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  1. LKK I can find in the store that smells rotten but I could ask my neighbour to check Cantonese Haeven ( yes the store name) when he goes to his home town. So what is the differences flavour wise?
  2. Nor did I, but I found it in the store under that brand. So I will see if I can get the other brand then. It just so much cheaper then buying the "Swedish" brands of the same sauces.
  3. Just a question, is this a good brand for oyster sauce and other Asian sauces? The other brand I can find, is this http://www.khiewchanta.com/images/oyster-sauce.jpg but it harder to find and would mean a long walk for me and I cant do that at the moment.
  4. Lyles golden syrup taste more caramel then ljus sirap but it is the same. I done knäck with that too and it comes even more caramel in flavour then I am used to.
  5. CatPoet

    Dinner 2015 (Part 2)

    We had pizza sandwiches for evening meal, because we had bigger lunch today.
  6. I use a white sugar syrup / baking syrup and it works too. At Christmas I make knäck ( a caramel/ toffee treat) and then I use ljus sirap, which is sugar ( made from beets) and not fructose. You can find this at Amazon.com and sometimes IKEA, how ever it is light brown in colour and has bit of caramel taste. The white sugar syrup / baking syrup comes from the same company and is harder to get hold of in USA but if you are lucky to have a store aimed at Norwegians, Danes and Swedes then you can find it.
  7. Even my short stint in the food business I been bullied. My first job I was used like a tennis ball in crazy town Wimbledon between two people, got one order by medium boss then told by told by top boss to do something else and then getting blamed for something I hadn't done, nor been told too do or what little boss was doing wrong. Second one, well I stopped listening to the orders barked and just followed the list given and ignored the fact we weren't allowed to bake and cook as many orders as the lady took in.. A woman who only could speak few word Swedish so the orders was also sometimes wrong. I got out there after 3 months. And last well I got the job even tough the boss wanted his daughter there, I got kicked for stealing money. How ever the money got stolen when I wasnt there and only when the boss daughter and the boyfriend was over. Thank God I got that off my CV nor was taken to the police because some one else, who likes me,could prove them wrong . I was asked if I wanted to come back but I said no. So the daughter got the job and with in 1 year the place was bankrupt and the police was looking into it. And that is when I felt my heart wasnt into cooking and stopped having fun with food. It was only when my friend came back from London, he worked as chef there, he had been bullied, abused to the point of starvation. He weight 80 pound , when he was flew in with the medical airline, that isnt much on a 6.3 tall body. I started cooking with him to get his spirits back and he got well but the love and passion I used to have is gone.
  8. CatPoet

    Dinner 2015 (Part 2)

    Anna N, a plain cheese sandwich does nothing for me but with brie and cloudberry/ bakeapple jam it is yummy.
  9. CatPoet

    Pork Burgers

    Tri2cook, it sounds yummy. I might be odd but when I am hungry for a beef burger I make one and when I want pork I make that, for me they are two different things and should be treated as that. There is nothing better then on a cold autumn day to have a pork burger with fried apples/ onions and roasted parsnip mash on a rye bun, pure heaven according to me.
  10. There are charcoal filter fans that doesnt need a vent, it just remove fat and sum such. Franke sells them here in Europe and Eletrolux used too.
  11. I know I forget after I been translating a recipe, finding what works or the name of ingredients to write the correct thickness sometimes. I will better my self. In one of my old cookbook it says to roll out the dough as thin as the soul of a fallen women... Heck knows how thin that is, but I like the wording.
  12. Call on a kitchen expert and see what can be done?
  13. I just be wondering because I tend to forget that people see 2 mm as ultra or wafer thin and not just thin. In Sweden we have lovely words as tablecloth thin, napkin thin and leaf thin, it gives at least an idea how thin it should be unless you have a rug on you table.
  14. I had to ask, since 8 month of fresh yeast it most often dead yeast, it dies rather quickly but I still use it for some things. Mine dry yeast last 2 years in the pantry according to the package.
  15. This has been puzzling me for a while, how thick is thin? When is say roll out thin, in my world it is 1- 2 mm thin or at max 3 mm. But when I watch youtube cooking channels from other countries then mine it isnt the same. Most English speaking channels when they say thin it is about 5 mm and that is thick to me while in some other countries it is 1 mm or see through thin. I have also notice that if I say thin to some people that none Swedes they roll out doughs as thick 1 cm and that is too thick most often if you want the same results. So how thick is thin to you?
  16. Bethesdabakers, well not all people are as bad as my friend who cant even eat in my kitchen due to me baking with wheat. I hope you try the other recipe too but remember to roll it thin as a table cloth.
  17. Bethsedabaker: If you are going to make crisp bread to you wheat intolerant friend, you can use beer, since most beers do contain wheat unless you find a pure barley or rye beer, a wheat intolerant friend told me that last night. Anyway I made a soft wheat and semolina loaf yesterday and it is lovely.
  18. That looks yummy. I feel sad that the mum cant think out side the box, there is butterscoutch pudding and chocolate puddings without egg and with whipped cream that is a treat. There is even egg less custard.
  19. gfron: The recipe I showed has gluten free and gluten recipe on the same page, so there was glutenfree alternative,
  20. Butter scotch pudding has corn or potato starch in it and that wasnt a no go, so that could work.
  21. Oh we have done that too! I have that recipe in a 1980 booklet called Chicken Americana.... which add the total up to 7 different dishes with the name Chicken Americana.
  22. When it comes to tree nut allergies, well some people can have almonds and pistachios since they are not true nuts but this isnt true for all. Because some are also allergic to fruits with big stones and then almond and pistachios are a no go. Peanut is a vegetable and most nut allergic can eat them unless they are allergic to peanuts which is a totally different ball park. Coconut is a drupe and most people from the Northern hemisphere isn't allergic to these. You haven't said no to dairy so you have a lot of options. If the child cant have peanut, it might not be able to have soy either.
  23. gfron: I made this glutenfree and egg free cake for a friend and he loved it. http://creativemissy.com/archives/797 Fill the cake with butterscotch and it is a lovely treat. Then there is broken glass jell-o that could work. Sad that he hasnt had any desserts, because he doesnt have that bad allergies, trust me I am used to cooking with food restrictions and sometimes all we have is vanilla ice cream with rhubarb melt and some of the guest can only eat the rhubarb..
  24. Here is the other recipe I promised. It is a bit big and I just translated it as it is written, it is from a baking group I know and I have baked with them once. Knäckebröd cirka 90 kakor 2 kg wheat flour ( plain flour) 2½ kg of rye, barely or oat flour fine or a mixture of coarse and fine. 500 gram fresh yeast 1 kg of margarine or butter or lard 40 gram of fennel and aniseed or cumin and dill seeds or a what ever you like100 ml sugar 50 ml of salt About 4 litre of water or beer or apple juice or milk 2 kg of wheat flour ( plain flour) Melt the fat and add 2 litre of water and heat to finger warmth, heat the rest of the water to the same heat. Add the yeast to the butter/water and stir until dissolved. In a large kneading trough add the dry ingredients, knead in the water/fat/ yeast first and then add the rest of the water so you have a firm dough. Rise for 20- 30 min in a warm place . Then knead in more flour until you have a dough that can be easily rolled with a rolling pin, holds it shape and can be lifted. Divided the dough into 90 balls, roll out every one to about tablecloth thickness then roll with a textured rolling pin or stab with a fork. Remove a hole in the middle of hanging. Rise for 10 minutes some where warm and bake at 250 C in a old fashion stone oven or in a normal oven for 5 min. Leave to cool on a rack. You need at least 4 people to do this. According to one person this can be made with just rye or barely but I never done it.
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