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  1. hi , Thanks for posting the video , it is indeed very informative. Kitchens in India have different recipes for making biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani has lot of masala , Awadhi biryani is quite subtle, kolkatta biryani will have potatoes in it etc. But when we say Biryani , it has to be meat and rice cooked in slow process and layered. As far as your queries goes: 1.) Indian cooking is little complexed , we add lots of ingredients while making our base gravies , it gives taste and apart from the health benifits of spices in masala. 2) curd usually an integral part in making biryani , cur
  2. Thank you smithy .. I hope you will try the recipe and let me know .. Thanks Tom
  3. India is a country of different cultures , u can find different folklore , arts , songs , religion etc all amalgamated in one fine land ,apart from these amazing and diverse traditions , we have been blessed with some extraordinary cuisines which have mushroomed with time in different parts. Some of the dishes not originated here but have been given to us by invaders from the east who brought with them the skill and taste. So when a legend says that Mumtaaz Mahal ( wife of Shah Jahan who made Taj Mahal: one of the 7 wonders of the world ), was once visiting army barracks and she saw the army
  4. Hi Smithy... Well the fish looked amazing , Although i personally like my sauces a little thin when having with rice as it moistens the rice well. While cooking onions first and ginger garlic next , as rightly mentioned saves those burnt garlic. The chilli powder used in india is reddish and gives a reddish tinge to the gravy. Thankyou so much for trying the recipe , been working on the next will post soon. Tom
  5. dejah.. we do the same , but because we foind black peppercorn in abundance here in kerala , we use that too what you can do is take some shallots , garlic and turmeric , mix with salt and pepper and little lemon juice and make a paste ( we use stone gridlers for making paste as they give a peculiar flavour to the marinade). score ur fish and marinate it , let it absorb all the marinade and then shallow fry the same. you can keep it in refrigerator after marination just to harden the flesh. my mother also applies salt as first coating she says it hardens the flesh as water is drained off
  6. Hi Friends sorry for late reply ..held up with some work.. for the recipe mentioned , 2 tsp of tamarind pulp will serve good. and like any other curry , taamrind should first be soaked and then used. THANKS Enjoy cooking
  7. Thank you very much for taking time to read my post much appreciated . Actually I am so happy because it was my first post and I always had this apprehension whether readers would like it or not. Coming to all the questions: @ smithy : any fresh water fish will taste better with this recipe , i haven't tried this recipe with Shrimp but i think , shrimp would be requiring just little more masala and slightly thicker curry. and thank you very much once again u have given me one of the best compliments @ Hassouni: Thank you very much for your reply , "Meen" is a term we use for fish in Ke
  8. Kerala( southern most state of India), we call it "GODS OWN COUNTRY", why won’t it be ... Lush green fields , beautiful rivers and lakes , backwaters , unadulterated spices , Big coconut trees (now even come in varieties with yellow coconut on them), sprawling beaches , ancient temples , mysterious shrines , beautiful churches , enthralling wild life, pure ayurveda , amazing martial arts , enchanting dance forms , classical music and top of all beautiful people. It’s an amalgamation of extraordinary things, but the thing that has left the most biggest impact on my soul, is the cuisine of th
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