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  1. Thanks everyone for the reply . I am starting the learning process from tomorrow morning itself . I have decided to help my wife from the morning , that way its easier to learn . Thanks .
  2. I am mostly trying to learn Indian cooking . I want to start from simple Indian foods that people here usually cook for breakfast , lunch and dinner I have not even prepared tea for myself , my cooking skills are a bit pathetic My mom and my wife used to do it for me all the time . Now i have to move to some other place to work , so cooking for myself becomes a necessity
  3. Thanks , I found this forum when i searched for a cooking forum A better idea would to be wake up in the morning and start helping my wife in cooking . I am from India
  4. I have never cooked anything myself before . But i want to start learning this art because i am moving away from home soon to work , And i have to cook for myself . The best thing i can think of is buying some books as soon as possible . Thanks
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