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  1. Sounds to me there is some bi-carb involved at some level. Do me a favor, please check the ingredients while you check on the brand name.
  2. GO TO THE PREVIOUS THREAD ON GOAT. I love roti canai and tellur as well.
  3. Mango Jones and Suvir, Thanks for your recipes. Suvir , I cant thank you enough for sharing your family tarkari wale alu, simple yet so welcomed. I had to make this batch three times this past Sunday brunch. I thought , kya ye aloo khate jarejo bhar bhar. Every time I turn around all I see the food runner ask me for, give me those aloo. That included the staff, who requeted me to make some small hot poori to go with that.
  4. Interesting and I am glad some one starts to take this point serious. It's about time to give full effort towards wine in Indian restaurants and matching and pairing. I am blessed to have a full time wine sommelier and a general manager (Raju) who is totally passionated on wines and pairing wines with any kind of Indian food given to him. Given my passion towards food, I would love to talk about it myself on wines , but I much rather wait for return of the expert Raju who is actually visiting India mourning to his dad's death. He should be back within next ten days. As soon as he is back I shall have him dictate few highlights and I shall post it. Together we have built a pretty good cellar and we have lot of wines not in our list but for those guests who understand. Please feel free to look at our website for menu and wine list thali.com .
  5. Monica Thali is not even close as what you think. It's a lot closer, just 35 to 40 minutes from New York. I hope to see you soon.
  6. Bhindi raita is very popular in Tamilian homes. Besides making raita with bhindi, they make moru kolambu and the Andhras make Okra patchadi. Don't complain to your Punjabi friends Prasad, we are talking about two very different animals though. The UP style Bhindi Raita is made out of very finely sliced Okra. It is then fried until crispy. Raita is seasoned as you want it to be. And just before serving, you toss some of the Okra crisps into the raita. Mostly on top. The ideal way of enjoying it is to mix it in as you eat it. The okra remains crunchy and give both amazing taste and texture to the raita. Sorry Suvir, I should have been more specific, what I am trying to say was besides making the crispy raita in Tamilian homes they make other tempered versions hot in temperature. Yes, I was refering to Tamilian raita in a very similar way, may be a diferent in tempering but thin sliced crsiply fried okra either mixed before serving or mix while you are eating. Now more I think about it these couple of homes I am talking about might have some UP influence. I am going to call today just to verify. How about offering an assortment of crisps with plain raita like boondi, eggplant, okra. potato or ginger. May be you could suggest this to the chef of the restaurant you were talking about. Just a suggestion.........
  7. I am not sure about the authenticity of this Bharta but I use to enjoy this when I had a Bengali cook work with me. I know we are talking about simple home cooking and this was not part of the menu but instead a perfect staff meal. As much as I can remember he use to take a few Idaho potatoes, cover with aluminium foil and just throw them on hot charcoal (usually in the live Tandoor). Take it out after a couple of hours peel and rough mash with a touch of mustard oil and then temper with toasted crushed red chilies, cilantro and onion... may be some mustard seeds and then season. Yesss !! I use to eat it with just steamed Basmati rice, runny haldiwala (Turmerici) masoor dal. Yes it was amazing for me eat that Bharta, dal and a well roasted leg piece of Tandoori chicken, Was heaven...
  8. Bhindi raita is very popular in Tamilian homes. Besides making raita with bhindi, they make moru kolambu and the Andhras make Okra patchadi. Don't complain to your Punjabi friends
  9. Isn't Anada Solomon in Blue Diamond Pune or the ex-Blue Diamond and the Taj now. My classmate always said Anada Soloman was his guru. I know he commands certain respect among a lot of young Indian chef's now. An other chef I thought was Chef Saraswat (I guess ex-Taj)
  10. Gits pre-mix is pretty good too.
  11. I third on Suvir to be the celeb chef's of USA. I will also offer my kitchen in case if he is not associated with any other commercial kitchen. (For the Restaurant realty show)
  12. Have heard about Pathar (Stone) Gosht. Not in veggie...
  13. Boaziko You are welcome! Isn,t it always true the food at restaurants and at home kitchens taste quite different. Let,s do this. Did you like the cauliflower florets itself? I also like the grated and deepfried into fritters. To add a little more charecter to the cauliflower add some grated or fine chopped cabbage and a carrot and then deep fry them to small fritters. Restaurant cooking is so fast and at so hot temperatures and we always have extra sauce, that's the reason I have asked you to pour over the sauce on cauliflower. You can cook cauliflower fritters further in the sauce, I am afraid you will loose the crispiness. It has to be high heat and fast. (Wok style cooking) It is very simple to get more saucier, add some stock or water after you have tempered the garlic, cilantro and the other ingredients and then the corn starch..(keep the corn starch very liquidy.) Now the sweet or sour or spicyness is all seasoning. You may get sweetness by some ketchup or sugar, extra spicyness with blackpepper or green chilies and shrap sour from extra vinegar. Try this way! If you have any doubts, plaese do not hesitate to post or email me. P2
  14. Boaziko : There are couple of ways I do Lasoni Gobi. This is one version and I also like the grated balls version rather than whole fritters. Please go to recipes on my site here Good luck P2
  15. Episure Thanks for all your recipes. I did try your 65 recipes and have not quite followed your quantities and I sunstituted chicken with white mushrooms and I thought they came out quite good. While cooking I must have eaten 10 to 12 mushrooms for quality check. The yogurt marination gave out quite a bit of liquid but I was able to thicken it out by some watered down corn starch. Again I am not a big fan of mushrooms, I kind of liked it, hence I am replacing a Dingri Kulcha I was doing as a special with this DINGRI 65. Bhasin, yes my chilly chicken came out pretty good and it was semi dry with lots of chilies. Agian my recipe is very similar to Episure's recipe, except in my chicken marination I powered it with more chilies and chopped cilantro and pepper powder and the rest remained same. Had quite a few good compliments, rest assured try it on your weekend brunch, specially for our Indian folks.. they szimply love it. Vikram: Thanks for your info on the 65 story, there is a pretty similar story on 86 in this part of the world. I am from Hyderabad and I always thought it was from Hyderabad tooo... kind of Chinese may be because it is deep fried first or a quick stir fry???? P2
  16. Episure ! Thanks for the Chick 65 recipe. I remember eating it a while back, Where does the red color come from? Anyway this Chicken 65 is going to go on my Sunday brunch this week. Any recipe for Chilly chicken? I have couple of hours left to prepare it. Thanks!
  17. Certainly Daabha sounds good and very casual. Thanks for the link.
  18. I love Indian/Chinese food how it is made in India and I believe some restaurants are cooking up a storm on this kind of food in most major comopolitan cities. I make a decent Manchurian. For instance tomorrow I have to serve a party Gobi (Cauliflower) Manchurian... crisp cauliflower balls in soy, coriander and hot garlic sauce and they also requested a Chinese/Indian style Chilly Chicken. Any suggestions, comments and recepes for .... Chilly Chicken Chicken 65 Ginger Chicken Any Manchrian Other recipes of Indian/Chinese origin. P2
  19. I have done mango creme brule on several occasions and seems to be a pretty big hit.
  20. There is a certain restaurant opening in NYC..
  21. In addition to the usual Kulfis and other Indian desserts, I am serving the following at the restaurant. Double Ka Meetha , aka.. shahi tukda with fresh whipped cream. Trio .. A serving of vanilla ice-cream, a scoop chocolate gelato, a scoop of passion fruit sorbet and fresh berries. Lava .. A warm center chocolate with a big scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a hot gulab jamun. Any one interested in shahi tukda recipe, I will be happy to post it.
  22. Again, I did not mean purplish Patia. I meant an accompaniment which was supposed to be pink. May be that addition of red beet to coconut and mint could turn pink?
  23. Other day I had an unusual request from a customer of mine for a take out. The order taker happily recieved the order for two CTM's and one was requested to be modified to Murgh Makhni. Peter Beck and myself were cooking on that particular night. So we both opted to do one dish each, he picked CTM and I was doing M.Makhni. Obviously I used Tandoori Chicken peeled meat and Peter used Chicken Tikka. They both tasted exactly the same except M.Makhni I ended up adding more melted butter/ghee and the dish looked a little darker with less cream and may be also because I used the Tandoori Thigh and the breast for makhni. Later I ended up asking few of the local chefs and Peter Beck about the difference on these two dishes and I did not get a straight answer from neither.
  24. Hey Gals / Guys Let's not reinvent the recipe with kokum or some other substitute. The dish actually came the way it is supposed to be and may be better with that special touch of recipe from Monica. Let's not get mixed up either. Mr.Plummer was only looking for an accompaniment as the pink paste/chutney. This is what I did a new thing... I think ..... Fresh coconut, apricots, tomato rind, fresh mint, raisins, sugar, salt and a squeeze of fresh lime and blended to a paste. He thought it was quite good and close enough but not the same he had in London. I thought some one on the gullet would know, so next time I am well equipped !! Thanks P2
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