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  1. Afghan bread are usually on the flat side unlike East Indian. That's how I had it at the NY restaurants. I'll have to check out Azeens this weekend based on FoodZealot review. Btw, how was the prices were they affordable/ reasonable?
  2. As a transported New Yorker I miss my old haunt in St. Mark's in East Village for affordable Afghan food. Persian cuisine isn't quite the same. Anyone know where I can find one in the Westside.
  3. Erin, I personally also moved from NYC to West L.A. 3 months ago in search of coffee/ eatery hangout. I'm not too far from Mar Vista so these areas are a drive away. Coffee: Erth Caffe -- its trendy so good luck finding parking and seating Peets Coffee -- Brentwood location Japanese: Yabu -- W.LA location Nijiwa grocery -- Sawtelle blvd. (for their bento lunch box) Korean: Korea Galleria -- for the food court MidEastern: Sham -- Santa Monica location Thai: Siam Chan -- W.LA location on Colby ave. Chan Dara -- W.LA location on Pico Indian: All India Cafe -- W.LA location for their lunch buffet French: Provence -- Santa Monica on Wilshire Food Court: Whole Foods --- Santa monica on Wilshire (lamb sandwich are tasty)
  4. As long as my stomach isn't grumbling that's all that matters, Dfunghi. Seriously, Lobster website needs to list the prices of their menu items.
  5. Thanks all for your suggestion I made a decision to hit Lobster near the Pier for the luncheon. Considering I'm a lobster freakazoid and love the ocean view. Ocean Ave. Seafood was tempting but last thing I want is the person picking up the tab grumbling all the way to his car.
  6. I'm having a casual business lunch meeting this coming Thursday. Lucky me that I was asked to choose whichever restaurant I like. Recently had Malibu Seafood in the PCH - delicious stuff! Anything as good in the Santa Monica/ Venice Beach area for a lunch meeting. The dungeoness crab is a bonus.
  7. JFLinLA can you provide the link I'm having some difficultly locating the Digest/ Media Board in LA Times site. Merci.
  8. Thanks JFLinLA and Arkestra I finally checked out the Santa Monica Arizona Blvd. location. Splendid organic produce selection with attractive prices to boot. I'll have to drive to Wild Oats tomorrow for more affordable grocery shopping than Whole Foods (Santa Monica/ Wilshire Blvd.). Btw, am I the only one who get a tad nervous driving to their underground garage. Talk about abusing your car if you're not careful. Can anyone recommend a fish market for wild salmon in Santa Monica/ West L.A. area. Thanks.
  9. Does frozen pizza count from Whole Foods.
  10. Can someone inform me where exactly is the Santa Monica Farmer's Market? I'm a transported New Yorker recently relocated to West L.A. It's not easy finding wild salmon in this town nor affordable organic produce (besides Whole Foods, Ralph Fresh Fare).
  11. Velveting??? Do you mean de-veining the shrimp? I usually had this dish with white sauce and sum peas also but wasn't too fond of it. I am curious about the brown sauce version.
  12. Just don't mention this to the Italians or they're have a heartattack.
  13. I used to date a British girl from Birmingham (sexy accent) and since we share our appreciation for Indian cuisine. I asked her what's her fave dish - chicken balti. Never seen this dish in any Indian NY restaurant. Where can I find this wicked dish in NY. During my lean college years as an art student 6th street was a godsend for their $5-6 prix fixe lunches. If Little India didn't exist I highly doubt I'll have the opportunity to try Indian food at all!
  14. DavidJS


    I remember seeing this from an Indian movie on PBS it reminds me of Korean/ Japanese bento boxes without the service!
  15. I never tried these soups before I'm missing out!
  16. Neither, I'm a Fischer or a Bass man. And I like my beer ice cold not like some common British tap beers. Ever tried Japanese kimchee ... 'nuff said!
  17. DavidJS

    Il Bagatto

    Never had any problems with the wait at Ill Bagatto nor bad service. On occasion I get take out and boy is it still as good as eating at the restaurant!
  18. Yeah, I remember Totonno's couple of months ago their slices was un-inspiring after a night of bar hopping. Even California Pizza Kitchen produces better food!
  19. DavidJS


    Off the topic Anil I think Sapparo (restaurant in midtown) ramen is tasty but I prefer Noodles Zen in St.Mark's. How can you beat a hearty meal and step out to blend in with the punk scene. I'll choose Fischer (from France) beer anyday to a Sapporo. Plus Zen offers a tradtional Japanese menu which you have to ask. Don't bother ordering redundant dishes from their english menu. If you wanna make an impression/ or be experimental ask for the shishamo (cold ramen w.out the broth) and burikama teishoku (traditional Japanese fish platter with side dishes). Wash it down with Hokkaido sake if available.
  20. The topic is fairly self explanatory the last time I tried Cajun in Manhattan it was Great Jones Cafe. Kinda disappointed compared to my experience in New Orleans and Los Angeles. Anyone experience the real stuff.
  21. It's not too bad if its on the cool side but on a hot humid summer day. I'll have to invent a Wallace & Gromit contraption to pick the kimchee from a distance. Plus I can't stand eating warm kimchee it's like drinking warm beer.
  22. Since I'm fairly health conscious and try to avoid eating meat as an everyday meal. I sometimes substitute tofu quite abit. Especially pasta with pesto sauce substituting the chicken! Just pan fry (extra firm tofu) slightly with sum organic extra virgin olive oil and add a sprinkle of dry basil and fresh black pepper. Then chop that sucker into small squares and add it to your pesto sauce. Voila!!! Be sure to purchase fresh (not the dry kind) spinach linguine.
  23. I'm tempted to walk in if the waitress are wearing mermaid outfits.
  24. Where's Totonno's? Here's my rating card for the best pizza slice in the Upper Eastside. Agata & Valentina has hand down the BEST cold pizza with fresh prociutto/ argula slice! Avoid the plain/ pepperoni its salty. Delizia is for those who are big fans of the thin crust slice - tasty but spendy for $1.90! Gino's is most likely going to be the place for me for plain/ or topping slices - tasty, not too dry and reasonable priced. Cozy ambiance you could even bring a girl here.
  25. I dropped using soy sauce due to the high sodium content and replaced it with liquid amino (high nutrients, very little sodium). It easily passes as soy sauce a must try you can find this item in your local health food shop.
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