when ready to be finished for any dessert which uses this sugar syrup is called Pakam. Mom usually checks the string on this pakam (sugar syrup) and quotes "Pakam is ready" Mysore: A small town in Southern India. Putting these together, given the benefit that this dessert comes from South India, it is named "Mysore Pak"
  6. As a restaurateur I can say it is not annoying at all from our side. In fact we will be more than happy to listen to you and suggest, what we think might be right for you. Again, the food is not all that HOT unless you want it to be HOT. Our business is more than food, it's hospitality as well.... We thrive and thrive to satisfy your taste buds.... Prasad
  7. Much of the best Indian I've had was not spicy at ALL. It's always spicy in the sense that its heavily seasoned, but I've had plenty of dishes where curry and/or chilis--if present--were moderate, by design. Mexican... same thing to an extent. I think people outside of these countries, by and large, have picked up on the spicy aspects of these food and often overlook the more subtle dishes. They don't sell as well, I guess. Now to be totally up-front--I love spicy food. But I'm generally more inclined to eat Thai, Chinese or even Italian food spicy than Indian or Mexican--although I suppose the low-point of my "spicy" scale is higher than most people's. Oh... given the fact that there is only one really good Indian place near me, I don't eat Indian all that often anymore. But back when I worked down the street from a great place I ate lunch there twice a week.
  8. Thanks again Suvir. I could manage a dinner reservation at 66 for a late dinner. First at Otto and we will finish it off at the Taj Lounge. Prasad
  9. Suvir: Thank you so much. Now, these Sorbets and gelatos, are they at Otto or 66 or Taj. Prasad
  10. Rks Thank you so much. I really appreciate for all the info. First will be at OTTo and then the others. You are right about Taj, last tiem I was supposed to be there with some press, and the Chef asked the publiscist to keep the press out on that particular night due to a private party. P2
  11. Will be checking out OTTO keeping South Indian in mind. Great idea. Jason Plannig on visiting OTTO tonight keeping South Indian version of OTTO. Am sure this will only work in NYC. I am a suburb person, do have an eye to get into city one day.. hopefully soon. Does one require a reservation for two at OTTO. While I am there would also like to get couple other places as well. One is to Jean George's 66 and the other one is to Taj Lounge. This is my plan: First to OTTO for drinks and apps and light entrees. Second to 66 for some more apps. Third to Taj Lounge for after dinner dessert and drink. Can somebody gimme phone numbers and addresses for these places please Thank you Prasad2
  12. Suvir and SkChai What a great post and indepth. One can only say you learn everyday and this case I am.... Mysore pak, I like it when it is just done.. still warm. Besan (lentil flour) is used in several kabab coatings and even there it is roasted before it is added to meat or fish. I would think the roasting process takes away the raw smell of the flour. Is it got something to do with this smell or is it done for digestion purpose? Another sweet I can think is sheera (Maharashtrian) wher you roast semolina (rawa / sooji) before you finish your sweet.
  13. Suvir I remembered it being simple. I was a kid too then in a small town of Warangal in A.P. I use to watch an Halwai (Dessert Maker) in a sweet shop, can you believe in those old days, this Mithai (Sweet Shop) had a concept of open kitchen for sweets? Of course I fine tuned the recipe with my mom. You are right this sweet is porous and light and crisp. Tips: Seive the flour atleast three times before you saute the gram flour and when you add it to the syrup, whisk continuesly, let it not form lumps. Two hands have to work together otherwise take help from a second person. (Almost like upma)
  14. It,s very simple to make and tastes great. Can't stop eating it. Thinking about it I weigh about 1500 LBS. Here you go: Ingredients: 2 cups gram flour 2 cups sugar 1 1/2 cups ghee 1 1/2 cups water Preparation: Place 1 cup ghee and gram flour in a pan over low heat and fry till light brown. Remove from the heat and set aside. Heat a sauce pan, boil sugar and water to a syrup, add little ghee to it and stir. Add gram flour and stir continuously over a medium heat. Next add the remaining ghee and mix well. When the mixture comes out from the bottom of the container, take out the mixture and spread into a greased tray. Cut into squares or triangles. Let it cool. Serve warm or cold.
  15. I agree with you chef/writer Spencer What are your favorite preparations with Coloradao Lamb? Why do you think you will never go back to another Lamb vs Australian or New Zealand?
  16. Australian lamb and New Zealand Lamb (Leg of Lamb and Rack of Lamb) is pretty popular world wide in most cuisines. Where does your favorite Lamb come from? Which cuisine? What are your favorite Lamb preparations? Any Recipes? Is it Australian Lamb? Is it New Zealand Lamb? Is it American Lamb? Any other Lamb? P2
  17. How about making some variations with this dough, like stuffed parathas before we could jump on to Dosas.
  18. This is what, I am talking about a good dinner in a dabha, no name.... except these dabhas i was refering were in Maharashtra and A.P. P2
  19. Indiagirl Thanks. You are the official resident poet. Atleast my daughter thought so too and she said, quote " who is this Indiagirl and where is the Indiaboy" P2
  20. How is the business and performance today at Cinnamon Club now ??
  21. India Girl Million Thanks, I am sure I will enjoy it. I like to drink this preferably in a coffee cup with or with out dinner. Thanks again
  22. Monica You have The following are some of my favorites, how ever I am not sure how kid friendly they are? May be early dining? Veeraswamy Chutney Mary La port des Indes Cinnamon Club Please look in India thread on Indian Restaurants, they all have web sites posted. Happy annivesary and have fun. Prasad
  23. Click Here Address La Porte des Indes 32 Bryanston Street W1H 7EG tel (020) 7224 0055 fax (020) 7224 1144
  24. Veeraswamy / Chutney Mary London The legendary Veeraswamy was refashioned in October 1997 by Namita Panjabi and Ranjit Mathrani creators of Chutney Mary, shortly after they acquired it. This reincarnation has won much praise from guests and critics. The leading London lifestyle weekly Time Out has given it the Award of Best Indian Restaurant. Veeraswamy has joined Chutney Mary as the other leading restaurant combining good real Indian food with style. History Veeraswamy is the oldest Indian surviving restaurant in the U.K, and possibly the world. It was established 76 years ago at the same site by the great grandson of an English General, and an Indian princess. The restaurant has been the rendezvous of rich, famous, and fashionable lovers of Indian food. Customers included Edward - Prince of Wales, King Gustav of Sweden, Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Charlie Chaplin, King Hussein of Jordan, and Marlon Brando. Reincarnation By the time Namita and Ranjit purchased Veeraswamy in 1997, it had lost its lustre. They therefore decided to reincarnate it, to bring out the essence of India in a contemporary environment, and not to be fixed in a nostalgic past. The restaurant is designed vibrantly in a contemporary style, with lacquered walls of South Indian colours of purple, gold, orange, green and yellow, bold design, and creative use of glass, chrome and gold leaf that add sparkle. The atmosphere is smart and casual. It is the ideal location for visitors to London in the heart of the West End - close to theatre land, fashionable shopping areas, and the rest of the entertainment district. It is also the perfect lunch venue with a light airy room located on the first floor overlooking the buzz of Regent Street. Why New Veeraswamy is different The menu is drawn from the cuisines of Northern and Southern India, prepared by a team of regional specialist chefs recruited directly from India, each producing their own specialities. The lunch menu has been specially devised to focus on light lunch dishes. The other distinguishing features, which it shares with Chutney Mary (click The Creators for details) are food rarely found in restaurants even in India; dishes prepared authentically and freshly - as in Indian homes; great attention to food presentation; and wines which complement individual dishes. Visit Us Please visit our other pages to learn more about us. Click here for reservations. Contact us to join our mailing list which entitles you to free champagne at your next meal; or to tell us about your last meal. for latest events, news and our special offers. Veeraswamy, Mezzanine Floor, Victory House 99 Regent Street, London W1B 4RS (entrance on Swallow Street) tel: +44 (0) 20 7734 1401, fax: +44 (0) 20 7439 8434 email: info@realindianfood.com
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